How To: Get a Improved Accessibility Sky Remote

Living with a disability is never an easy thing, and according to government statistics, there are over 11 million living with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability. It’s an incredibly broad definition, but it gives some idea to the scope of the issue. Though the term ‘disability’ covers a wide range of issues, it’s clear that the wider world isn’t really designed to handle some of the issues that these people face on a day to day basis. As such, it’s the duty of those who can to make life easier for those living with an illness. One such company is Sky, and thanks to their thoughtfulness, they’ve gone out of their way to make having a Sky subscription as friendly as possible to those with disabilities.

Aside from a range of Accessibility software features, which we covered in our last guide, Sky also offer a modified remote control which has been designed to keep the features of the regular Sky remote, whilst making it easier to use, grip and see thanks to a number of considered changes. In this guide, we’ll look at the features of the inclusive remote and how you can order one for yourself or for a family member.

The features of the inclusive remote are as follows:

– A new, textured easy grip design with a solid plastic hand strap for use by those with weakened grip. 

– Raised contour buttons with additional tactile points for those with weakened eyesight.

– Larger and bolder button graphics.

– High visibility buttons to help find and locate buttons.

– Reduced push back in buttons to make them easier to press for weakened hands. 

Requesting one of these easy grip remotes is simple, as any sky customer with a disability can request a Sky+ Easy Grip Remote Control completely free of charge. Each remote comes with batteries and instructions included. Ordering one is as simple as using the Sky telephone number, or by using their Live Chat feature.

The Sky+ easy grip remote was created in 2007, and has since been awarded Age OK accreditation from Age UK, indicating its suitability for older people as well as those with certain disabilities. This remote won’t be terrifically helpful for everybody, but for millions of people it can provide a sense of self reliance and comfort with Sky.

How To: Turn on Accessibility Features in Sky

Almost two million people in the UK live with sight loss. For some, it becomes so that they lose their eyesight entirely, whilst others struggle to identify faces, colours or struggle to read small fonts. It’s a broad church, and one which features as many medical terms and classifications as one could imagine. What it means in practical terms though, is that the act of watching TV can become much harder for a person than it needs to be. It is the duty of those who provide us with televisual entertainment to do all they can to help you enjoy it. That’s where Sky’s Accessibility settings come into play, but how do you activate them, and what do they do? In this ‘How To’ guide we’ll be discovering just that. It’s the latest in our series, which found us looking at how to fix picture quality issues with Sky last time.

Sky have a range of features to help those who are suffer from sight loss or hearing loss, all of which are available across the range of Sky boxes, be them Amstrad, Samsung, Digibox or Sky made. Those accessibility features are as follows:

Subtitles: Turns on subtitles for programmes which have them pre-programmed to run in the background and will automatically generate subtitles for things like live TV news.

Audio Description: Turn on Audio Descriptions for those with sight problems. Sky have Audio Descriptions for around 20% of their programming, but none on Sky News or Sky Sports, as those are deemed to have a large amount of descriptive spoken word.

Increase Contrast and Font Size: This will change the size and colour of the font within all the menus, making them easier to read. These can be turned on together or separately.

Highlight Programmes with Accessibility: This will ensure that when browsing through the guide, you will be able to see which programmes are available with subtitles or audio descriptions

Beep on Audio Description: You will hear a beep when you change channel to a programme which has Audio Descriptions available

Beep on Error: You will hear a beep when trying to perform an error function

Favourite Language: This option let you choose the prefered language for menus within Sky. It won’t change the language that the programmes are spoken in.

Accessing these features is as simple as hitting the ‘Services’ button on your Sky remote and using the down arrow button to highlight and select the ‘Accessibility’ tab. All the options will then be laid out for you to turn on or off. These features will then be set permanently, and have to be changed by going back into this menu and adjusting them.

How To: Fix Visual Quality Issues with Sky

One of the main advantages of Sky over its competitors is the typically very good  picture quality. Of course, it’s a bit of a hassle having a satellite dish installed and calibrated, but once it’s up there, the benefits of a satellite based system come into sharp focus – literally. In a survey, Sky found that one of the major points of satisfaction for customers was the quality of the image that they receive, which of course encouraged Sky to invest further into this vital area. Naturally though, there are faults in every system, and every day we’re asked how to fix Sky TV picture quality issues.

In this ‘How To’ guide, we’ll do just that. This is part of a series of guides which aim to make the experience of using Sky that bit easier. Last time, we discovered how to set up additional Sky iDs, so join us as we get to the bottom of your audio/visual problems.

If your screen is experiencing a multi-coloured plain screen, a blue or green screen with no pictures, a jumping and rolling picture, black and white images rather than colour, static or distorted pictures, white interference dots or split up images, then this guide is designed to help you. If you’re getting a ‘no signal received’ message, this guide might still help you, but we’d advise getting specific advice about that.

The first thing you should do is to check other channels through the same box. If it’s only happening with one channel, chances are that it’s the broadcasters fault and will be fixed in relatively short order. Give it a few minutes and return to the previous channel before going any further. If you have more than one Sky box in your home, go try the same channel on that. If you’re getting it on one box but not the other, consider replacing the broken box.

Weather can severely affect the the satellite signal your receive. Heavy rain, strong winds, lightning storms and snow can all temporarily disrupt the signal you receive. Waiting for the weather to blow over is usually recommended. If the weather seems fine, let’s move on to the next step; rebooting your Sky box.

1) Press the standby button on on your Sky remote

2) Wait a few moments and turn off all your TV stack off at the wall and unplug them if possible.

3) Go to the back of your Sky box and ensure that all cables are inserted properly into the back.

4) Make sure the cable from your satellite dish is not being crushed by furniture or being bent at an acute angle.

5) After five minutes, plug TV stack back in and switch them all on. Let you box boot back up and try to view the problem channel.

If that doesn’t work, consider getting in touch with the Sky customer service people and ask them to come and investigate your signal, as it could be an issue with the positioning of your satellite.

How To: Set Up Additional Sky iDs

For millions of households across the UK, managing the Internet use of those within our care can be pretty difficult. It’s made even more difficult by the explosion of intensely personal computing, private laptops, tablets, phones and more which act as personal conduits to the Internet. Sky customers, though, have a few different options, as Sky comes with a whole host of ways for their customers to interact or control through their service. This is done through the use of Sky iDs, so lets discover how to set up additional Sky iDs for your family members. This is part of our ongoing ‘How To’ series, which previously found us looking at how to save money on Now TV.

Every Sky account has a Primary Sky iD, this iD is the first user to create an iD and link it to your household account. The Primary Account has the following privileges and should always be the bill payer of the household:

  • Access to the account and billing details
  • Access to all of the services which you subscribe to (Sky Go, Email, et cetera)
  • The ability to change your subscription or request a Home Move)
  • Manage other users on the account
  • Access Sky Broadband Shield, McAfee, Parental Controls and more

There are two further types of Sky iD:

  • Authorised Sky iD: Same level of access as the Primary Account but can’t manage other users
  • Secondary Sky iD: This is for members of the household who don’t need to see the billing information or change the subscription, as it gives them access to all your Sky services like Sky Go and much, much more.

Creating a new user on your account is very simple, either have them follow the Self Sign Up process (you will receive an email to let you know they’ve set up a new account) or you can set up an account for them. The latter method is as follows:

  • Click this link to go to the ‘Manage additional users’ page on My Sky.
  • Select ‘Set up an additional user’
  • Insert the details of the user you wish to add to your account. These will include their email address, a unique Sky username and a password (they can change this later).

With this completed, you can go about adding more people to your Sky account. They allow up to nine additional accounts on your Sky subscription, but we would strongly recommend keeping these amongst your household, as sharing them amongst friends can lead to unforeseen consequences, and really, they’re probably happier without access to your Sky information anyway.

Viewing and removing users is as easy as visiting the ‘Manage additional users’ page within My Sky.

Sky Arts to Host Physical Comedy Season

The last few years have seen something of a resurgence for the art of physical comedy. Long in decline since The Jazz Singer showed the world the power of the talking movie, silent comedy (or physical comedy) has had many champions, but not a lot of action taken over preserving it in the last few decades. Highlights like Mr Bean have been few and far between, though The Artist reignited the publics interest in silent performance and recent comedies like Inside Number 9 have highlighted the timeless potential of such a form. Now, Sky Arts have commissioned a series of one off programmes which utilise nothing more than the physical talents of those brilliant performers. Those performers are a mixture of hot young talent and established masters, with Kim Cattrall, Kevin Eldon, Vic Reeves, Johnny Vegas, Frank Skinner, Seann Walsh, Sam Simmons, Jocelyn Jee Esien, Marek Larwood, Mike Wozniak, John Kearns and Phil Burgers all signed up to the project, there’s high hopes all around. In total, there will be four programmes, of 30 minutes each, all showing just how great physical comedy can be.

‘Ruby Robinson’ (King Bert Productions) is a silent comedy starring Kim Cattrall as Ruby, who lives in a huge, isolated and tumbling down house with a troupe of unusual acrobatic helpers who she’s come to take for granted. What she truly desires is the company of her nephew and his family, but when a visit from them catches her off guard, she quickly learns to appreciate those which were around her all along. It’s an usually comic morality tale, filled with physical comedy and acrobatics. It was written by Mike Wozniak, who also stars.

‘Three Kinds of Stupid’ is a three stooges style physical comedy starring Seann Walsh, Marek Larwood and Jocelyn Jee Esien, and was written by Chris Reddy. It follows the misadventures of three community police officers who befriend a blind man, played by Vic Reeves in superb comic form. Things go badly wrong when one of the gang accidentally kills the blind man’s guide dog with a prawn sandwich. Unable to tell him about the tragedy, they go to elaborate ends to convince him his dog is still alive and well.

‘Rotters’ is a hilarious blend of Oceans 11 and Dumb and Dumber, in which we follow a gang of idiots who attempt to rob an auction house, run by an antiques dealer (Frank Skinner). Forever stepping on each others toes, the gang is played by Phil Burgers, John Kearns, Sam Simmons, Lolly Adefope and Daniel Simonsen. We watch them battle against an array of security systems, a meddlesome traffic warden and their own incompetence across half an hour of hilarity.

‘Brilliantman!’ was written by and stars Kevin Eldon as a wannabe superhero in this silent physical comedy. Also featuring Johnny Vegas as his grumpy landlady Mrs. Wardle, it follows the adventures of council worked Ian Hedge who assumes the identity of Brilliantman and goes about his efforts to make the town a better place. In his way though is a mugger, a burglar and a potentially murderous parrot. What our caped hero lacks in dynamism, he makes up for with incompetence in this hilarious programme by one of Britain’s great unsung comic talents.

Philip Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts commented on boosting their physical comedy output after requests on the phone Sky for free number: “There’s no finer sight in life than someone bumping into something. This was the starting point for our brand new physical comedy season on Sky Arts. Luckily the brilliant comic talent who signed up to make four top notch, one-offs all had a rather more sophisticated view of what a silent comedy should be. We are thrilled that Frank Skinner, Vic Reeves, Johnny Vegas, Kevin Eldon, Seann Walsh and Kim Cattrall (amongst a host of others) will be entertaining our equally sophisticated customers with their versions of knockabout fun.”

Sky Ramp Up Cricket Coverage

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to light the fires under a well established business. For decades, Sky Sports has been pretty much the only game in town to see the biggest and best competitions, and earned the subscription fees of hundreds of thousands in the process. Then, almost out of nowhere, came BT Sport, who won themselves a share of the Premier League football rights and very quickly went about building a legitimate competitor to the bigger, Murdoch backed sports channel.

That new channel exposed some significant flaws in Sky Sport’s broadcasting, and highlighted the channel’s total reliance on broadcasting Premier League football games. Over the last couple of years though, Sky have set about addressing these problems, vastly increasing the amount of tennis, golf and women’s sports across their range of channels, as well as launching a dedicated F1 channel. One area where Sky haven’t truly addressed though is cricket, one of the most popular sports in the country. Traditionally, Sky cover the big international series, but very little else. That’s caused some complaints on the Sky staff number and quite a bit of awkwardness for Sky, who haven’t really had a good excuse.

That all changes today though, as Sky have announced that they’ll be showing 50 county matches a year, as well as all three domestic competitions; the NatWest T20 Blast, the Royal London One-Day Cup and the LV County Championship. That means that across the year, we’ll see every team play, with the action starting on the 15th of May as champions Birmingham Bears (pictured) face Notts Outlaws in the NatWest T20 Blast.

All the top talent from the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be playing domestic cricket this season, including several members of the ICC team of the tournament. Viewers will be able treat with in-form stars like Brendon McCullum (Birmingham Bears) and Glenn Maxwell (Yorkshire Vikings) alongside heavy hitters like Chris Gayle (Somerset), Kumar Sangakkara (Surrey) and Shahid Afridi (Northamptonshire Steelbacks) live on Sky Sports throughout the summer.

The first county game will be between Yorkshire Vikings and Lancashire Lightning as they play in Headingley, on the same day as the England squad will be available to play in the NatWest T20 Blast. On Finals Day (Saturday 29 August), Sky Sports will show all three games as the champions of the competition are crowned.

On top of all that, viewers will also be able to watch the IPL, England’s tour of the West Indies, the series against New Zealand, The Ashes, the Women’s Ashes and the One-Day International against Ireland. That’s a schedule which could make any cricket fan tremble with excitement, and that’s exactly what Sky want; after years of not showing cricket fans the respect they deserve, they’re making up for lost time.

Bryan Henderson, Sky Sports executive producer for cricket, said: “This season you can catch the best of the domestic cricket action on Sky Sports with every county, all three competitions and 50 live games. With a host of stars from the World Cup having joined county teams, there’ll be lots of big hitting and quality domestic cricket live on Sky this summer.”

So, whether your passion for cricket is at the local level or only ignited when your nation takes up to bat, Sky Sports wants to be the place where you take in all the action.

Game of Thrones Sets Viewing Record on Sky

There’s very little doubt that Game of Thrones is a global phenomenae. Since the launch of the TV show in April 2011, the programme has seen record viewing numbers for HBO, spawned video games, a whole fan culture, won countless awards (including four consecutive Emmy awards for Outstanding Drama Series) and even managed to build upon the popularity of the books. Such is the excitement around the show, since its launch, it’s been the most pirated TV programme of the year in each year of availability. In the UK, the programme has aired on Sky Atlantic, and has been the only place to see it legally outside of DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

After the dramatic events of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, great anticipation was in place for the fifth season, which would officially be overtaking the books and begin to utilise its own, separate storylines. This meant new, totally unpredictable stories and no existing literature to draw on. Needless to say, that lead to a certain amount of nervousness amongst long time fans, but also a great deal of anticipation. All eyes were on Sky Atlantic yesterday then, as they broadcast the first episode of season five of the hit TV programme.

Privately, Sky had believed that the premiere of the new season would be a big event for them, but they had hardly believed that it would shatter their record viewing figures and even beat out some of the UK’s biggest channels in the ratings. The premiere received 1.57 million viewers, which equates to a 6.7% share of the audience, which beat out both BBC Two and Channel Five in the same timeslots. That’s a massive achievement for Sky Atlantic, especially when you consider that the channel is only available to those who subscribe to Sky.

It’s even more impressive given the shock leaking of the first five episodes of the new series just a few days earlier, which sent the Internet into a fit of excitement and saw countless spoilers posted. It had been expected that many viewers would avoid the live broadcasts in favour of watching the illegal copies instead, but evidently enough avoided them to give Sky Atlantic a real overnight boost.

Maintaining viewing figures might prove slightly more difficult however, with each week offering a tantalising new cliffhanger, viewers might well feel compelled to turn to those leaked episodes to get their fix before the seven day waiting period has expired. Nevertheless, the programme gains in popularity all the time, so we might expect viewing figures to hold. Sky also came under fire on their Sky customer service number UK free number for not opting for the same simultaneous broadcast as many other networks, opting to show it the next day instead. They will also be disappointed that they lost 1.2 million viewers for their follow up programme ‘Thronecast’.

Nevertheless, it’s a great boost for Sky and it proves that their model of buying in top TV programmes for their exclusive channel is paying dividends for the company. Also premiering soon is the final series of Mad Men, which will see the end of one of the greatest TV programmes of all time and wave goodbye to one of the most richly dramatic and textured television efforts we may ever see.

Brook v Gavin to Headline Huge Night of Boxing on Sky

Boxing fans have long known that for the biggest fights around, all eyes have to be tuned to Sky Sports. They’ve proven it time and time again, and their dedication towards putting the best of boxing on TV is commendable, and now they’re doing it again by bringing a huge night of boxing to their Box Office channel on the 30th of May.

After an impressive victory over Jo Jo Dan in Sheffield during March, Kell Brook has decided to make a quick return to the ring to defend his hard fought IBF Welterweight title against Frankie Gavin at the o2 in London; one of the UK’s biggest boxing venues. Sky Sports will be showing the event exclusively on Sky Box Office, bringing the action to millions of people across the country. Kell Brook impressed on his last time out, with a classy fourth round stoppage over Dan, and is eager to put in another stand-out performance and see himself placed firmly on the map. In his way is Frankie Gavin, who was the first ever English World Amatuer champion after taing gold in the 2007 World Championships in Chicago.

Brook v Gavin might be the headline act, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with six other confirmed fights, and more potentially to come. Included in those six are three world title fights, in a night which promises to change the shape of the professional boxing landscape. Popular Londoner Kevin Mitchell will meet the WBC Lightweight champion Jorge Linares for what should be a punishing encounter whilst Welsh stylist Lee Selby will challenge Evgeny Gradovich for his IBF Featherweight title.

One of the rising stars of the Heavyweight class, Anthony Joshua, will encounter his greatest challenge yet as he squares up to former World Heavyweight title challenger Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson. Here’s the full list of fights lined up for the 30th of May.

Kell Brook v Frankie Gavin
IBF World Welterweight title

Kevin Mitchell v Jorge Linares
WBC Lightweight title

Lee Selby v Evgeny Gradovich
IBF Featherweight title

Anthony Joshua MBE v Kevin Johnson
WBC International Heavyweight title

John Ryder v Nick Blackwell
Vacant British Middleweight title

Scotty Cardle v Craig Evans
Vacant British Lightweight title

Dave Ryan v John Wayne Hibbert
Commonwealth Light Welterweight title

Boxing fans have already started ringing the Sky broadband helpline number but are being told to use the Sky Box Office website, where the night will be listed shortly.

Adam Smith, executive producer of Sky Sports boxing said: “This is another mouth-watering night of boxing on Sky Sports Box Office. Kell Brook is a great headline act and I always look forward to seeing him in the ring. He has some big fights on the horizon I’m sure, but Frankie Gavin will be a real test and Kell will have to put in a performance to get the style of win that he wants.”

Kell Brook said: “I never expected to be out again so quickly but I can’t wait. I respect Frankie for stepping up, he has called for this fight for a long time and after he was given a final eliminator against Tim Bradley it made sense for him to take the challenge. I feel like I’m unbeatable right now and Gavin isn’t going to be able to cope with my speed and power on fight night. The O2 is one of the best arenas in the world and it’s an honour to headline a card like this.”

Frankie Gavin said: “These are the fights you want to be part of and are where I belong. I’ve dreamt of a world title and I will be 100 per cent ready physically and mentally for Kell Brook. Of course it’s going to be tough but I believe Kell is beatable and I’ve always felt that I have got the skills and the team to cause an upset.”

Sky1 Commissions Drama From Stan Lee

As the Marvel cinematic universe continues to prove incredibly popular on the big screen and the Marvel comic books begin to grow in popularity once again, all eyes have turned to the small screen to see the now Disney owned companies next move. Whilst we’ve already had the likes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, we haven’t yet heard much from the former chairman of Marvel, Stan Lee. He was massively influential in turning Marvel into the comic book giant it became, as well as creating some of the worlds most famous superhero characters like Spiderman. Now, it would appear, he’s turned his sights towards TV writing with a new series just commissioned by Sky1 called ‘Lucky Man’, which will be the first UK television drama from the comic book legend.

Commissioned by Sky1 Director Adam MacDonald, Sky’s Head of Drama Anne Mensah and Commissioning Editor Cameron Roach, the series will take the form of 10 60 minute episodes, and will be produced by Carnival Films, who also produced Downton Abbey. It’s based on an original idea by Stan Lee and will be made in collaboration with Lee’s media company POW! Entertainment, and should debut on Sky1 in 2016. Starring in the drama are James Nesbitt (The Hobbit Trilogy, The Missing), Eve Best (Nurse Jackie, The Honourable Woman),  Sienna Guillory (Fortitude, Luther, Love Actually), Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited, Kidnap and Ransom), Darren Boyd (Spy, Fortitude, Case Sensitive), Omid Djalili (Moonfleet, Pirates of the Caribbean), Jing Lusi (Holby City) and Kenneth Tsang (Die Another Day).

Lucky Man is the story of DI Harry Clayton, portrayed by James Nesbitt, a cop from Central London’s notorious Muder Squad, who is given a charm which appears to give the wearer the ability to control luck itself. Which is lucky, given how out of luck Harry seems to be at that moment. His wife (Eve Best) and kid have left him due to his gambling addiction, his boss seems to believe he’s a satanist and he owes a huge debt to an infamous underworld crime boss who’s edging ever closer to ending Harry’s life. Everything changes once Happy meets a mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet which gives him power over luck, but at what cost? What is luck anyway, and is one man’s luck always another’s misfortune?

This latest commision is part of Sky’s continued efforts to become the home of original, high quality TV. It’s a tactic which have done very well for the likes of HBO and Netflix, and it’s something that Sky themselves have been actively working to get themselves into, much to the pleasure of customers on the Sky broadband helpline number. We’ve already seen the release of Critical and Fortitude, and soon we’ll also have The Five, Birthday, The Last Panthers, Enfield Haunting and Apocalypse Slough.

On the new Stan Lee drama, Adam MacDonald, Director of Sky 1 commented: “Lucky Man is a visually striking crime thriller from the legend that is Stan Lee for Sky 1. The show is mysterious, thrilling, energetic and sure to appeal to our customers. I’m honoured that Sky 1 is working with Stan Lee on his first UK TV drama and I can’t wait for our customers to experience the gifts and misfortunes that luck can bring”.

Stan Lee, Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment commented: “Luck has always been a fascinating subject to me, and I am excited to finally share that fascination with audiences around the world. With all the creative projects I have worked on, I sure am a lucky man myself and I am excited to be working with Sky 1 and Carnival Films on this latest project”.

Richard Fell, Executive Producer said: “Lucky Man is a different kind of superhero show – Stan has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea; something that we can all relate to. What if you could control luck? Would that be the greatest thing you could give someone, or their worst nightmare? It’s a twist which brings the whole superhero genre right back down to earth, which we hope will appeal to the Sky 1 audience.”

Channel Four and Sky announce ‘Cameron and Miliband Live: The Battle for Number 10’

Following the extremely protracted negotiations which have played out in public, David Cameron has finally agreed to a time and format which suits him, and so will take part in the televised debates prior to the start of the general election. The new format, which will take the shape of a seven way debate between the leaders of the Conservative Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru; to be hosted by the BBC and ITV respectively (2nd of April). A “challengers” programme which features the SNP, UKIP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party (30th of April). And finally, the format which Sky have publicly announced today, a programme called ‘Cameron & Miliband Live: The Battle for Number 10’. This new format will be broadcast on the 26th of Match and promises to be be very different to the proposed standard debate, and comes after Sky found themselves between a rock and a hard place, with Number 10 on one side and angry customers on the Sky customer service free phone number.

This programme, with its hyperbolic name that evokes the newest Hobbit film more than anything else, will be presented by Channel Four’s election anchor Jeremy Paxman. In it, he will interview both candidates one on one before Kay Burley opens to the floor and moderates questions from the audience, who will be putting questions directly to the men who may well be Prime Minister come election day.

The programme will be produced by Sky News live from a London venue and broadcast simultaneously across Channel Four and Sky’s media portals, as well as on YouTube and other social networking websites. It will be executive produced by Sky News’ John Dowden and the commissioning editor for Channel 4 is Head of News Dorothy Byrne.

Crucially, neither of the two leaders will be on stage at the same time. This was Mr Cameron’s demand if he was to take part in the debates at all, and led to Sky initially choosing to leave Mr Cameron’s chair empty, much to the applause of the Sky TV free number. It wasn’t long before the pressure got too much for Sky and the other broadcasters though, and they put forward heavily revised plans to suit the Prime Minister.

Jeremy Paxman said: “This is the most intriguing election for decades. It’s going to be tremendous fun to find out what Cameron and Miliband plan for us if they get the chance. After all one of them will be Prime Minister.”

Kay Burley said: “I am delighted to be part of this major programme right at the start of the election campaign, and have a chance to put the views of the voters directly to the next potential leader of the country.”

Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer said: “It’s thrilling that the election campaign will kick off with David Cameron and Ed Miliband interviewed live by Jeremy Paxman on Channel 4 and Sky News. The Leaders Interviews will be a real opportunity for viewers to see the men who could be Prime Minister in action.”

John Ryley, Head of Sky News said: “We are extremely pleased that the Conservative and Labour party leaders have agreed to take part in a programme that will kick start the election campaign and put the two people most likely to be the next Prime Minister under scrutiny in front of millions of viewers across the UK.”