Disney and Harry Potter: What’s New With Sky Movies? UPDATED

Update: Since the original publication of this article, Sky have made one of the most drastic changes to their Sky service since its launch back in 1990 – they’ve changed its name. Sky Movies is now Sky Cinema, and has launched a new promotion – a new premier every single day. This has coincided with a boost in calls to the Sky contact numbers, as new customers flock to the service.

Since Sky first started beaming from satellites on high in 1990, it’s movies service has been one of its biggest and most important elements. Right from the word go, Sky Movies has provided access to a huge library of films, broadcast in great quality and with great variety. Key to that has been the locking in of first-run deals with big production companies like 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures, Buena Vista Distribution and many, many more. Today, there are 12 channels in the Sky Movies family, each specialising in a different genre. However, if Sky really want to keep customers from cancelling their subscription on the Sky customer service phone number, they need to keep coming up with reasons why Movies is better than Netflix. Today, Sky have given customers two such reasons.

The first big announcement out of Sky’s Movies’ division is that for the first time, Sky will be offering exclusive access to the entire Harry Potter catalogue, letting customers dive into the magic whenever the mood takes them. To celebrate the series coming to Sky Movies, from Saturday the 24th of October until the 2nd of November, Sky Movies Greats will be renamed to Sky Movies Harry Potter on the TV Guide, and will be broadcasting every film back to back in a marathon that simply isn’t to be missed. The company are encouraging that fans join the conversation by using the hashtag #pottermarathon, sharing the in-jokes and love that fans of the series are best known for. Also, Sky Movies will be airing the never before seen on British TV extended versions of both Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

Alternatively, all the films will be available on demand and on streaming services like Now TV, so you can dig into the series whenever the mood takes you. Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies said: “We are thrilled to be able to bring the wizarding world of Harry Potter to our customers, all in one place so they can enjoy the magic of this timeless story whenever and wherever it suits them”

Perhaps of more importance to Sky Movies though, is the news that they’ve extended their exclusive deal with Disney. This new multi-year movie and TV deal with Disney UK & Ireland will ensure that customers can continue to enjoy incredible Disney films and programmes well into the future. That means that just nine months after they hit the cinema, films like Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere on Sky Movies, truly helping to bring the cinematic experience into our homes, in HD and sometimes even 3D. Needless to say, it’s the kind of deal which keeps people from heading to the Sky customer service phone number to cancel.

Gary Davey, Managing Director of Content at Sky Movies commented: “Sky and Disney have been working together for almost 25 years. Our collaboration has continued to grow and the launch of the exclusive Sky Movies Disney channel two years ago has been a huge success. This new agreement means our customers can continue to enjoy the biggest blockbusters like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Inside Out” before they are available on any other online subscription service. They also get access to a great portfolio of family channels and a growing on demand library of amazing shows and films which we know they love.”

Sky Sports Lands Highlights Deal

Update: It’s been well over a year now since Sky announced that all Premier League highlights package was announced and the effect has been massive. The clips, which are routinely shared around social media, are all emblazoned with the Sky Sports branding, which has led to a sharp uptick on the number of Sky contact number requests to sign up for the service. Sky have also expanded their highlights to the Championship, making use of their connections with the Football League.

It’s no secret that despite all the great work Sky have done in locking down things like golf, cricket, tennis and darts to exclusive contracts, the jewel in Sky Sport’s crown remains their Premier League coverage. Recent years have seen a heated battle (one that perhaps more closely resembles a war) between Sky and BT to land as many Premier League games as possible. Whilst BT have made up some ground, they don’t have anywhere near the level of coverage that Sky do, nor do they have as many season deciding games as Sky do.

Now, the latest Premier League deal has gone through for Sky, and ensured that along with more live Premier League games than ever before (126), from next season Sky will also have clips from every single one of the 380 Premier League games a season. It’s yet another value offer that should keep the Sky customers services phone number busy with customers willing and eager to sign up for their sports service.

The agreement stretches across three years, and will bring highlights to Sky customers even if the game isn’t on TV, ensuring you never miss your favourite team’s latest goals. Highlights will be made available On Demand and through applications like the Sky powered Sun Goals service. On Saturdays, one entire match not already broadcast will be made available to view from 8pm, with the remaining games being appearing on demand from 10:30pm. On all other days, non-live games will be available from 10pm.

The deal comes at a time when Sky are heavily rumoured to be close to releasing their 4K TV service, which would almost certainly launch with the promise of live football. Sky aren’t telling whether this new clips service will come in 4K, but it would make for another compelling reason to sign up for Sky Sports.

Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis said: “Sky Sports has never been in a stronger position with this deal cementing our position as the first choice for sports fans. It completes the set and is more good news for Sky Sports viewers having already secured more live Premier League matches from the 2016/17 season, as well as clips from every match available on mobile and online. We are giving fans more ways to watch extended highlights, with the content now available on demand in the individual club section so fans can catch up on the action when they want.“

This year’s Premier League season has been a fascinating one, with last years champions Chelsea sitting down in 16th, just 3 points away from the relegation spots and in a state of significant turmoil. Meanwhile, two of the recently promoted sides are doing extremely well. Leicester City, who came up from the Championship last season through the play-offs, are currently sitting in 3rd place on the table after 12 games. It’s proven to be a truly incredible season thus far, and as fortunes twist and turn Sky will be there to catch every minute of it.

Sky and Whistle Sports Team Up – UPDATED

Update: With over a year since the launch of the Soccer AM channel, we thought it was time to drop in on the channel to see how it was doing. Well, the good news is that it’s still very much operational, with very videos on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s not proven quite the hit Sky would have hoped it might become, with less than 500,000 subscribers and average video views sitting less than 100,000. We reached out for comment via the Sky phone numbers, but none was forthcoming.

Aside from their very public battle with BT Sport, Sky have been casting an eye to the future and, well, they haven’t liked what they’ve seen. More and more, young people are using the Internet to drive their engagement with competitive sports, watching clips on YouTube and enjoying the immediacy and shareability of the content on offer. Whilst at the moment this isn’t the crowd which are likely to pay for Sky Sports, in the space of a few short years, Sky will start seeing the effects as potential younger customers don’t sign up to the service.

As such, Sky’s decision to launch a dedicated YouTube channel with Whistle Sports makes perfect sense. This dedicated social media channel will be dedicated to creating original footballing content to young fans from around the globe. Using Sky’s popular Soccer AM brand and leveraging Sky’s unrivaled collection of football clips, it should prove a successful venture for Sky. It’s been available for the past week across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Vine, and has already seen a good number of views.

The content being produced features a variety of new faces such as England Women’s footballer Alex Scott as well as traditional Sky Sports talent like Adam Smith and Laura Woods. There will also be original programming, entertaining videos and posts covering football topics such as gambling, fantasy football, stats and skill highlight videos.

This joint venture marks the first collaboration since Sky invested $7 million in Whistle Sports back in October 2014. Since then, the two companies have been working behind the scenes to create new and exciting content, aimed at the ‘young millennials’ who Sky hope will soon have the homes and spare cash to pick up the Sky telephone line and sign up to Sky Sports in the future.

The launch over the past week has focused on the release of FIFA 16 and has brought together some of the biggest names in YouTube vlogging to look at the characters that surround the game, its evolution over the years and its role in sports gaming. These videos have seen a tremendous response from eager gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on the game.

Dave Gibbs, director of digital media at Sky Sports, said: “Whistle Sports has led the way in producing entertaining digital sports content in the US for some time now with hugely engaged audiences. The new Soccer AM channel on social media is going to do something very different to what football supporters are used to from Sky Sports. We will produce new types of content, with new presenters for new audiences. By combining our expertise and talent, we hope to produce something that will really excite young football fans.”

Whistle Sports CEO John West said: “Young millennial sports fans increasingly use social media to drive their engagement with live sports. Our community of compelling creators have grown to serve that need and engage a growing generation of global sports fans,” pointing out that Whistle Sports recently broke an aggregate 100 million global fans and followers across social platforms.

“Sky makes a perfect partner for our international expansion due to their commitment to innovation. This new brand, new content and new approach around the world’s most popular sport is a great new offering.”

Programme Preview: The Young Pope

Update: Following its successful broadcast in the UK and Europe, The Young Pope has now been broadcast in the US, via HBO. It’s also, amusingly, become the focal point of a meme as people take the name ‘The Young Pope’ at face value – something the Sky free telephone number certainly couldn’t have imagined. Nevertheless, the programme received critical acclaim and is now available to view on Sky Box Sets for Sky +, Sky Q and Now TV customers.

In the world of TV production, there are three names which sell their content worldwide to a fevered and ravenous audience. Those three companies are our very own Sky (who’ve had massive success with the likes of Critical and Fortitude), HBO (Game of Thrones, The Jinx, Boardwalk Empire) and Canal+ (The Tunnel, 24). Each of them brings a degree of high quality sheen to their programming, and each of them understand that in a content led market, they have to produce TV which simply can’t be ignored. As such, it’s a pretty exciting day when we hear that all three will be teaming up to produce a new series from Academy Award winning director Paolo Sorrentino entitled The Young Pope.

Sorrentino shot to fame as the screenwriter of The Dust of Naples in 19098, before going on to write and direct The Consequences of Love, which explored the mindset of a lonely businessman being used as a pawn by the Mafia. The film was extremely well received, and was nominated for the Palme D’Or at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. He’s since worked on many films, creating a reputation as a filmmaker with a keen understanding of both drama and cinema. His forthcoming film, Youth, will be his second English language film after Sean Penn’s This Must Be The Place. It stars Michael Caine as a retired orchestra conductor and will be competing for a Palme D’Or in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

The Young Pope, however, will star two-time Academy Award nominee Jude Law as PIUS XIII. born Lenny Belardo. A deeply complex character, Belardo was an almost comically conservative man in his beliefs, but yer would act with absolute compassion towards the weak and poor. Resistant to his office and the Vatican couriers, Belardo will face losing those closest to him and even his God. Here’s what Paolo Sorrentino had to say about The Young Pope:

”The clear signs of God’s existence. The clear signs of God’s absence. How faith can be searched for and lost. The greatness of holiness, so great as to be unbearable when you are fighting temptations and when all you can do is to yield to them. The inner struggle between the huge responsibility of the Head of the Catholic Church and the miseries of the simple man that fate (or the Holy Spirit) chose as Pontiff. Finally, how to handle and manipulate power in a state whose dogma and moral imperative is the renunciation of power and selfless love towards one’s neighbor. That is what The Young Pope is about.”

The eight part series will most likely debut in late 2016, with filming set to finish in the early months of that year. It will be produced by Wildside, and co-produced by Haut et Court TV. Executive Producers for Wildside are Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani together with John Lyons. Executive Producers for Haut et Court TV are Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta and Simon Arnal. It will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic.

Sky Sees Strong Growth From Now TV – UPDATED

Update: Since the original publication of this article, Sky’s Now TV service has gone from strength to strength. The addition of a new streaming box  dubbed the Smart Box, which allows for watching great Freeview alongside all of Sky’s Now TV programmes, has meant that Now TV has a bigger role than ever in many of our lives. Nevertheless, Sky have been keen to keep Now TV and Sky Q seperate, with a distinct set of features for both services. To sign up for Now TV, simply visit the website or call the phone number for Sky.

The problem for big media companies like BT, Sky and Virgin Media is that as much as we all love TV, most of us are pretty sorted for it. Between the strong offering of Freeview, Freeview HD, YouView, Sky +, Virgin and BT Infinity, most of us have already picked a side and are comfortably sat down, enjoying our favourite programmes. As such, it’s the job of those companies to try and convince those last few stragglers to come and join their side. Unfortunately for most, that’s proven particularly difficult.

The issue has been one of access. Not everyone can have a satellite dish fitted on their home for Sky, and not all homes are wired up for cable TV for Virgin. That’s meant that despite how much people might have wanted to switch away from Freeview, they’ve simply been unable to. That’s why Sky’s Now TV service was such a genius idea. By using the fast broadband connections that much of the nation now has, Sky have been able to broadcast a selection of their channels to peoples homes using nothing but the Internet connection in their home and a games console, Now TV box, Chromecast or otherwise.

It meant that for the first time, those people not living in the ideal circumstances prescribed for Sky or Virgin could get premium programming like Comedy Central, Sky Atlantic and countless other great programmes and channels. Needless to say, Now TV has had a strong start to life, with the people wondering how to contact Sky to get on board with the service. Until now though, we’ve been in the dark as to what numbers are behind Sky’s claims of ‘strong growth’ in the service.

According to research by IHS analysts Maria Rua Aguete and Jonathan Broughton, pay-TV subscribers grew by over a million in the last year, which amounts to an increase of 3.5%. By March 31st 2015, there were 16.7 million households subscribing to pay-TV via satellite, cable or IPTV, up from 15.6 million in the same period in 2014. Their research indicates that Sky remain at the top of the heap with 11.9 million customers by Q1 2015, gaining around 400,000 subscribers over the year. All of that growth though is coming from Now TV, which is helping to prove the viability of so-called ‘Over the Top’ services like Now TV. By their reckoning Now TV current has around 729,000 subscribers, but because of the month to month contract nature of the service, these numbers fluctuate somewhat. Still, those numbers (if correct) would mean that Now TV is the fastest growing pay-TV platform in the country.

With the likes of Sky Atlantic offering exclusive access to Game of Thrones, Mad Men and countless other unmissable programmes, it’s hard to imagine that any competing service could be as compelling as Sky’s service is. Also coming later in the year is a second generation Now TV box, which promises to bring a faster UI and potentially 1080p streaming of their programming. It would be a compelling new option for those still undecided about complimenting their Freeview set up with high quality pay-TV broadcasting, and we see nothing but success for Now TV in the future.

Sky Introduces Sky+HD Box Environment Factsheet – UPDATED

Update: Since the launch of Sky Q and its replacement of Sky+ HD, Sky have failed to publish the environmental factsheet for the new system. Though customers have requested the environmental information for Sky Q on the Sky contact numbers, Sky are keeping quiet on the possibilities of such a thing being published.

Sky are something of a rarity when it comes to massive companies in the fact that they care about the environment. Whilst most companies will make some tokenistic effort to prove their green credentials, Sky have consistantly shown their dedication to the cause. Through initiatives like Sky Rainforest Rescue (in partnership with the WWF) they’re working to save the rainforest and with 100% of their energy as a business purchased from renewable sources, they’re doing working hard on their end to ensure the sustainability of their business. Indeed, it’s moves like that which saw them named as one of the global 100 most sustainable corporations, coming in at #59.

Alas, as a business which sells electronic devices, all the work they do at their headquarters can easily be undone by shipping inefficient products to consumers. To that end, Sky have announced the introduction of the Sky+HD box Environment Factsheet, an interactive document which takes you through the seven stages of your Sky box’s life cycle from product design to reuse and recycle. Along the way we see how integrated components lower energy usage in the box, how Sky work with manufacturers to improve their emissions, how Sky have improved fuel efficiency in their transport by 11% over the last 4 years and much, much more. Perhaps one of their largest innovations is extending the automatic low-energy eco mode setting duration by 50%, which automatically shuts down the box when no activity has been recorded.

Sky+ box impact

All in all, it works to reassure customers that Sky is committed to ensuring that every interaction they have with customers, be it speaking to them on the Sky customer services line or sending them a new Sky+HD box is governed by the same eco-friendly principles. Truly, it’s something which no other pay-TV supplier offers in the UK, and it separates out Sky for special praise, though it’s arguable that this kind of behaviour should be commonplace across all businesses in the UK.

All of this action is to ensure that Sky’s products are in line with their 2020 environmental targets, which are to halve emissions relative to revenue, increase energy efficiency by 20% on all Sky owned businesses, Sky-owned sites to obtain 20% of their energy from self generated solar or wind, increase fleet fuel efficiency by 15% and achieve zero waste to landfill at their main offices. Those are lofty goals, but if any company is capable of meeting them, then it’s Sky.

Sky’s commitment is led by their Director of Customer Technology, Roger Lambert, who commented “At Sky, we continue to introduce innovative new products and services which deliver the best experience for customers, in the most sustainable way possible. This factsheet is a great way of communicating how environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our Sky+HD Box design”.

Sky Go Options Explained! – UPDATED

Sky Go is one of the most fantastic tools available to those who subscribe to Sky. It allows us to take live TV with us wherever we go and download programmes to view later. Indeed, if you take a trip on a train you’ll undoubtedly see somebody enjoying the service as they make their way to where they need to be. It’s not a flawless service though, and the desktop application can be pretty confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this list of its options and what they mean, to save you from the dreaded Sky phone numbers.

 Option 1 – My Downloads:

This is the main Sky Go Desktop window, where you could find your download queue and all the programmes.

 Option 2 – Open Website:

It opens the Sky Go website into a new window, where you can select programmes to be downloaded into your computer.

 Option 3 – Help:

You can find the complete Summary of the main Sky Go Desktop controls here.

 Option 4 – Programme details:

It gives you the complete details of the programme currently selected, with complete synopsis, duration, file size and age certification.

 Option 5 – Sign in/Sign out:

Click to sign in with your Sky ID and password. When you’re signed in, your download queue will be checked in every 10 minutes for programmes you have chosen to download from the Sky Go website. If you are signed in, the link automatically gets altered to read Sign out.

 Option 6 – Programme image:

It provides you with a preview image of the programme that you have currently selected.

Option 7 – Play/Resume/Restart:

Once a programme is done with downloading, the Play button appears over the programme image. If you have already played part of the programme, you will see Resume and Restart buttons instead. It’s not necessary to be online to watch the programme, unless parental controls are turned on.

 Option 8 – List All:

Displays downloads currently in progress, as well as completed downloads that are ready to play.

 Option 9 – Downloading:

It Displays downloads in progress, or those recently completed.

 Option10 – Check Queue:

You can manually check for any new programmes you have queued to download. The queue is checked automatically every 10 minutes while you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

 Option 11 – Pause all downloads:

Pauses all active downloads.

Option 12 – Allow multiple downloads:

Check this box to allow up to four simultaneous downloads. Whereas normally only one programme is downloaded at a time

Option 13 – Expires:

This tells you time you have set for watching the programme before it expires. After this, you need to download the programme again, subject to availability. Rental programmes will be charged on the basis of number of times you download them.

Option 14 – Pause download:

It puts on hold the selected download. Once paused, the next inactive download in your queue will start automatically. The Pause all downloads button puts a hold on all downloads.

 Option 15 – Start download:

Will start, or restart, the selected download.

 Option 16 – Delete:

Removes the download from your queue and deletes the downloaded programme from your computer.

 Option 17 – Status:

Shows the current state of the download. If the status is shown as “Error” or “Corrupt” than you will have to delete the download from your queue and download it again from the Sky Go website.

 Option 18 – Download Progress:

The percentage of the download that has taken place could be seen here

 Option 19 – Queue last checked:

Shows when your queue was last checked for new downloads. The queue is checked automatically after every 10 minutes when you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

Sky Connect First Ultrafast Broadband Customers – UPDATED

Update: Since the launch of Sky’s ultrafast 1Gbps broadband service in York, we’ve seen the overall speed of Sky’s broadband improve, much to the delight of customers on the Sky tel number. However, Sky havebn’t yet announced any plans to expand the service outside of York. That’s a letdown, but we believe that Sky are doing the correct thing in ironing out any issues that the service might have.

The pace of improvement in the UK’s Internet speeds over the last decade has been pretty remarkable. From plugging in your phone line to early broadband and now to fibre optic broadband, we’ve seen an explosive improvement in speeds to match the more demanding things we now do online. Indeed, over the last two years the UK average broadband speed has gone from 12Mbps in March 2013 to 22.8Mbps in February of this year, an increase of almost 100%. With that being said, broadband suppliers are in no rush to slow down the pace of improvements, and so companies like Sky are trailing what they call ‘ultrafast broadband’, and for a change, that isn’t just empty hyperbole because Sky’s new service can hit speeds of almost 1GB per second, 940Mbps, to be exact.

That’s truly astonishing speed, and follows in the footsteps of what Google have been doing in America as well as what multiple broadband providers are trailing. We wrote about Sky’s intention to launch the service in York a couple of months ago, and since then, work with TalkTalk and CityFibre has moved at a brisk pace laying the cable and typing up the contracts necessary in order to flip the switch on the first customers for the service.

With the first customer now online, they’re the first person to feel the true power of an almost 1GBps speeds, which means that you could download a HD film in less than 10 seconds, 100 photographs in less than 2 seconds and multiple full albums in a second. If you haven’t yet noticed, those are truly astonishing speeds, and more than that, they’re perfectly achievable in real life.

Even better, this new type of fibre optic broadband will mean that greater stability and reliability than ever will be felt for Sky customers, something customers on the Sky Broadband contact number will be pleased about.

Lyssa McGowan, Director of Sky Broadband, said: “Sky is the first broadband service provider in the UK to offer guaranteed broadband speeds. We are proud that these products will be available to our customers in York on our ultrafast and ultra-reliable gigabit network. As Ofcom continues its review of the broadband market, we believe that trials like this are a valuable demonstration of the alternative technologies now available. With the right conditions for investment and innovation, consumers and businesses could benefit from more ultrafast connections across the UK.”

Sky hope that if the trial is successful, they’ll be able to slowly roll out the service for more Sky customers across the country. It’d also lay down the infrastructure to allow everybody to stream 4K television programming, should Sky decide that streaming is a more viable option than broadcasting it through their existing satellite systems. Indeed, it could also make the distinction between on demand content and live content almost indistinguishable from each other, with streaming programmes beginning instantly with no buffering.

It’ll be some time before we can conclusively say that Sky’s trials in York are a success, but with much of the hard work behind them it’s hard to see how Sky won’t look to roll this out across the country.

Sky Respond to PM Broadband Comments – UPDATED

Update: Since the original publication of this article, we have a new Prime Minister – Teresa May. During the Conservative Party conference, Mrs May highlighted the plight of broadband in rural areas, and said that “where markets are dysfunctional, we should be prepared to intervene”. That bodes well for Sky customers in rural areas, who regularly use the free Sky telephone number to ask what can be done about  slow rural speeds.

During the weekend, the Prime Minister set out his stall for the future of British communication, and unsurprisingly, it placed a heavy emphasis on the Internet. David Cameron’s pledge of universal broadband sounded, at least on paper like an excellent thing for the country. By 2020, every home and business in the country would have access to a minimum 10Mbps broadband speed. He said “Just as our forebears effectively brought gas, electricity and water to all, we’re going to bring fast broadband to every home and business that wants it.”

Whilst the government already plans to bring ‘fast’ internet to 95% of homes, this pledge is about hitting that last 5%, and whilst there’s no doubting that it’s a good idea, the execution has come under heavy fire, especially from Sky. In a response to the PM’s comments at the CBI, Mai Fyfield, Chief Strategy Officer at Sky said: “This is a welcome initiative and fits with Sky’s belief that the UK needs to be more ambitious in its digital infrastructure. However, it is unthinkable that Government would hand an even bigger role to BT given problems with the current roll out, its history of poor service and the risk of declining competition. An independent Openreach, freed from the control of BT, would be able to work with the whole industry to deliver the investment and innovation that the UK needs.”

This, of course, is not the first time that Sky have openly discussed their dissatisfaction at BT Openreach, having used the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph to push Ofcom towards taking action on the company. Ofcom are currently working on their Strategic Review of Digital Communications, and in their submission to it, Sky made the following claims:

– Almost 90% of all new line installations (into homes or businesses) which required an Openreach engineer to attend took 10 calendar days or longer to complete and almost one in ten installations took over 30 days.

– Openreach misses over 500 appointments every month for Sky customers (leading to huge anger on the Sky billing number) and fail to complete around 4000 jobs a month.

– They also change the agreed installation date for Sky customers on average 12,500 times a month, causing havoc in Sky customers schedules.

– Fault rates have increased 50% between 2009 and 2012, and the company have consistently failed to hit their fault fixing targets.

Aside from being one of the UK’s biggest broadband service providers, Sky have an interest in ensuring that broadband speeds are high across the country. Their recent moves in TV innovation have been in the sphere of streaming and On Demand content, like their new Premier League highlights deal. With that in mind, Sky are keen to ensure that everyone in the country has fast enough internet to keep up with this next generation of TV viewing, especially if Sky release a 4K TV service, as they’re rumoured to be doing.

We wait and see what Ofcom have to say about Openreach, but Sky remain intent on turning the screws on the poorly run monopoly.

Sky Offer Free Gift for Customers, Line up Major Fight – UPDATED

Update: Sky’s special offer for customers has now passed, so if you failed to redeem your free gift, the time has now passed. Sky have informed customers using the Sky telephone numbers that though adoption rates were high, they can no longer redeem the offer. Nonetheless, they’ve indicated that another free gift will come for Christmas 2017.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for Sky, that means they’re ready to give thanks for all we’ve done for them over the last 12 months. With a stream of new customers coming in from across Europe and a potential takeover on the horizon, Sky are in a good mood, and have taken the fantastic step of offering each of their Sky+ or Sky Q customers a free gift!

If you’re on a Sky contract without box sets included, then you should magically find that you can now stream the whole catalogue, completely free of charge! Sky have unlocked the service for everybody for the next three months, so you can catch up on incredible programmes like Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, True Detective, Game of Thrones and countless others.

That’s fantastic for those who didn’t sign up for box sets, but what about customers who did, what’s their reward for their loyalty over the last year? Well, don’t panic, because each and every customer who already had a box sets subscription will be getting a Sky Store Buy & Keep voucher by email or post over the next few days.

Buy & Keep offers both an instant rental of any movie, alongside an official DVD copy of the film to add to your collection. The voucher means that you can pick any Buy & Keep movie for free – which is certainly a nice gift for Christmas.

Sky say this is just the first of a number of exciting gifts for Sky customers, so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, Sky have secured the rights to what will surely be one of the biggest fights of 2017 – that between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko.

Taking place at a packed Wembley Stadium in London, the fight will be staged on the 29th of April 2017, and will unify the heavyweight division.

Joshua has won all 18 of his professional bouts since his gold medal at London 2012, and this fight will be the third defence of his IBF title after victories over Dominic Breazeale and Eric Molina. The pair will also be fighting for the vacant WBA belt, relinquished by Tyson Fury earlier in 2016.

Klitschko is out to reclaim the IBF and WBA belts he lost in his defeat to Fury in November 2015, but April’s fight will be his first since the loss in Germany. Having only lost four fights in a pro career which stretches back almost 20 years, can the old master beat the young king?

Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith said: “This is the fight the boxing world has been waiting for. Can the young lion, Anthony Joshua, rise to the challenge and conquer the former and long reigning king of the heavyweights Wladimir Klitschko? It is one of the biggest fights in the most glamorous division and it is on. At Wembley Stadium! What a stage for our sport, what a build-up in store and what a night it’s going to be on April 29th.”

Sky are planning to launch a range of programming to support the fight, including Ringside and The Gloves are Off, in addition to the usual range of pre-fight build up from behind the scenes.

Sky have yet to price the Box Office bout, but it should fall in line with other major boxing bouts in the service, priced at around £25. Sky have also declined to comment on whether this will be their first broadcast 4K boxing match, using the technology enabled by Sky’s now standard Sky Q box.