Sky Acquires Digital Content Producer Diagonal View

Sky have, over recent years, made something of a splash by way of their acquisitions. From leading YouTube sports channels to young VR content companies, they’ve adopted the Microsoft and Apple technique of simply buying companies which are successful in areas they aren’t.

Now, Sky have announced their latest acquisition – Diagonal View. They’re a leading producer of ‘social content’, known for their online channels, including Alltime10s and The Football Daily, as well as working on innovative digital campaigns for leading global brands.

It’s part of Sky’s push to reach and engage with younger, digitally oriented people, whilst also enabling Sky Media to offer greater digital opportunities to advertisers, without conflicts.

Though you may not know the name Diagonal View, in the past 12 months alone their content has racked up over 1 billion views, and the acquisition by Sky will help to accelerate Sky’s online growth towards becoming a top five social destination for sport in all existing Sky territories and globally, building upon its strength in the UK.

Diagonal View boast a dedicated online audience of over 15 million subscribers on a variety of platforms, with content covering topics as diverse as quantum physics to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air; military history to unexplained phenomena. Its main sports channel, The Football Daily, reaches hundreds of thousands of fans on a daily basis – something Sky are keen to take advantage of.

Sky’s existing digital platforms reached one in five of the UK and Ireland’s total online populations last year, amassing over 2 billion total views. That’s impressive, but some of their ventures haven’t been as successful as hoped, and it’s unclear whether it’s led to a tangible increase in subscribers contacting Sky to upgrade. The launch of Soccer AM as a YouTube channel in association with Whistle Sports hasn’t set the internet alight as they’d hoped, though some videos have proven popular, like New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr revealing his ‘outrageous’ soccer skills – which racked up 5.7m views in just five months.

Sky have announced that the current Diagonal View leadership team, including founder Matt Heiman, will stay on, leading the business within the Sky Group.

Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said:

“Last year Sky Sports reached one in five of the UK & Ireland’s total digital population and this acquisition will further our ability to reach new social audiences. The breadth and diversity of sports that Sky has rights to, combined with Diagonal View’s track record in building audiences from scratch will be a powerful partnership; benefitting customers and advertisers alike. Matt has an excellent team at Diagonal View that will complement our existing team of creatives and producers here at Sky.”

Matt Heiman, Founder of Diagonal View added:

“The Diagonal View team and I are excited to join forces with Sky. Our social channels complement Sky’s current portfolio – the prospect of our incredibly popular Football Daily channels collaborating with Sky, whose pedigree in this space is unrivalled, is extremely exciting. Sky brings rights, expertise and scale. Diagonal View knows how to make content that digital natives enjoy watching and engaging with, so this partnership feels like a natural win-win for both us and Sky. We are looking forward to working together in developing innovative campaigns and building on the success of our popular owned channels.”

Sky and HBO Announce New Development Partnership

When it comes to world class drama, there’s no TV producer out there quite like HBO. From current hits like Game of Thrones and Girls to classics like Sex and the City, Oz, The Wire, The Sopranos and so much more, HBO have staked a claim as a world leader in quality TV.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, Sky have been attempting to become the same. Recent original efforts like Fortitude and The Trip to Spain have ensured a steady flow of new signups on the Sky contact number, but they’re still some distance from a HBO style reputation.

Nevertheless, their pre-existing relationship with HBO (all HBO programmes appear exclusively in the UK on Sky Atlantic) has yielded some interesting collaborations, perhaps most notably The Young Pope, which was a collaboration between Sky, HBO and Canal+ in France.

The warm reception of that effort has inspired both Sky and HBO to join forced in order to oversee a development slate of world class drama series with a $250m budget to do so across multiple years. It’s no small sum, and indicates just how seriously Sky and HBO are taking the deal.

The focus of their partnership will be on high end productions which feature engaging stories from points of view which aren’t American, helping HBO to expand their appeal just as Netflix has done. A panel of executives will be responsible for greenlighting projects for the deal, and the companies have announced that they’ll soon be open for pitches from across the creative community, regardless of which country they’re from.

Within the next two years, Sky and HBO are expecting a steady output of drama projects, with at least 2 per year anticipated, with the first one arriving next year. That indicates they’ve already got a project in mind and in development, but the companies have been cagey in announcing exactly what that project is.

Nevertheless, Sky are keen to point out that this isn’t just a content partnership, but a deepening of the relationship between the two companies which will offer Sky customers exclusive access to some of the very best drama around for years to come.

Commenting on the deal struck late last month, the Chairman and CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler said “Sky has been a great partner for us and this deal allows even deeper collaboration between our two great companies, which have a long tradition in creating superior content for our customers. Together we represent the best in television and combined we will raise the bar even higher in pay TV programming.”

Jeremy Darroch, Group CEO of Sky added “HBO and Sky have for many years shared a common creative culture and a common vision for the development of high quality drama.  This new venture deepens that relationship, maintains our leadership position in world-class content, provides great opportunities for indies and gives our customers even more opportunity to enjoy brilliant story telling.”

Sky Prepare Two TV Firsts, Including 4K Cricket

When it comes to new technologies, Sky have always made it their business to get in their early and offer real support to fledgling technologies. We saw it with DVR technology, HD, 3D and now, we’re seeing it with 4K and VR.

Both are new technologies which show extreme promise, but there’s no doubting one is enjoying higher levels of adoption than the other. Whilst 4K TVs are now extremely common in shops and gaining a strong foothold in homes, real VR technology remains niche, thanks to high costs for good equipment and a certain amount of knowledge.

Nevertheless, Sky have seen enough in both VR and 4K to push ahead with programming efforts for both. First up? 4K cricket on Sky Sports.

In an announcement last month, Sky made clear their intention to show Test cricket in Ultra-HD (4K) for the first time anywhere in the world this summer, when England take in South Africa. Sky Q customers in the UK and Ireland can look forward to every ball of the Test series against South Africa in crystal clear 4K, which is four times as sharp and detailed as Full-HD (1080p).

These complement their existing 4K sporting content, which includes every F1 grand prix and 124 Premier League matches in Ultra HD throughout this season and next. The cricket coverage will include enhanced Ultra HD graphics and a number of innovations in Hawkeye and enhanced statistics.

Bryan Henderson, Sky Sports Head of Cricket, commented: “With Ultra HD, customers can enjoy the four Test matches, with four times better picture quality and four times greater clarity. It is a first for Sky Sports and we can’t wait to bring you closer to the action, excitement and drama that the South Africa Test series will deliver this summer.”

Sky’s other big plan is to transform television legend David Attenborough into a virtual reality hologram, to take you behind the glass at London’s Natural History Museum in a “world-first” interactive VR experience.

The cutting-edge experience will allow users to feel as though they’re truly alongside Sir David, and be able to hold up, peer inside, tilt and look more closely at the objects, which include fossils, bones and skulls from the museum’s world-famous collection, with the use of VR controllers like Oculus Touch or the HTC Vive controllers.

It marks the first real VR experience Sky have created, having tested the waters with their Sky VR app for smartphones, which allowed anyone to view 360 degree videos, but not interact or move around in 3D space. Sky say this is the next step in their VR plan.

Sir David Attenborough commented: “I have enjoyed helping people to discover more about the natural world, and Hold The World offers people a unique opportunity: to examine rare objects, some millions of years old, up close. It represents an extraordinary new step in how people can explore and experience nature, all from the comfort of their own homes and I am delighted to be able to help users uncover some of the treasures the Natural History Museum has to offer in a thrilling new way.”

Gary Davey, managing director for content at Sky, added: “Virtual reality is all about experiencing things you could only ever dream of in real life. So in this ground-breaking new experience from Sky, people can handle precious dinosaur fossils and delicate insects with a holographic Sir David Attenborough as their guide. We’re delighted to be bringing together this world-best technology and Sir David, a legend on all things nature, to make this ambitious project a reality.”

How to Cancel Your Sky Subscription

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a number of horror stories pop up across the Internet regarding people attempting to cancel Sky. One man even spent 90 minutes discussing his account with Sky whilst the operator attempted to convince them not to leave the service. By the end though, his request was still denied, completely wasting his time in the process. Clearly, such customer service practices are far from fair and responsible, and are only designed to keep customers from leaving the service. As that news broke, many other disgruntled customers came out of the woodwork to complain about the way Sky had treated them. As such, we’ve decided that it’s about time we gave our readers the low down on how to cancel your account.

In response to complaints last year, Sky reworded its terms and conditions to make it clear that customers would have to call the Sky helpline 24 hour if they wished to cancel their subscription. Though the website states “If you’d like to cancel your Sky subscription, you’ll need to call us or start a Live Chat online”, further down the page it clarifies that requests made via the Live Chat cannot be accepted without a verification request over the phone. This means that if you do want to cancel Sky, you’ll have to use the phone at some point. Of course, that doesn’t do anything to cut down the amount of time you spend on the phone, so what can you do?

Sky’s customer service personnel are trained to try and keep you with the company. It’s standard practice across pretty much every industry these days, but that doesn’t mean its any less annoying. One thing you can do though is to say the reason you’re cancelling is that you’re moving overseas, which will see your account closed with no questions asked. It’s worth noting though that you cannot cancel your contract at any time, as you must pay for the minimum length of your contract, as agreed with Sky when you signed up. Cancelling before that date will mean you are subject to hefty cancellation fees or having your case being handed over to debt collectors.

From July, Ofcom will be offering a switching service for broadband and landline customers, which will remove the need for customers to contact their olde supplier before they leave. Necessary information will be collected by the new provider and the service will be available to all customers of the BT network, including BT, Sky, TalkTalk and EE, but not Virgin Media.

As always though, you should read carefully your consumer rights before entering into a conversation with the Sky contact people, as knowing where the law will back you up is incredibly useful. Also be aware that cancelling your direct debit without informing Sky (regardless of whether you’ve paid for the term of your contract) will land you in serious trouble, as Sky require 31 days advance warning before you can act in that way.

Sky Sports is the Place to Be for the Premier League Title Race

It’s that time of the year again when the teams at the very top (and bottom) of the league have everything to fight for. This year, the title race is between two fierce, London rivals – Chelsea and Tottenham. With 6 games of the season remaining, Antonio Conte’s resurgent Chelsea find themselves at the very top of the table on 75 points, with Tottenham currently sitting second in 71 points, gaining at the weekend thanks to Manchester United overcoming Chelsea at home.

As always, the best place to watch all this action is on Sky Sports. They’ll have the lion’s share of games, and through their apps you’ll be able to see every single goal – regardless of whether it’s on the TV.

What follows is our original article about the Premier League race in 2015:

We’re down to the final few weeks of the Premier League season, and with just seven games left on the slate, it’s looking like a real fight for those top five places in the league. Chelsea are sitting pretty, with seven points between them and second along with a game in hand, which may well see them go a whole 10 points clear at the top of the league. In second is Arsenal at 63 points, followed one behind by Manchester United and one point behind them are Manchester City at 61. Slipping away somewhat are Liverpool on 54 points, followed closely by Southampton who are on 53. It’s something of a disappointment for Liverpool, who were hoping that they might take the title this year, having finished one point behind Manchester City in the 2013/2014 Premier League.

As the table stands though, almost everything seems up for grabs. A couple of poor games from Chelsea and the chasing pack find themselves within spitting distance of the league leaders. Meanwhile, the battle for a Champions League space rages on, with Manchester United desperately trying to maintain their recent league form and once again represent in Europe, having failed to do so last year. In their way are the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham who are desperate to get in there themselves, as well as intense pressure from the other teams around them. Manchester United have come under much fire this season from pundits who have heavily criticised their defence, which has been found out with supreme regularity this season.

It’s not just the top of the league which is drawing attention though, as the battle to avoid relegation is set to reach fever pitch with QRP only two points away from safety and Aston Villa dangerously close to falling out of the Premier League for the first time in the side’s history. Needless to say then, all eyes are on Sky Sports for the next few weeks as we learn the fate of the 20 sides in the league.

Now, after much pressure on the Sky broadband number free, the channel have added 13 more fixtures in May, improving upon what was already an unrivalled schedule of Premier League matches. Highlights include five top head to heads including: Manchester United v Manchester City; Chelsea v Manchester United; Arsenal v Chelsea; Chelsea v Liverpool and Manchester United v Arsenal. Every single Chelsea and Manchester City fixture and Arsenal plus Manchester United in six games.

So, without further to do, here’s the full fixture list for April and May:


Chelsea v Stoke City
Sat 4 Apr 5:30pm

Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur
Sun 5 Apr 1:30pm

Sunderland v Newcastle United
Sun 5 Apr 4pm

Crystal Palace v Manchester City
Mon 6 Apr 8pm

Burnley v Arsenal
Sat 11 Apr 5:30pm

Queen’s Park Rangers v Chelsea
Sun 12 Apr 1:30pm

Manchester United v Manchester City
Sun 12 Apr 4pm

Liverpool v Newcastle United
Mon 13 Apr 8pm

Chelsea v Manchester United
Sat 18 Apr 5:30pm

Manchester City v West Ham United
Sun 19 Apr 1:30pm

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur
Sun 19 Apr 4pm

Manchester City v Aston Villa
Sat 25 Apr 5:30pm

Everton v Manchester United
Sun 26 Apr 1:30pm

Arsenal v Chelsea
Sun 26 Apr 4pm

Leicester City v Chelsea
Wed 29 Apr 7:45pm


Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion
Sat 2 May 5:30pm

Chelsea v Crystal Palace
Sun 3 May 1:30pm

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City
Sun 3 May 4pm

Hull City v Arsenal
Mon 4 May 8pm

Crystal Palace v Manchester United
Sat 9 May 5:30pm

Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers
Sun 10 May 1:30pm

Chelsea v Liverpool
Sun 10 May 4pm

Arsenal v Swansea City
Mon 11 May 8pm

Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Sat 16 May 5:30pm

Swansea City v Manchester City
Sun 17 May 1:30pm

Manchester United v Arsenal
Sun 17 May 4pm

West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea
Mon 18 May 8pm

Arsenal v Sunderland
Wed 20 May 7:45pm

How to get Sky HD Channels on your Virgin Media Box

Even as a Virgin Media customer, there’s no denying that when it comes to movies and sports, there’s nothing quite like Sky’s offering. Both Sky Cinema and Sky Sports are unrivalled in their field, but short of signing up for Sky or Now TV, what can you do?

Well, you can get Sky HD channels on your Virgin Media box. As of 2017, you can add the full range of Sky Sports channels for £31.75, or £38.75. You can also add Sky Cinema for £21 a month, all in HD as standard. Multiple Virgin TV packages also include these as standard.

To add Sky to your Virgin Media subscription, simply call Virgin and let them know! What follows is our original article about Sky HD channels coming to Virgin Media:


How To: Fix Partially Recorded Programmes

The advent of digitally recorded TV programmes has completely changed the way we interact with the TV. Back in the day, watching a TV programme meant being there for its live broadcast or missing it forever. With the release of VHS recorders and the falling costs of tapes we saw how we could record programmes for later usage, despite how difficult it was to get the programme to record properly at all. That’s why Sky+ was such a breath of fresh air. With little difficulty, you could record anything that was going to be shown on TV. The dream wasn’t perfect though, as with any system, a mixture of wonky software and human error can sometimes conspire to throw things off a little. The result of that for many Sky customers is missing out the start or end of a recorded programme.

It’s a problem reported by countless Sky users, but there is a way to fix it. In this ‘How To’ guide we’ll be looking at how you can fix the issue for good and get back to enjoying your TV programmes. In our previous guide we looked at how you can send pictures from your smartphone to your TV via your Sky+ box, so join us as we solve another issue.

Option #1

The issue with Sky’s planner is that by default, it automatically tries to work out when a programme is starting and finishing. Most of the time, it gets this bang on, but from time to time you might miss something out of the beginning or the end, and that’s no good for anybody. There is a workaround for this though, with Sky offering a software feature which lets you set custom start and end times for recordings, adding a set number of minutes on to the beginning and end of your scheduled recording. This will mean that your recordings take up a little more space in your planner, but they’ll also be complete.

To set up custom start and end times on new Sky+ and Sky+ HD boxes is as follows:

1) Press the ‘Services’ button on your Sky remote

2) Select ‘Sky+ Setup’ menu

3) Highlight ‘Add to Start of Recording’ and use the left & right arrows to change the amount of time

4) Repeat with ‘Add to End of Recording’ option

5) Press green button to save the settings and press ‘Sky’ to go home

If you’re using one of the older, white Sky+, follow the same steps, but once you’ve changed the settings select the ‘Save New Settings’ options before pressing ‘Sky’ to go back home.

Option #2

Alternatively, you can make use of the fact that both Sky+ and Sky Q have a plethora of On Demand streaming services, available for the majority of TV channels and the programmes they offer. With Sky you can enjoy over 400 TV box sets too, and over a thousand films on demand.

Sky Expands Even More With Apps

Since the original publication of this article, Sky have launched a plethora of other apps designed to help customers get the most from their Sky products. They include a Now TV app, an application designed to sync with your Sky Q box in order to control, record and stream programming, a My Sky app for getting help fixing your Sky Talk subscription and other services, plus a great deal more.

The full list includes; Now TV, Sky Go, My Sky, Sky Sports, Sky Sports Live, Sky Q, Super 6, Sky News, Sky Store, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sky Cinema, Sky VR, Sky Sports Fantasy, Sky Sports Box Office and Sky Partner Network.

SkyGo App Launch

As Sky continue to dominate in their field they look to branch out and continue to expand their service in order to reach an ever greater number of customers.

In a world dominated by iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys the demand to have entertainment on the go is growing all the time and in order to meet this demand Sky are adding the service SkyGo Extra to the already established SkyGo. This addition, for £5 per month on top of your Sky bill, allows you to download content and watch at a later time even offline.

Furthermore, you buy the privilege of this service for additional two devices so the content is now viewable on up to four as opposed the original two. Should you choose to take out the ‘Extra’ service, charged at an additional £5 per month and added onto your current bill for ease, you also get two months free as a trial period. So that’s two months where you can access your Sky subscription over four separate devices and download content without the £5 additional charge.

They challenge their rival companies’ singular apps with a collection of apps that allow you to do different things depending on your desire. Thus, you can choose to specifically watch sport, movies, documentaries etc etc and, perhaps even more usefully than being able to access the content on the go you can also remote record. So, if you are a Sky+ customer and are out and about and realise you are about to miss your favourite programme, you simply use your SkyGo login details and instruct your Sky+ box to record that programme. Fantastic, no?

There is a downside – while you are more than welcome to download content to up to four devices, you can only store the programme for up to one month. Although this appears to be a negative in many senses, in terms of film subscriptions this function has proven to be a rival to LoveFilm and Netflix.

Sky News Update: What the Critics Think

As for the app itself, reviewers have deemed it ‘excellent and straightforward’ with new downloads being stored straight into a ‘new downloads’ tab that is easily accessible from the homepage. Downloads are only available over wifi but given the amount of data one uses during the downloading of a film for instance, this is only sensible.

Original content and reviews found on The Telegraph.

For more information on SkyGo Extra and all of their services call the Sky telephone number directly. Their customer services team are eagerly waiting for your call.

Sky Sports Tie Up Boxing with 5 Yr Matchroom Sport Deal – Updated

Update: 2017 is poised to be another huge year for Sky and Matchroom Boxings partnership, with massive bouts like Haye v. Bellew, Joshua v. Klitschko, McDonnell v. Vargas and many, many more. However, it’s the Haye v. Bellew and Joshua v. Klitschko fights which are seeing the highest demand from Sky customers on Sky support line to date. It’s just another fantastic reason to sign up for Sky!

The notion that Sky Sports is just a channel for football fans hasn’t been true for a very long time. Now, with Formula One at home on the service, every major golf tournament broadcast, many tennis majors, countless cricket tournaments and a wide variety of women’s sports, there’s a little something for everyone. One area where Sky’s always been strong though is in its coverage of boxing, with late night fights commonplace across the Sky Sports family of channels for a number of years. Many of those fights came from events promotions company Matchroom Sport, who made their name in boxing and snooker but have now extended into pool, bowling, golf, darts, ping pong and poker.

Today, Sky Sports have announced that they’ve inked a new five year deal with Matchroom Sport what will see UK and Ireland get up to 120 nights of live boxing over the next six years. This new agreement will continue Sky Sports tradition of exclusively live access to some of the best boxers in the world today. Not only that, but this new deal locks in Sky’s access to the next generation of British boxing talent, with James DeGale MBE, Kell Brook, Lee Selby, Kevin Mitchell, Scott Quigg, Luke Campbell MBE and Anthony Crolla, all of whom are represented by Matchroom Sport. There’s also action from Anthony Joshua MBE, one of Britain’s most exciting boxing hopes.

Sky Sports viewers can now relax and look forward to the prospect of 20 shows each year after it appeared that the deal between the two companies might collapse, which led to many worried calls to the Sky landline number. With this new deal inked though, we’re getting not only the fights but also build up across Sky’s channels and digital outlets and increased digital coverage so that fight fans always have something to sink their teeth into.

Sky Sports Managing Director Barney Francis said: “As the home of boxing we’re thrilled to be able to offer a further five years of fights and fighters. A huge commitment to online and digital content will mean a more interactive experience for all fight fans who will continue to enjoy the best quality and excitement of boxing on Sky Sports.”

Matchroom Sport Managing Director Eddie Hearn said: “I am delighted to announce a new five year deal as Sky’s exclusive boxing promoter in the UK and Ireland. Over the past three years, with Sky Sports’ backing, we have developed a team of fighters unrivalled by any promotional company in the history of British boxing. We have worked together to take British boxing from small hall shows to filling major arenas all over the country, creating star attractions and taking the profile of the sport to another level.”

This new deal comes at a crucial time for Sky Sports, as competition from the likes of Box Nation is adding a little heat to the proceedings just as BT Sport did for football coverage. This new deal, however, ensures that Sky always have a man in the fight, and can continue to delight their customers.

How To: Save Money on Your Now TV Subscription – Updated

It’s an old adage, and perhaps one that’s seen more than a little overuse in the last decade, but pennies to make pounds, especially in an austerity economy where the vast majority are not seeing their wages increase. That means that we all try to make savings where we can; be it shopping to Aldi rather than Asda, not taking that big holiday this year or simply looking at ways to reduce your TV bill. Hundreds of thousands of people have already jumped on board with Now TV, a streaming based service operated by Sky which offers a selection of Sky channels for a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any point.

Those packages are the ‘Entertainment Pass’, which includes Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, ITV Encore, FOX, Comedy Central, Discovery, MTV, Gold, Nickelodeon, ABC and Disney. This package (at the time of writing) costs £6.99 per month and comes with catch up TV services for each of the channels in the bundle. The ‘Movies Pass‘ features, you guessed it, movies – and a lot of them. Alongside live streaming of each and every Sky Movies channel, you also get access to streaming for every film in Sky’s back catalog. That’s over 800 movies available to stream any time you want. This package costs a slightly more expensive £9.99 per month, but as with the Entertainment and Sports passes, you aren’t locked in to a contract, so if you don’t want them anymore, simply don’t pay them. Finally, there’s the Sports pass, which operates in a slightly different way to the other two. The ‘Sports Pass’ comes in two shapes, the first is a day pass, which gives you 24 hours access to all the Sky Sports channels for £6.99. The second is a weekly pass, which as the name implies nets you a full 7 days worth of Sky Sports action but costs a steeper £10.99.

Those prices are relatively reasonable, but if you’re not sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of them you can try this quick and simple trick. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Log in to the Now TV website

2) Click on the ‘My Account’ tab at the top right hand side of the page (as of 5/5/2015)

3) Select a pass that you’ve been paying for and click cancel

4) You will then be shown a screen which might offer you a discounted rate in order to stay with Now TV. You can then accept this offer and be paying less.

It seems like a lottery whether Sky offer you the better rate, but since you can easily back out on the page, it’s really a zero risk move. Also, because Now TV is Internet based, you don’t need to spend any time on the Sky telephone number in negotiations with a human being. Should you get this better offer, you won’t be saving a gigantic amount of money, but along with other cost saving methods, you’ll be well on your way to financial comfort once again.

Update: There are now a few more ways of saving money on your Now TV subscription. The first is to sign up for their fibre broadband service, which comes bundled with TV passes and makes for an excellent saving. The second is to buy pre-paid 3 month subscriptions bundled in with Now TV boxes. These are regularly listed at a steep discount at major technology shops, and often offer a discount on 3 months worth of Entertainment or Movies. Alternatively, you can use the Sky customer service line to negotiate over the telephone.