Sky News Update: Sky vs BT Leaves Sky On Top

Sky news update: In the war for sports domination it appears that the first couple of battles have been won by Sky Sports rather than their rivals BT Sport.

It’s a simple ratings war as BT Sport launch their new channels in order to offer the British public an alternative to BSkyB’s Sky Sports channels. The latter are infamous for high prices and elitist attitudes that leave customers out of pocket but feeling as though they have no other choice for their sports fix than Sky.

BT Sport was launched in August of 2013 and offers an alternative to Sky. With presenters such as Jake Humphries and Clare Balding on board the channel is looking likely to be a big success and when you combine that with the promotion that these two big-wigs of sports presenting did over social media during the build-up, BT Sport has the best chance of survival. The channel will be screening every single premier league match played over the winter, 100% live.

As if that wasn’t enough, anyone who already has a contract with BT for internet and phone will be able to access the channels for no extra charge. This was an offer that Sky duplicated in order to maintain their top spot and unfortunately for BT Sport it’s looking like the first two months have been all Sky’s.

Sky News Update

There’s always a silver lining though of course and in this instance it is Sky’s profits. They have won the ratings battle but the

The investment banking company Investec have predicted that Sky’s profits for the third quarter – which will be announced at the end of September – will fall by 12%. A big dip that will take them down to, just, £255million.

This dip in profits has been largely due to the demand of buying more matches to broadcast. BT Sport spent £738 million on 38 Premier League football matches and in response Sky put down a massive £2.28 billion for 116 games from a variety of sports.

Overall figures from the two companies indicate that both have taken a big hit throughout this war that continues to rage onwards. Sky’s charge for keeping its rights has shot up 40% from last year and they were forced to spend more on advertising and marketing in order to compete with the new channel from BT.

BT’s figures are down 9% from the readings last year with sports company ESPN as they were Sky’s rivals at the point in time. Whilst a certain hit is to be expected, in relation to the figures that report a 20% increase in viewers for football on Sky Sports.

Sky News Update: Sky Offer £25 Voucher with Internet and Telephone Contract

Sky news update: in order to remain relevant in the market Sky are offering extra deals for new customers with their TV, broadband and telephone contracts.

When you make the move to a new house or flat or you’re doing it for the first time, one of the first things on the list to get sorted is internet services. This requires a phone line as well and many companies often also provide television services so customers can get all the entertainment they need from one company, hassle free.

Sky have developed an offer where you don’t only get that but you also get £25 worth of Marks and Spencers vouchers which can be a huge help. This offer is solely for new customers so current Sky customers cannot suddenly transfer their broadband services so that you can receive the special offer, the idea is to entice new customers in to Sky.

Something as simple as a £25 voucher could be the deciding factor in the customer’s process, other companies offer very similar services but maybe without that extra incentive and so will choose Sky over them. The other incentive is that this voucher is offered to customers who are looking to purchase their telephone and internet services but have not made the television choice yet and the £25 voucher is included when you choose to take out a television option as well.

Sky News Update

This brings in more money to Sky each month as well as offering the customer a decent reason for choosing to buy more services from Sky. Particularly as a £25 voucher can be seen as a substantial enough amount to allow the customer to feel like they’ve got plenty for their money.

With Sky recently taking over the running of O2’s broadband services, they also have another reason to woo some customers across. O2 were offering broadband at a low rate and that allowed their current customers to receive three months totally free before they started paying. Whenever one company buys out another there are teething problems so offering new customers – which presumably they technically are – an incentive such as this means they are more likely to move willingly.

If you are interested in any of the products and services listed here, either visit or contact the Sky customer services department and speak with a member of their team. All the customer service advisors are willing to assist with any enquiry you have and will happily just advise and not pressure the caller into making a purchase.

Sky News Update: More Channels Added to Catch-up Services

Sky news update: the ever expanding Sky Catch-up service has added 12 more channels and more than 100 series of TV shows, for Entertainment Extra+ customers.

In addition to the already vast array of channels available to their customers on the Catch-up service offered by Sky, there have now been a further 12 channels added. The list includes, Discovery, TLC, E!, Star, Watch, GOLD, Dave, Alibi, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, Boomerang and Sky News. This means that whoever you are, whatever your interests are you never need to miss a show again.

As if this wasn’t enough there is also the chance to watch as many television box sets as you can find the time to watch. With The Wire, the Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Seinfeld and Mad Men all having at least the first three series available for viewing at your pleasure those long wintery nights are suddenly becoming very appealing.

Sky News Update

This is not to say that these shows are available exclusively on the Catch-up service, you can also watch and record them live on their respective channels – Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Sky 1 and so on. Some of the shows are available on selected mobile devices via the SkyGo app or Sky website but it is worth remembering that the Catch-up service’s list of television box sets is available just to those customers who purchase the Entertainment Extra+ package.

Also, with regards to the SkyGo service that you receive, there are limitations put in place and if you do not buy into the SkyGo Extra offer, you can only view the shows on two devices and only transfer between devices once per calendar month.

Sky are offering this service due to the acknowledgement of putting their customers first and allowing them the chance to be flexible with the times and places they watch some of their favourite television shows. The ability to have choice and flexibility seems to have escalated over the first decade or so of the new millennium and has now reached the point at which live television watching is reserved for those shows where real time viewer participation is demanded.

Having always been at the forefront of home entertainment, Sky are being forced to up their game as it were and ensure they remain current. With internet based forms of entertainment taking off that allows customers to watch films and box sets at their convenience, Sky are having to ensure that they remain current. Customers will move elsewhere if they find that there is an equal or better offer from other companies on the market.

Sky News Update: Review of Sky Sports Ashes

Sky News Update: As The Ashes draws to a close, Sky look at how successful, or not, their dedicated cricket channel has been with their viewers.

In England, the summer is synonymous with images of village cricket teams playing in glorious sun, drinking cups of tea and eating tiny sandwiches. That is at least for those who don’t actually partake in these activities; most that do know that the glorious sun basking the square is, unfortunately, only too rare. This summer, England host Australia for the infamous Ashes series. In order to offer the best possible coverage of the series, Sky made the brave move to change their ‘Sky Sports 2’ channel to ‘Sky Sports Ashes’ – a channel that is 100% dedicated to covering cricket.

For those who are a fan of the Ashes and cricket full stop this has been fabulous. There’s always something to watch, whether it’s a replay of a recent match or one from another time, county cricket or even Lions’ matches. This means viewers can truly get their fill of the cricket season and immerse themselves in the season. It also of course means that those who dislike cricket but are sports enthusiasts and therefore pay for the sports package, are down one channel for 60 days.

Sky News Update

Some customers have expressed their sincere displeasure at this but as the season comes to a close, Sky will be reviewing how the channel has been received. The Ashes always creates a certain amount of ‘Ashes Fever’ for the entire country, particularly in years like this when England are dominating the series and have already won before the final Test. The ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) have entered into serious campaigns this year to promote cricket in all of its formats.

This includes providing free tickets for children to go to county matches with adults and this seems to have gone down well over the holidays with every short format county match (YB40 and Flt20) being well populated. Sky offered full coverage of the Flt20 Final’s Day that occurred on Saturday 17th August which saw three consecutive Twenty20 matches played and Northamptonshire crowned the champions as David Willey dominated the day with the fastest struck half century of the contest and finishing off runners-up Surrey with a hat-trick.

With another Ashes series just around the corner in Australia, keen cricket fans will be hoping Sky Sports keep the idea of a dedicated channel but reports from this summer’s debut will probably be the deciding factor.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Sky service to include the Sky Sports package, or you are interested in becoming a Sky customer, contact their customer services department at

Sky News Update: Battle of the Dapper-Dressed Presenters

Sky news update: As Sky and BT Sport begin their campaigns against each other for dominant coverage of the Premier League, their presenters dress to impress.

The Premier League got underway this week and with that came the launch of new channels from BT to rival Sky’s coverage of every live match. For BT there were multiple positives, in the week leading up to the launch they had more than one million viewers who were interested in taking the new channels and 1.8 million more from Virgin Media. There may have been a few teething problems with their BT Sport (BTS) app, but social media feeds made sure they knew there was a problem and allowed them to rectify it quickly.

Sky News Update

The presenters and guests were all dressed in the smart-casual mode that those avid Jake Humphrey fans have become accustomed to; his time on the F1 circuit was never graced by a suit or tie. Years ago it took an age to decide whether it was appropriate for presenters to wear anything other than a suit but now it’s a common occurrence.

For Sky however they went down the significantly more formal route. Anchor David Jones with experienced footballer Jamie Redknapp next to him both donned suits. Redknapp had a blue suit with waistcoat included and truly showed up the BTS crew, but then from a viewer’s perspective what matters more? Content or presenters’ appearance? Most likely the former.

Sky have also had exclusive coverage of The Ashes this summer – the infamous bi-annual cricketing battle between England and Australia. Their presenters, of which there are quite a lot, have differing levels of dapper. When they are analysing batsmen or bowlers and their actions and even giving a demonstration they don uniform polo shirts that have ‘The Ashes 2013’ logo detailed on their chests. However when they are commentating, discussing the day’s play or interviewing a player, the suits come out. It could be argued that it adds a level of professionalism to the shows. Like business men going to meetings and such, the presence of a suit connotes importance and elevates the occasion.

The two companies will continue through the Premier League season, battling it out for ‘best’ presentation. What the presenters wear will probably develop as the channels establish themselves but there seems to be little reason why both channels can’t have a presence in the market. There is room for two channels to present highlights of The Ashes, it will probably boil down to personal preference with regards to which style of presenting viewers’ choose.

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Sky News Update: Apology For Blocked Mad Men Premier

Sky News Update: Company apologises to consumers who couldn’t view the Mad Men premier on their mobiles and iPads, after it’s availability was advertised.

The Mad Men season six premier of the first show of the season was scheduled to be shown last Wednesday at 10pm. However, although widely advertising that users would be able to watch the new episode on their iPads and mobiles using the SkyGo service, it appeared that when 10pm came, users were not able to view the programme due to it being blocked. The message that viewers received was that restriction rights didn’t allow them to access the programme and therefore it can’t be played.

The company have said that this was due to a technical error and they are extremely sorry for letting their consumers down. They have said that the rest of the series, continuing next Wednesday, will be available on their online live service.

When the programmed failed to play, many users vented their frustration through social networking sites. Negative comments such as these are potentially very damaging for the company’s reputation and therefore it was important for Sky to admit that they had made a mistake, apologise and then do all they can to make sure that it doesn’t happen for a following time.

The broadcasting company have said that the message about restriction rights was in fact not true and is aloud to be shown within the United Kingdom.

Updates For Sky

Sky do not need to be experiencing errors at this moment in time, due to the extremely high competition they are experiencing with British Telecoms. The rival company have recently launched their own sports channels and it has become a battle over who can offer the best deals, the highest quality service, make the least errors and appeal to the most people.

However, the broadcasting giant are trying not to break under the pressure and have got themselves a vast amount of partnerships and sponsorships that are thought to help the company grow further, gain consumer loyalty as well as other customers.

If you are a Sky customer who wants to discuss your current tariff, have a complaint or just want some more information, then you can ring their contact number and speak to one of their customer services assistance who will be happy to help and give the advice and support you need. Alternatively, you can visit their official website.

Sky News Update: Battle Won Against Microsoft

<h2>Sky News Updates</h2>

Sky News Update: Broadcasting company have won their battle against Microsoft to rename their online storage service after claiming copyright infringement.

Sky have had successful news recently, concerning their complaint against Microsoft, who has initially named their cloud storage service, SkyDrive. The service was first release in 2007 and since then has gained over two hundred and fifty million users around the globe. The company claimed that the choice of name was a form of trademark infringement and therefore sued Microsoft.

Initially, Microsoft were going to oppose the request for them to change the name of their service but then decided to agree with the appeal, due to being granted a grace period until a new name has been devised.

Following this, Microsoft were very cooperative and helpful as well as apologetic towards the broadcasting company and agreed to change the name of their online storage service. Sky had initially only stated that the name SkyDrive could not be used within the European Union, but Microsoft said that they would change the name completely, resulting in a worldwide rebranding. The software corporation have said that they are very pleased to have settled the minor dispute and they will continue to provide the same high quality and standard that is in all of their products and services.

The multi-million pound broadcasting firm have said that this incident shows how strong the company really is, and how they are willing to stand up for the company name as well as being committed to protected the company’s branding, name and trademark. They have said that they will continue to appeal against companies and other organisations they use their trademarks without permission or prior consent.

It appears that the company really do take these issues seriously, as just last year they took a United States manufacturer to court due to naming one of their products ‘Sky Pen’. It resulted in the product being renamed and therefore rebranded and re-marketed so that it had no connection with the broadcasting and broadband company.

If you are a Sky customer that would like to contact the company, then you can call their customer services helpline where you can discuss their products and services with a customer services assistant who will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can visit their official website for more information by clicking here.

Sky News Update: Sky Sports Add Andrew Strauss to Commentary Team

Sky News Update: Sky Sports have enlisted the help of former England Captain and twice Ashes winning captain, Andrew Strauss to analyse this year’s Ashes.

It is one of the oldest and most famous competitions in sporting history, certainly in cricketing history – England vs Australia in ‘The Ashes’. Dating back to 1882 when ‘The Sporting Times’ wrote a satirical obituary of English cricket following a particularly conclusive defeat at The Oval by Australia, the Ashes has been played approximately every 18 months in alternate countries. England are the current holders of the urn – reputed, erroneously, to be the trophy for beating the opposition – having won both at home in 2009 and away in 2010-11. Winning in Australia was Strauss’ third win and second as skipper but arguably more importantly this was the first time England had been lead to a win in Australia for 24 years.

Having stepped down as captain of England and retired from all forms of cricket at the end of August 2012 following a stressful summer and a period of being slightly out of form with the bat. This put his opening batting partner Alastair Cook into the position and he will captain his first Ashes series this summer. With the Australian squad in disarray and England looking strong under the captaincy of the Essex batsman, the latter are looking like the comfortable winners; but you can never speak too soon.

Sky Sports are offering exclusively live ball-by-ball coverage of every Test this summer. As of the 30th June 2013, Sky Sports 2 has been transformed into Sky Sports Ashes and are showing the England warm up matches, some domestic t20 competitions and previews a-plenty before the first Test at Trent Bridge on the 10th July 2013. The Sky Sports Ashes commentary team will consist of David Gower, Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain, David Lloyd, Bob Willis, Shane Warne, Sir Ian Botham, Michael Holding and new-to-the-commentary-box Andrew Strauss. The Ashes-winning captain will add a new dimension to the commentary as although he is the sixth ex-England captain to commentate, he is the only one to have won The Ashes. The commentary box promises to be a lively place this summer as Strauss faces old rivalries and renewed friendships while speaking of the tense on-field activities.

The Sky Sports coverage will be available on the television, pc and mobile devices with the option to watch the ball-by-ball coverage as well as follow Sky’s official Twitter and Facebook feeds. All of these combined will mean you won’t miss a moment of the action and will stay up to date with all the news and drama that unravels around the competition.

For more information on subscribing to Sky Sports so that you can be involved with this competition, contact the Sky customer services department and speak with one of their advisors.

Sky News Update: Sky Offer Free TV

Sky news update: Sky have delivered a new tactic in the war against BT for domination in the sports TV coverage market. Sky will be offering free coverage to every home in Britain on the first day of the Premier League.

“To celebrate the first day of the Premier League season and Sky Sports’ new line up of football, programmes from Sky Sports 1 will replace the regular programming on Sky 2 (on Sky and other pay TV services) and Pick TV (on Freeview and You View) on Saturday 17th August.

The takeover means millions of home viewers can enjoy a live Premier League match, a Football League fixture, plus a host of other football shows at no cost.

The free day will also include the brand new show, ‘Saturday Night Football’, for Sky’s 5.30pm Saturday evening Premier League fixture. The show is part of Sky Sports’ new look ‘weekend of football’ which also includes the new pairing of Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville for ‘Monday Night Football ‘and a new Saturday schedule running from Soccer AM all the way through to extended evening highlights of all 3pm matches.

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, said: “It’s our biggest ever season of Premier League football and we’re inviting every home in Britain to enjoy the opening day. All fans can join the action as we launch our new Saturday schedule for the most eagerly awaited Premier League season in years.

“With more matches than ever before, including 116 live Premier League fixtures, there’s never been a better time to be a Sky Sports viewer. If you don’t have Sky Sports, this is a great opportunity to sample what our football coverage has to offer throughout the year.”

Sky Sports expert, Jamie Redknapp, added: “There’s so much to look forward to with the new football season including more live Premier League matches on Sky than ever before. This is a brilliant way for everyone to follow the action from the first day of the Premier League season with Sky Sports.”

From August, Sky Sports viewers can enjoy more live Barclays Premier League matches than ever before. There will be 116 live fixtures on Sky Sports featuring the big head to heads and every club at least five times across Saturday evenings, Sunday double-headers, Monday nights and bank holidays.”

BT are only the latest company to attempt to knock Sky from their pedestal at the top of the sports television coverage ladder and it appears that Sky are taking the challenge very seriously with this new scheme being just another in a string of gimmicks designed to out-bid the other company.

For more information on the services offered by Sky, contact their customer services department and speak with one of their friendly, helpful assistants. This article was originally printed on the Sky Sports website.

Sky News Update: Sky Enlist Glasgow Contractor

Sky News Update: Sky have enlisted the help of Glasgow based contractor Campbell and Kennedy to assist with the TV supply to Scotland and Ireland.

Television broadcaster Sky have chosen Glasgow based TV installation contractor Campbell and Kennedy as their main supplier for the Scotland and Northern Ireland regions.

“The deal widens an existing contract with Sky, by giving the firm three new areas to cover, including Edinburgh and Galashiels.

The deal is thought to be worth at least £3m a year to the firm.

Campbell & Kennedy hopes to serve about 20,000 new customers a year on behalf of Sky.

It also expects to install up to 20,000 communal TV infrastructure points a year to both privately-factored blocks and social housing in the next year.

Campbell & Kennedy said the expansion of its network highlighted the company’s performance in its long-standing partnership with Sky.

Managing director Gerry Kennedy said: “We have been working with Sky for over 10 years now and are delighted that we are now an even bigger partner to Sky Homes.

“We understand that the success of our business is the result of the team we have working for us.”

As well as providing Sky TV communal installations, Campbell & Kennedy has expanded into new areas.

It now runs three other divisions, specialising in green energy installations, electrical contracting and fire safety equipment installations and training.

The company, which turns 60 years old this year, works with property managers, local authorities and housing associations as well as providing services for commercial organisations throughout the UK.”

Sky are currently being faced with competition from UK based telecommunications company BT as they launch a rival sports channel to deliver coverage of the Premier League. This channel is offered in collaboration with the telecommunication company’s internet service to entice customers to switch services but Sky are simply returning the offer along with additional services such as movies and on-demand services. All of the above may explain why Sky have launched such a big campaign to cover the Scottish and Irish regions; the more people they reach the more chance they have of beating out their adversaries at BT.

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