Sky News Update: New Customers Get £100 Off New Bill

Sky news update: Over this weekend, Saturday 14th December and Sunday 15th December, Sky is offering a very festive deal of £100 back on your first bill.

Christmas is a time of giving and for that reason Sky are giving £100 off your first bill that you have to pay if you sign up within the two day window. If you manage to sign up before Monday 16th December users will be credited with £100 on their first bill, due to be paid in January.

Effectively this means there will be no charge for new Sky subscriptions agreed over that weekend in December during January as the average premium pay-TV subscription costs roughly £66 a month in Britain, as found by Ofcom. For the consumer, this is very beneficial Christmas can be an expensive time and therefore you may be longing for that first pay day after Christmas. To be eligible for this festive offer new customers must sign up for a Sky television package that meets a certain criteria – for instance it must cost between £21.50 and £62 a month.

Sky News Update

If you successfully manage to join Sky by Monday 16th December, the service should be fully installed and up and running by Christmas. This means you will be just in time to tune in to watch the Sky Movies Christmas channel which is showing back to back Christmas films such as Elf up until the end of the month. Users will also be able to see TV premiers of huge films such as Iron Man 3. You will likely receive very little trouble when you have Sky installed as it has recently be announced by Ofcom that Sky was found to have the least complaints of any pay-TV supplier.

However there maybe be less of a need to buy Sky and install a satellite disk to the side of your house. If you want to, it is possible to buy a NOW TV box which will transform your regular TV into an interactive Smart TV. NOW TV will allow you to buy Sky Movies at a fixed fee per month, you will also be able to buy a One Day Pass for Sky Sports as well. Customers can also access the Sky store in order to view Sky Movies and TV shows.

Another alternate option, if you purely want to see Champions League football, is to watch highlights of the Champions League on Twitter as Sky have recently launched a new incentive for both Champions League games and the Ashes where they publish links to their highlights on Twitter for anyone to view.

Although £100 may potentially be thought by some customers to not be the most generous offer ever, it is very generous just before Christmas and could open up your family entertainment for the festive season. If you are interested in receiving the services of Sky, contact the Sky customer service department directly. All the information can be found if you click here.

Sky News Update: Sky Sports Apologises

Sky news update: Sky Sports have offered a sincere apology after Helen Alfredsson, commentator, made an offensive joke over the Glasgow incident.

Recently a horrific accident occurred in Scotland. A helicopter crashed into a pub which has killed a minimum of eight people and fourteen others are currently being treated in hospital for their injuries obtained during the crash. Sky Sports have recently issued a sincere apology regarding an alleged joke made about the terrible incident which occurred in Glasgow. The comment which was made by female golfing commentator Helen Alfredsson appalled and offended many viewers resulting in a string of extremely angry complaints. While on air she made a comment about a helicopter which was passing close over head.

The comment was related to the flying skills of the pilot and how she hoped that the pilot in question was better than the ones they have in Scotland. The well renown ex Swedish golfer regrets the comment she made while commenting on Sky Sports; the remark was made while commentating on the Dubai Ladies Masters. Her distasteful comment was quickly reported by viewers who thought it was out of order and upsetting. Alfredsson has now apologised for her comment and understands the disturbing nature of the comment and the pain that it could have caused many viewers.

It is reported that Helen Alfredsson has been described as a creep, and many have called for her sacking over the comment. Sky Sports quickly distanced themselves from the source of the comment and made an extremely fast apology, to customers who found the comment offensive, to show where they stand on the situation. They have deemed the comment unacceptable and are debating which action to take regarding Alfredsson.

Sky News Update

The event occurred while Sky was covering the Dubai Ladies Masters, which is a prestigious golf tournament. Sky offers many other sports of their channels such as bowling, football, male golfing, netball, American football, tennis and boxing. This wide variety gives them a big advantage over other competitors; it also provides incentive for customers to subscribe to their services. Being one of the biggest firms in the UK and Ireland means it is crucial for Sky to maintain and grow their subscriber base at every possible opportunity.

They’re range of products such as Sky Movies, Sky Sports, other television channels; broadband and telephony offer a variety of ways for sky to grow their subscriber base. However the latest controversy over Alfredsson’s comment may put people off joining Sky due to the potentially hurtful comments which could arise at any moment.

Sky News Update: Best Website

Sky news update: Sky news is one of the biggest news channels currently operating within the UK. Its online service was recently named best new website.

Sky runs one of the biggest news channels operating within the UK. There are several ways to watch and catch up on their latest news stories such as; TV, Sky News App (available on most Smartphone’s and tablets) and online. On the 22nd November 2013 their news site won an award at the MetrixLab UK Website of the Year awards. The online website picked up the most prestigious award possible at the ceremony in London; best news and information website.

Winners of awards were voted for by the public, this made the decision more open and created a much fairer playing field for the websites involved. The British public who took part in the voting chose their individual favourite websites from a variety of 20 different categories which includes; sport, leisure and travel. Websites were ranked on multiple aspects of the website these were: design, recommendation likelihood, content and navigation. Overall the Sky News website sustained higher average scores than any other website involved in the competition.

This incredible success was quickly followed by more success for Sky as picked up the award for the media and entertainment website. The MetrixLab UK Website of the Year awards is currently being regarded as the largest annual online public prize operating within Europe. This name was shown to be true as nearly 100,000 British citizens cast their votes during this year’s competition. The event has been running for 10 years now and this year saw 238 websites nominated for awards.

Sky News Update

These wins for Sky are very uplifting after their recent failures. They lost the broadcasting rights for the Champions League from the 2015/2016 football season onwards. This meant share prices fell by 11% removing over a £1 billion of market worth from the company. However the Champions League is only one of a many things Sky offer. The offer all kinds of sports such as: tennis, golf, formula 1 and rugby.

They also offer entertainment packages for all ages and movies. As well they provide broadband and telephony services across the UK and Ireland. Therefore the loss of the Champions League rights is not as damaging as it could have potentially been, however it has shown that Sky’s dominance can be challenged and can be beaten which could in the future cause potential problems for the company.

Sky is available throughout the UK, to find out more about their channels and services, follow this link and speak with a member of their customer services department.

Sky News Update: Holmes Deal

Sky news update: Eamonn Holmes is a regular Sky News presenter and has recently signed a new contract playing down speculation of a permanent move to ITV.

There have been recent suspicions circling Eamonn Holmes suggesting that he could potentially be moving to ITV to host their breakfast show Daybreak. However he has now quashed the speculation by signing a new five year contract with Sky, viewers can now be certain he will be presenting their news into the foreseeable future.

Holmes originates from Northern Ireland and currently presents Sky’s early morning show known as Sunrise. He announced that he would be staying with Sky on twitter. He spoke of how there comes a time when it is right to move on however he will be staying with Sky to add to the eight years of service he has accumulated.

Holmes already presents an ITV show; This Morning. He and his wife Ruth Langsford present this show every Friday morning. It was this current association with ITV which lead to the speculation of a current move at the end of his contract with Sky. If the supposed move had fallen through he was tipped to take over from Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones and present Daybreak, which is aired every morning on ITV 1. Daybreak was first launched three years ago with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley hosting the show.

Sky News Update

However they were released in December 2011 after failing to create the viewership they had on BBC show; The One Show. Kelly and Jones now host the show after its relaunch last year however they saw a 400,000 viewer drop on the first episode from Chiles and Bleakley’s figures several years ago. An undisclosed Daybreak source has confirmed there was no fact behind the rumours which linked Holmes to ITV on a permanent switch. By securing Holmes for several more years, Sky have ensured that their news team can stay as strong as possible, going into the near future.

The Sky News team operate throughout the day and across the world. They have news reporters operating in countries across the globe on six continents, who tirelessly report the news daily in their set area. This ensures that the news is as up to date as possible and that the biggest stories make their way onto your screens at home.

Sky aim to produce the best reports and a high quality service when delivering the news and to have maintained the service of Holmes it means they can continue to deliver high quality news every morning.

Sky News Update: Sky Academy

Sky news update: the ex professional footballer David Beckham has recently helped Sky unveil their brand new centre; the Sky Academy, based in London.

This new academy provided by Sky aims to create opportunities for children, and was recently unveiled by ex-footballer and England international David Beckham. One of the goals is to try and help the children reach their full potential in their skills. If all goes to plan they will have helped coach one million young people by 2020.

This state of the art institute will help develop each individual’s skills so they fulfil their potential to the best of their abilities. They hope they can inspire the under 25s from across Britain to help others in their efforts to succeed. They plan to inspire their pupils by delivering guidance from role models from televisions, the arts and sport. Skill studios in Livingston, Leeds, and Dublin to accompany the London studio have also been set up to help nurture the children’s life skills through a curriculum-based experience.

The Sky Academy ambassador, David Beckham, is set to lead a range of sporting stars such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, Ashley Banjo and Darren Campbell during the project. Beckham joined the Sky CEO, Jeremy Darroch, at the unveiling ceremony at the London based studios where the academy will operate from for the majority of the time.

Sky News Update

In the skills studio, the youth of today will be taught how to operate the latest and best technology which is used behind the scenes at the Sky work places and sets. Sky Sports Living for Sport, will also be included in the academy. This service has been in operations for the past ten years

It works in schools using sports stars to motivate young people. For young people who enjoying creative fields such as the arts and people who enjoy sport, scholarships will be offered if they are considered to be an emerging talent or could have a promising career in their chosen field. The scholarships will offer mentoring and financial support for the lucky few who qualify for the scheme.

The scheme will offer specialised work experience with Sky and other renowned firms which could lead to future employment opportunities. These scholarships will be offered for secondary school pupils up to graduates. The academy is the latest push by the firm to help develop the young people of today. It will tie in nicely with the Sky Sports Living for Sport scheme which is already in operation in Ireland and the UK.

Use the Sky customer service number to speak with a member of their team about how you or your family can become involved in the Sky Sports Academy.

Sky News Update: City Favourites Again

Sky news update: Manchester City are now favourites again to win the Premier League after the new Sky Bet odds put them at 2/1 to win the championship.

Manchester City were leading the betting the same time last week, however their week loss to Chelsea meant they lost their position as favourites to win the league, and allowed Chelsea to go top. Though this Saturday’s 7-0 win over Norwich has launched them straight back to top giving them 2/1 odds on winning the league, and downgraded Chelsea who now have 11/4 odds to win.

Arsenal are sitting five points clear at the top of the table after beating Liverpool 2-0 at their home ground The Emirates. Despite extending their lead, Sky Bet have lowered their odds to 7/2 in regards to them staying top of the table. Liverpool’s odds have also lowered to 9/1 in regards to them becoming victorious in the league.

Manchester United will have to quickly close an 8 point gap to draw level with Arsenal at the top of the league. With the way Arsenal are playing this seems unlikely to happen and therefore Sky Bet has lowered Manchester United’s odds as well to 8/1. At the other end of the spectrum Crystal Palace is 1/20 to be relegated this season. Sunderland joins them after a 1-0 defeat to Hull after having to men sent off.

This leaves Sunderland odds on at 4/7 to be relegated. Norwich was crushed in their weekend performance 7-0 to Manchester City. While this result boosted City in the betting, it lowers Norwich who is now 9/4 to be relegated. Fulham and Hull also join the growing collection of teams who could be relegated with odds of 11/4.

Sky News Update

The Fulham manager Martin Jol remains Sky Bet’s favourite to be the next Premier League manager to be sacked, his odds rising to 7/4. Chris Hughton the current Norwich manager is also 6/1 to be the next premier league manager to lose his job. In the Sky Bet Championship Queens Park Rangers, QPR, currently sit third in the league. However following a 2-1 win over Derby on Saturday, their odds have risen to 6/5 putting them top in the betting to win the league.

Burnley, who are winning the league, have odds of 15/2 and Leicester who are second have odds of 7/2. In the Sky Bet League 1 Wolves are odds on at 4/5 to win the league. And in the Sky Bet League 2 Fleetwood are leading the betting at 5/2.

Contact Sky Bet about any of the odds by calling the Sky phone number.

Sky News Update: Twitter Deal

Sky news update: Sky have recently agreed upon terms with the social network site Twitter so that they can now show Champions League highlights online.

Sky have recently agreed termed with the online social networking site Twitter. They will now show the latest and past Champions League highlights on the site for anybody around the world to view. This deal is part of Sky’s plans to promote their new free online services which could potentially bring in brand new paying customers. Unsuspecting members of the public will have the option to see the clips by the promoted tweets which are sent out through the cross-platform service called Grabyo Studio, who will in turn help promote twitter before its anticipated public offering in New York later this year.

In theory this deal with benefit Sky by creating interest in the new internet service NOW TV. This online service allows for the public to buy access to Sky material for 24 hours, instead of needing to buy a full Sky package which have been difficult to sell in the recent economic climate. BT have spent a lot of money recently to make itself a main rival for Sky in the pay-tv market, this new operation with Twitter will ensure that Sky maintain their dominance in an ever growing market.

Sky News Update

Sky have decided to make this deal following a productive trial with twitter in the recent past. During this trial multiple clips were seen a combined total of 570,000 times in the short time period of twelve hours. 6,000 clips were shared via re-tweets and Grabyo so that a grand total of 7 million twitter users had the option to view the clips. This tactical business plan will hopefully bring back customers who have recently moved to BT. The customers would have more incentive to return to Sky as they can now watch highlights online and can therefore afford other Sky packages as they will no long require sports.

Sky are currently the biggest pay-tv service operating within the UK. Earlier this year BT launched their own sports channels at a cheaper price and were even offered the channels for free if customers purchased their internet services before the Premier League season started. This took many of their customers and moved them to BT and stopped their own from moving away. Sky now aims to bring back customers they have lost with incentives such as Twitter which will make watching football cheaper and will allow for potential customers to but other packages such as movies. Overall this tactical move by Sky will hopefully attract more customers back to their services.

Use the Sky customer services number to speak with a member of their team about any of the products and services available to purchase.

Sky News Update: Bank warns on Sky

Sky news update: there has been a lot of excitement circulating Sky after their latest figures however some suggest they could do more harm than good.

Sarah Simon who is a media analyst currently working for Berenberg bank suggests that despite their latest success, not everything in Sky’s garden is as picturesque as it seems. Simon predicts that the latest figures are actually a cause for concern and that the broadcasters numbers actually include a ‘SELL’ note and should therefore brace themselves for a fall in the price of their shares.

Her main concern is that their ARPU figure stayed flat and that is figure is not being helping with the combination of the DTH numbers. She feels that the ARPU figures on NOW TV is so little compared to DTH that it is now meaningless and shouldn’t be considered when making analytical decisions. The ARPU has been stuck at £569 p/a for the past year now, and has not been affected by the 800,000 new subscribers to Sky’s ‘paid for’ services or the movie rental figures doubling in the past three months.

Sky news Update

On top of this Sarah is concerned that the news programming acquisitions available to Sky that increase and improve frequently will bring about an inflation cost to the company. If this does occur it will increase sharply as the 2013-2014 financial year progresses. The UEFA Champions League rights could play a part in this with the price expected to increase for the first time since 2008.

Currently ITV pay roughly £160 million to air the Champions League, with Sky paying £240 million. However with the new addition of BT Sport, the prices could supposedly reach near £1 billion for a three year contract for the rights. With the supposed inflation cost on top of this Sky could be looking to pay well over £1 billion in the near future, for TV rights alone. On the other hand Sarah Simon didn’t find problems with all the figures and said that some indicate room for exponential growth in a lot of products for the pay-TV giant.

Overall Sky have had a fantastic first quarterly with the only major figure to decrease being operating profits. They look set to continue growing and dominating the pay-TV market. However there is potential for their current figures to back fire and pay over £1 billion very soon which would hurt Sky’s bottom line.

Click Here if you are interested in finding out more information about any of the products offered by Sky. Their customer services department are willing to assist with any enquiry.

Sky News Update: BT and Sky Movies Reach Deal

Sky news update: after three years of debates, Sky Movies have struck a deal with BT to offer the latter’s customers the chance to view more than 700 movies.

As the rivalry between the two companies rages on with regards to their sports coverage, BT and Sky have finally reached a deal to offer BT customers access to more than 700 movies both on demand and live. There will be a monthly subscription charge that is yet to be confirmed but since it’s been three years since the talks began, all involved are just pleased to have reached a deal.

The service will be available as of the 26th October. Customers will be able to buy into the Sky Movies service as far as they will have access to 11 Sky Movies channels for an additional fee to their monthly subscription fee.

BT are making their move into what has been called “quad-play” that many companies are already in. This is an umbrella term for companies that are expanding to offer the comprehensive package of entertainment and communication services which is popular now. Sky already offer broadband, home telephone and television services and very much dominate the market in terms of sports and movies so for BT to put in a bid for rivalling this dominance, it poses interesting questions with regards to how this deal was reached.

Earlier in the year, BT complained to Ofcom with regards to the dominance that Sky has over the market but the response came back detailing that although they did have the lion’s share, it was neither unfair nor a monopoly over all other providers. The way BT have worked up until this point is to offer their viewers the most up to date movies on a pay-per-view basis meaning that their customers have access to more than 200 movies. This deal will simply allow more choice and flexibility for customers.

Sky News Update

BT and Sky have been locked in a bitter feud over sports coverage for months now as BT launched their own channel dedicated to sports. This year BT have bought the rights to broadcast all the Premier League matches live, proving to be serious rivals to Sky who have the rights to most other significant sporting events. This has been promoted by BT in the form of being offered as a free service alongside customers’ broadband contracts; and it has forced Sky to offer something very similar and although they might have remained dominant, have had to take a hit on their profits.

Contact Sky and speak with a member of their customer services department to discuss receiving services such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

Sky News Update: Tickets for Saving Mr Banks Preview

Sky news update: Free tickets are on offer for the new movie starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson due to be premiered later this month about P.L. Travers.

Walt Disney’s attempts to get P.L. Travers’ novel Mary Poppins onto the big screen has now been turned into a movie of its own with the stars of Big and Nanny McPhee taking the starring roles: Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers.

Sky are offering their customers the chance to view special preview screenings at selected cinemas around the country in light of this launch and the tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the 1906s Disney wanted to get Travers’ novel commissioned for his company to create and release. Travers is seriously reluctant to allow Disney the chance to make her novel into a film but after twenty long years of resistance she travelled to Los Angeles to see what Disney had to offer.

The film, entitled Saving Mr. Banks details the way Disney persuaded Travers to let him make her creation into a motion picture. With her tale of the magical nanny lasting through generations to be loved by all who see it, the story of how it got to that stage has been described by Sky as “enchanting”.

As one who has a passion for Disney films at the best of times, it is safe to say that the new film incorporates everything that they try to endorse as a company: chirpy songs, humour, sweetness and everything that could draw an audience in to make them fall in love.

Sky News Update

The only drawback with regards to these tickets is that they have to be booked before 5pm on the day of the show, but provided you are already with the company it should be straight forward enough to access the correct area as soon as possible. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis which can lead to disappointment.
With Sky and Disney, customers have the chance to see a whole host of exclusive features including a brand new film from the Toy Story trilogy due to be broadcast on Hallowe’en.

If you are interested in becoming a Sky customer or would like to book tickets for one of these events, visit and follow the relevant links. Alternatively you can contact Sky using the information listed on the following website All numbers are direct connections through to the customer services department populated by well-informed staff members who can answer any Sky related enquiries.