Sky News Update: Sky Create App For The Ashes

Cricket season is almost upon us once more again, and as the weather heats up, so does our desire to see the world’s greatest cricketers facing off against each other in international cricket. With Joe Root now leading the England test side Sky Sports are preparing to show big games like England v South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the West Indies and more across the summer months.

That’s before November rolls around and the start of the 2017 Ashes competition. Sky have once again announced that their Ashes application for Android and iOS will be operational during the period, and their full range of TV coverage will be available – though there are rumours that the Ashes will get 4K broadcasts on Sky Q.

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Can you Search Sky Cinema by Decade?

We all have our favourite decades for movies. Whether it’s the romance of the fifties, the experimental work of the sixties, the hard hitting drama of the seventies, the explosion of teen cinema in the eighties or the movies of the nineties, aughts or the tens. Whatever your tastes demand, Sky Cinema have something for everybody.

The question many ask though is whether it’s possible to search by decade? The answer, sadly, is no. Using their ‘find a movie’ tool, you can select by genre and certificate, but not by decade.

Sky do, however, offer various ‘collections’ which bring together various genres or films of a certain era. It’s at this time that you’re most likely to find films of a certain vintage. Their tools are excellent at finding out what’s new on Sky Cinema though, so don’t be afraid to use them.

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Do Sky Boxes have WiFi Built In?

When it comes to home entertainment in 2017, there’s no denying that the internet has changed almost everything. Whereas once we relied on tapes and recording devices to augment our live TV watching habits, we now rely significantly on the web to stream TV programmes, films, news and information to our boxes.

That’s no different with Sky boxes, which have long supported On Demand streaming for TV channels they offer, as well as the ability to stream movies on demand, just like Now TV. However, many older Sky+ boxes didn’t have wireless functionality built in.

So, do current Sky boxes have WiFi? The answer is yes. Ever since 2013 Sky boxes have had WiFi functionality built in as standard, avoiding the use of WiFi adapters. That means whether you’re a Sky+ or Sky Q box user, you’ll be able to connect your Sky box to the internet out of the box, without having to run a cable from your router.

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Sky Service Update: Sky Fibre Unlimited

Since the original publication of this article, Sky have once again revamped their broadband offering. Today, you can choose between Sky Broadband Unlimited for £18.99 a month with average UK download speeds of 9Mbps, Sky Fibre for £28.99 a month with average UK download speeds of 34Mbps and a 25GB usage cap or Sky Fibre Unlimited for £38.99 a month for a month which removes the cap.

You’ll also find that Sky Fibre Max is available, with an average download speed of 60Mbps and unlimited usage.

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Sky+HD 2TB or Sky Q?

Are you trying to choose between upgrading to a Sky+ HD 2TB box and a Sky Q set up? You’re not the only one. For customers happy with the way Sky+ works and have run out of space in their existing Sky+ box, the temptation to buy an aftermarket or used Sky+ 2TB box is a strong one.

However, upgrading with Sky means that you get one of their exciting new Sky Q boxes. They support a wider range of On Demand content and streaming online video from the likes of YouTube and Netflix, plus the ability to watch 4K broadcasts from Sky, record up to 6 programmes at the same time and stream your recordings or live TV to your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

So, which do you choose? Well, Sky have recently retired new Sky+ boxes for existing customers, so you’ll have to go aftermarket if you’re interested in the 2TB + box. However, Sky Q also offer a 2TB box, for a little extra cash. We believe that’s the best choice for most consumers as it means the latest and greatest technology, plus continued official support from Sky going forward.

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Sky News Update: Sky To Show Ashes

Sky have confirmed since the initial publication of this article that they have extended their cricket deal with the England and Wales Cricket Board until 2019 ensuring that Sky Sports viewers can enjoy a further two years of BAFTA award winning coverage that includes test matches, internationals, county matches and more.

Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, commented: “We’re passionate about our commitment to the game, including the men and women’s England teams and the county set up, and we’re delighted to extend our partnership with the ECB. Since 2006, our viewers have enjoyed the incredible successes of the England team, including three Ashes victories, winning the ICC World Twenty20 and becoming the No 1 Test team in the world. We look forward to continuing the partnership until at least 2019.”

You’ll be able to enjoy all the action from the comfort of your smartphone with the Sky Q and Sky Sports Live applications for Android and iOS. What follows is the original article.


Problems With Your Sky Telephone Solved (Sky Talk)

There are countless reasons why you’d choose to sign up with Sky, from their incredible award winning TV service with Sky Q to their class leading broadband offerings. However, for many people, the reason why they chose Sky was their tremendous telephone offering.

Sky Talk helps us keep in touch with those we love, so when it goes down it can be a huge problem. That’s why we’ve put together this essential guide to getting your Sky Talk telephone back up and running.

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Network problems
There may be a known issue with the network. Check the Sky Service Status page to see if there are any reports of difficulties making or receiving calls in your area. If a problem is listed engineers will already be working on fixing it. If there is no problem listed you can check your phone and line before reporting the issue.

Check the dial tone
Lift the receiver to your ear and listen for a dial tone without calling any numbers. It should be a steady, buzzing sound. If there is no dial tone check that the phone is plugged in correctly and that the wires are not loose, damaged or crushed by furniture. Problems with the socket can also be responsible – damp can lead to rust or damage. Also check there is no damage to the phone itself. If you have another try that in the master socket; if you hear a dial tone the problem could be with the handset.

Check the connections
If the line is cut off during a call, sound is quiet or there is noise or interference on the line try to isolate the problem. If there is more than one phone connected to the line check that non have been left off the hook and that all cables are plugged in correctly. Check that batteries are charged in cordless phones and adjust the volume.

Unplug all equipment that uses your phone line, including fax machines, computers, Sky boxes, routers and adaptors. Replace each item one by one to see if it is just one thing that is not working.

Check building work
Building work or maintenance can cause problems. If it was carried out before your Sky Talk service stopped working it could be the cause. Changing equipment, internal building or decorating work and external work may be causing problems. If you cannot find anything, such as wires that have been dislodged or gardening work that has disconnected wires, contact Sky Talk.

Other issues
If you encounter other problems such as crossed lines, wrong numbers or one-way transmission these are usually solved if you hang up and then redial. If the issue continues speak to the Sky Talk team. If you are having problems with nuisance or malicious calls get in touch for advice and assistance.

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OnDemand Gains Popularity – Updated

Since the launch of TV On Demand, the way people enjoy television has changed quite dramatically. No longer constrained to what they could watch live (or, on Sky+ or Q, what they’d recorded), viewers began to migrate their viewing habits to online streaming services.

With Sky, a great many are available right from your Sky + or Sky Q box, leading to a huge spike in demand for OnDemand programming. This article was originally posted in 2013. Alternatively, learn about how to speed up On Demand programming on Sky here.

Sky TV

It has become abundantly clear recently that customers are increasingly choosing to watch their TV programmes on-demand on mobile devices and tablets as opposed to tuning in when it is first broadcast.

The move that internet service providers have made to offer unlimited broadband to their customers has allowed this demand to grow – there are no longer restrictions on how many episodes can be watched before there are extra charges. “Sky has announced that more than 2.3 million Sky customers are now watching TV on-demand through their internet connected Sky TV boxes.

The same time the year before this number only stood at 600,000, but with an average of 45,000 new Sky TV boxes being connected to the internet each week it’s not surprising that the figure has soared to record levels. Average numbers of weekly episode downloads reached 45,000 during the first three months of this year, showing that more Sky customers are now opting to view their TV content on-demand. In comparison to the same time last year, the number of on-demand downloads has increased by 460 per cent.

‘Our customers are really embracing our on demand service, which offers the UK’s biggest selection of catch-up TV, alongside hundreds of movies on demand and TV box sets,’ said Luke Bradley-Jones, Director of TV Products at Sky. ‘We know that customers who use our connected TV services watch more of our programmes and really value it.

That’s why we are working hard to get even more Sky homes to get connected [sic].’ Anyone connecting their Sky TV box to their broadband connection can now also enjoy the first episode of new must-see shows on-demand a week before they air. Mad Dogs, Trollied and The Borgias will all be offered on such a preview basis and the first episode of US drama Hannibal is available to watch now.

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Increase in Sky TV Viewers

This leap in viewers over the previous year is indicative of this desire to watch TV – be it movies or TV programmes – at the customers’ discretion. The additional optional service which Sky provide called SkyGo Extra also allows customers to download programmes and movies to up to four mobile devices which they can then watch at a later time, even offline.

What is Now TV? – Updated

Update: Since the launch of Now TV and this article, Sky have expanded the Now TV service significantly. They now offer a monthly Sky Sports option, a Smart TV box which combines FreeView with their premium channels, a kids TV option for families and even a low cost broadband solution, available on a rolling contract. All of which has driven huge numbers to the free Sky contact number to sign up for the service.

Up and down the country there are hundreds of thousands of households which aren’t capable of getting a Sky TV subscription. The reasons are countless, from owning a listed building to simply not being able to commit to the 12 month contracts that Sky demand, there are many of us that would like to join Sky but simply don’t have the option to. Understanding that the structure and demands of their services were limiting the potential number of customers who could join (and spend their hard earned cash with the company,) Sky took a long hard look at their services. Clearly, something had to be done, and that something was Now TV.

Originally launched with just the ‘movies’ package in July 2012, as a straight competitor to the likes of Netflix, who were doing extremely well and taking customers away from Sky for their movies services. Movies on Now TV allows access to both live streaming from their full suite of movies channels as well as instant streaming from their comprehensive back catalogue of films. In March 2013, Sky then added Sports to Now TV, offering pay-as-you-go access to Sky Sports on a daily or weekly basis. Finally, at the request of customers on the Sky freephone, they added the Entertainment subscription in October 2013, which brought in access to the full compliment of Sky branded entertainment channels (Sky Atlantic included) and other big name channels like Comedy Central, Disney, Fox, Gold, MTV, Discovery and more.

Both the Movies and Entertainment packs are monthly subscriptions which can be taken together or independently of each other on a non-contract basis. Sky Sports, however, can be had in either a 24 hour or week long pack, which enables you to only pay for the sporting action that you want to watch.

Originally available as a web client, Now TV expanded quickly into its own dedicated box available from Sky, before moving onto Android and iOS devices, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, LG Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, YouView and many, many more. In fact, Now TV can be had on over 70 devices, so checking your device is compatible is best done through the official Now TV compatibility list to ensure that your device is ready for the service.

Unlike Netflix, which has no limits on the numbers of concurrent users who can sign in with one account, Now TV can only be registered with five devices, with new ones having to replace old ones from there. Also, Now TV cannot be used by more than one device at a time, making it less than ideal for flats or families which wish to share the service. Customers have spoken to Sky on the Sky contact number 0844 about this issue but Sky are remaining resolute on the issue, thinking that more people using the service on one account would mean less revenue for the business.

Sky Present Living for Sport Student of the Year award for Scotland to Student

One hard working student got the surprise of his life yesterday when Sky Academy Ambassador and Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell arrived in his school. This wasn’t just some flying visit for a photo opportunity though, because Campbell was there to surprise 17 year old Fraser Armstrong with the Sky Sports Living for Sport Student of the year Award for Scotland.

The surprised student, who was taking part in a PE lesson at Hollybrook Academy at the time, was broadcast live on Sky Sports New HQ, and seemed delighted with his achievement. He was chosen as the Student of the Year winner for Scotland by a panel of judges for participating in the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme in order to reignite his passion for athletics. Because of his autism, Fraser finds communicating with others a challenge and despite his natural talent, he has struggled to keep motivated at times. The panel hope that this award will give him the motivation to push forward and make his dreams a reality.

Fraser will now attend the Sky Sports Living for Sport Awards at Sky Studios in London this weekend to discover whether he will be crowned the overall UK & Ireland Student of the Year. He will be up against the winners for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and the Awards will be broadcast on Sky Sports 1 on Sunday 29 March at 7.30pm. The free Sky customer service number has already been lit up with suggestions, but the panel refuse to be swayed, and will make their judgement in time.
Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador Darren Campbell said: “It’s an honour to present Fraser with the Student of the Year award for Scotland. He’s achieving things in his life that were simply unthinkable before his participation in Sky Sports Living For Sport and that’s the beauty of the initiative. The skills learned through sport can be applied to all areas of life and Fraser is a fine example of that. He’s a worthy winner for Scotland and I’ll be tuning in on Sunday to see if he picks up the overall UK & Ireland Student of the Year Award.”

Taking part in Sky Sports Living for Sport presented Fraser with the tools required to overcome the barriers he faced in everyday life. From his teammates, he learnt cooperative friendship and communication skills and sprinting gave him a natural and healthy outlet for the energy many kids spend communicating with each other.

Fraser’s teacher Chris Milne said: “I was delighted to hear that Fraser had won the Sky Sports Living for Sport Student of the Year award for Scotland. Fraser has shown great resilience in the six years that I have known him, overcoming every obstacle he has encountered and is now a fabulous example of how sport can enrich lives. Fraser’s journey through sport is the reason he is the young man you see before you today. Confident and independent, he has grown into a fabulous role model and inspiration to all pupils at Hollybrook Academy. We are all very proud of him.”