Sky News Update: Upgrading of Set-Top Boxes To Ward Off BT

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Sky News Update: The company are set to upgrade and promote their set-top boxes, after BT offer free Premier League coverage to their broadband consumers.

The broadcasting and broadband company are currently under a reasonable amount of pressure due to the tight competition with competitor British Telecom. The company are therefore having to think up new ways in which to entice new customers to subscribe to their service, as well as keep their current consumers. However, this is extremely difficult as BT are already offering an impressive deal to their broadband customers, who receive access to Premier League Football coverage for free.

Sky have recently announced that they plan to make an investment of seventy million pounds into the business, that will go towards improving their broadband connectivity as well as their on-demand television service.

In an attempt to ward off the competition, the broadcasting company are planning to firstly, upgrade their set-top boxes and then re-promote them. These boxes provide wifi within the consumer home, the ability to use the internet on their televisions, as well on their internet-based devices such as tablets and laptops when out and about. The upgrade will consist of improved and updating content as well as providing a better user experience such as faster and stronger connectivity.

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Sky are therefore trying to provide cheaper ways for their consumers to access their premium and highest quality content, in an attempt to rival BT’s sports package offer.

The company are staying strong and remaining positive throughout the reports that BT are now worth more that twice that of themselves or have signed up over five hundred thousand households before the service was even launched. This could be due to the mass of investment and future plans the company has up it’s sleeves. The broadband provider has invested hundreds of millions of pounds into projects that they believe will eventually make them the most dominant company in their market. These investments include partnerships and sponsorships.

If you are a Sky customer and have an enquiry about your current tariff or would just like some more information then you can ring their contact number where a member of their customer services team will give you the relevant information, advice and support. Alternatively, if you would like to know the latest products and services they have to offer you can visit their official website by clicking here.

Sky News Update: £500 Million Buy Back Programme

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: Broadcasting company Sky are planning to buy back half a billion pounds worth of shares in order to come top in rivalry between BT.

Sky have just announced that they are planning in buying back five hundred million pounds worth or shares from investors, a strategy derived from experiencing a rise in their annual profits. Sky explain this increase to be from the massively high and continuously increasing demand of on-demand viewers and individuals watching Sky TV through their mobile phones, as well as other devices like iPads. Because of this, the consumer is investing more into their viewing experience and purchasing more and more ‘add on’ features, options and packages to their original subscription.

The company have add an extremely good financial year so far, in terms of new subscriptions and their performance. This is shown by the huge influx of subscriptions rising by twenty-eight million in just one year. The company explain this by how they are constantly developing and investing into new technologies to bring their consumers the best deals, products and packages they can deliver.

The people at Sky therefore have positive views and outlooks of the future of the company and are therefore fully supporting the choice to buy back shares within a buyback programme.

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However, this buyback scheme is also taking place due to the highly competitive market they are in. With rival BT launching their sports package next month, they are feeling the pressure and will be watched closely in the coming months as to whether they continue to attract new customers. They are also not currently performing as well as they previously were earlier this year with only fifty-one thousand new customers in the forth quarter of the financial year, a significantly large twenty-one thousand below former predictions.

Sky have admitted that the next couple of months are going to be extremely tough, especially with BT launching their new sports package, in which they have already experienced a one hundred million pound rise in profits. Sky have also recently put up their prices for it’s television packages, arguably a risky move when competition is so high. The big risk is, will consumers stay loyal to Sky, or will they switch to whoever is providing the best deal and experience.

For more information on Sky and the packages and products they have to offer you can visit their official website by clicking here, or you can call the Sky telephone number to talk to a member of their customer services team.

Sky News Update: Sky Looking to Advertise on Trains

Sky news update: In an innovative new move, Sky are taking advantage of commuters’ exhaustion & will transmit adverts as they rest their heads on windows.

Sky Deutschland have developed a system wherein commuters who are feeling the strain of the working week taking its toll on their bodies will experience the bizarre sensation of hearing adverts but not being able to identify their source. As commuters lean their heads against the windows of trains, they will ‘hear’ adverts that encourage them to download the SkyGo application.

The idea will use the same technology as hearing aids and headphones – bone conduction technology. This uses vibrations in the skull to transmit sounds into the inner ear. The idea is for the tired commuters who opt to rest their heads on the windows to suddenly hear a voice encouraging them to download Sky’s SkyGo app. No one else can hear this message; it is personal to each commuter.

SkyGo is an app which allows Sky customers to catch up on shows they’ve missed, stream live television, watch television programmes and films on demand and a whole host of other things. It is a brilliant app for those with busy lives or travel extensively but the bizarre transmission of the adverts means they are experiencing a form of almost subliminal advertising; a rather underhand tactic in the eyes of those in the business.

What will actually happen is that there will be a transmitter fitted in the window, a Sky-branded one but made by company Audiva, and it will be triggered by the customer’s head resting on the window. It is the bone-conduction technology that ensures it just being the one commuter who hears the advert.

It is unconfirmed when this new campaign will be launched but given that the advert is being promoted as not new advertising but new technology, Sky and Audiva are eager to get it launched as soon as possible. Additionally, because it is technology it is not specific to advertising – it can be used for music, transport updates, weather reports and anything else that may need to be conveyed to commuters!

For more information on the products, services and advertising campaigns for Sky, contact them directly using the Sky customer service phone number. This website has information on their movements within the business world as well as the contact details for their customer services departments. If you are interested in becoming a Sky member, use these contact details and speak with a member of their customer services department.

Sky News Update: Sky Bond with Movies

Sky News Update: Sky Bond with Movies

Sky are striving to broaden their customer appeal and one key way they’re doing this is through the expansion in the number of movies they offer. It is a known fact that Sky Movies are often a little behind their competitors when it comes to the screening of new movies so in order to keep their costs down but attract more customers they are offering a new type of on demand service. All credit to Sky in terms of the markets they have chosen – timeless ones. By opting to have a catalogue of Disney and now James Bond movies, Sky are ensuring that their product is not a novelty.

“Sky Movies customers can feel shaken and stirred whenever they like because every Bond adventure from Dr No to Quantum of Solace is available on demand.

And from July the record-breaking, BAFTA-winning, 23rd film in the franchise, Skyfall, is showing on Sky Premiere and on demand.

Through your Sky HD+ box, PC and many mobile devices, you can see Messrs Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig do Ian Fleming proud and give their all for Queen and country in the greatest action series of them all.
You can even catch two unofficial Bond outings: 1967’s Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again.

What’s more, the entire Bond series is available to watch while you’re on the move via Sky Go, Sky’s award-winning multi-platform TV service available across PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Customers who subscribe to Sky Movies via NOW TV, the internet TV service powered by Sky, will also be able to enjoy 007 on demand”

This new service from Sky, which is also accessible via the SkyGo service is appealing to all Sky customers because it eliminates the need to organise yourself prior to travel. Despite the best of intentions, holidaying almost always includes watching a bit of TV to unwind after an eventful day, or indeed if the rain makes an appearance and you need to entertain the kids – this option allows you to watch a brilliant film at the touch of a button. Between Disney and Bond you should be able to please everybody!

This article was originally found on the Sky website. For more information on any of the products that Sky deliver, including upgrading your current Sky subscription to include Sky Movies and these new services either visit Sky online or alternatively use the Sky contact number to contact their customer service department and speak to one of their friendly and helpful employees.

Sky News Update: Sky Broadband Blocks Torrent Sites

Sky News Update: Sky Broadband have released details regarding their scheme to block torrent websites and tackle this crime. With the rise in illegal downloads that came with the increased popularity and usability of the internet, providers have had to start kicking back. The responsibility on broadband providers to protect the integrity of the internet has grown in recent years and Sky are demonstrating their commitment to this cause with this move.

“Sky Broadband has quietly started blocking access to proxy services that allow people in the UK to access torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay (TPB) and Kick Ass Torrents (KAT), previously closed off by a legal ruling.
Since a High Court ruling in the UK in April 2012, the UK’s largest ISPs – Sky, Everything Everywhere (now just known as EE), TalkTalk, O2, Virgin Media, and later, BT – have been forced to block access to The Pirate Bay for their subscribers.

As a result a number of proxy services flourished, allowing customers of these ISPs to access the website, as well as others like, H33T and Fenopy, that were subsequently covered by later court orders.
However, Sky Broadband has now silently started blocking access to these proxies, effectively cutting off access to the websites for its customers. According to TorrentFreak, Sky subscribers began noticing that their access to the proxies was blocked over the weekend.

The specific domains on the court order block list aren’t public knowledge but are regularly updated to include new domains and IP address by solicitors acting on behalf of the rights holders, who do so by informing the ISPs of the new domains to be blocked periodically.

It’s hard to know for certain whether other ISPs will follow suit and restrict access to the proxies but one source familiar with the matter told The Next Web that the blocks will be extended to other ISPs as they are a result of the most recent additions to the block list, rather than a decision taken only by Sky Broadband. The source said the list now includes proxies for the first time, but only if their sole purpose is to provide access to a blocked website.”

Torrent websites cause great problems for businesses as they often provide content that should be paid for, for free. Amongst certain groups in society these sites have been welcomed with open arms, especially given the difficulty that exists in policing the problem. It must be said that the best way to police it is to follow the route that Sky are adopting here – block the sites silently. This prevents any internet-canny people from pre-empting the blocks and creating ways of accessing the sites.

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For more information on the broadband services provided by Sky contact them either through the Sky contact number website or the Sky website directly. The original text for this article was found at

Sky News: BT Ireland Talks With Sky

Sky News: BT Ireland is in advanced-stage talks with Sky Sport  and UPC to make its new sports channels available to satellite subscription customers.

The firm is confident that agreements will be secured before the start of the new football season later this summer. It is also talking with a number of other companies.

In the UK, the plan for BT Group is to offer its BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN channels free to broadband subscribers. The move aims to expand the customer base.

But separate arrangements are needed to show content in the Republic of Ireland, where BT operates in the wholesale and business broadband sector, but not the consumer market.

The BT Sport team has therefore entered discussion with several firms to make the three channels available on Sky and UPV paid-for platforms.

It is “fully confident that BT Sport will be available in the Republic of Ireland before the soccer season begins”, the group said.

BT Ireland has also recently revealed its year-end figures, which show that revenue increased 4% to &740 million for the 12 months to the end of March. Profit before tax was flat on the previous year. No profit figures are published for the Irish division.

“We have delivered a solid year of growth in revenues and maintained profit and cash flow in a challenging economic environment,” said BT Ireland chief executive Colm O’Neill.

The firm’s wholesale division provides network services to more than 50 communications firms. News contracts signed last year included Sky customer service Ireland, AirSpeed, Telecom and UTV. New contracts in the public sector were won by the business division.

Local loop unbundling was also completed at 88 Eircom telephone exchanges, giving wholesale customers a broadband offer of up to 24 Mbps. “Significant investment” has been made in the network infrastructure, but a planned sub-loop unbundling in several locations, which could have offered speeds of up to 80 Mbps, did not go ahead.

BT is working with Eircom to trial new fibre broadband services, Mr O’Neill explained.

The strong full-year results saw BT Group share prices jump 10% to a five-and-a-half-year high. Core profit rose 2% to £6.2 billion, in spite of a 5% drop in revenue.

Steps are being taken to enter the sports broadcasting market in Britain, with Premier League football and other sports rights deals agreed, totalling £1 billion. BT has already agreed to ESPN’s British and Ireland TV channels and will continue to operate one ESPN-branded channel.