Sky Sports Coach of the Year

The man named by Sky Sports as the ‘coach of the year’ has been welcomed to Timsbury Cricket Club. Stuart Kingwell will be the head of youth coaching

Every year Sky and Sky Sports conduct a series of something equivalent to competitions, where people are credited with the work they have done over a period of time, in a certain area. In this case it is Sky Sports who have acknowledged the work that Stuart Kingwell has done in the Bath area.

He has now moved to Timsbury Cricket Club and will fulfil the role of ‘head of youth coaching’. The title ‘Sky Sports Coach of the Year’ is the third in a series of accolades that Kingwell has received – endorsing the fact that the youth of Timsbury Cricket Club is in good hands.

“Timsbury Cricket Club has announced the appointment of Stuart Kingwell as head of youth coaching.

An ECB Level 3 coach, Kingwell has been working in the Bath area for the past ten years and in 2013 received the accolade of Sky Sports Coach of the Year.

He has also been Chance To Shine Regional Coach of the Year and BANES Coach of the Year.

Timsbury chairman Andrew Jeffery, who has taken on the role of youth co-ordinator for this season, said: “We are delighted to welcome Stu on board. He has an excellent CV and I am sure he will maintain the high standards which we have always prided ourselves on in our youth sections.

“One of our lads, Jack Scrivens, has been a member of the Somerset youth squad for several years now and Charlie Hobbs and Will Jeffery have both been selected for the district festival trials at under-13 level.”

Indoor net sessions will take place at Writhlington School from 6-7pm on Thursdays, beginning on March 13, for children in Year 5 and upwards. That will be followed by outside training at the school field from April 18 between 6.30pm and 8pm.

Softball cricket for the under-9s will also begin that day under the supervision of Colin Weaver.”

Sky Sports work hard to support the amateur cricket clubs and offer their name to help encourage younger members of society to become involved in the game. Naming coaches as the best in the country is just one way in which they do this, the media exposure that comes with this does the rest.

If you are interested in learning more about Sky Sports and their work in the community, visit or contact the Sky customer services department using the information listed on this website:

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Former Sky Commentator Andy Gray Welcomed to BT Sport

Former Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray, who departed under a shadow thanks to his sexist behaviour, has been disgraced again just days after his return to UK TV.

Gray, who has been working with Richard Keys at BeInSport in Qatar, returned to the UK’s television screens this weekend but within hours of his debut on BT Sport, he was embarrassed on the internet when another video of his sexist behaviour. When Gray left Sky, it was under a dark cloud as they parted company thanks to the behaviour he demonstrated. This came to the attention of Sky when tapes of the commentator’s off-air conversations with Keys about female linesman Sian Massey, were leaked.

There were claims across the whole of the Sky Sports football department but Barney Francis, the managing director of Sky Sports. This came after the second load of footage showing Gray and Keys making lewd comments about co-worker Charlotte Jackson was leaked. They also made comments regarding Jamie Redknapp who is a fellow pundit.

Now BT Sport have employed him to join their presenting team, which already boasts the talents of Jake Humphrey and Clare Balding. In a way, this could be seen as yet another subtle dig at their rival broadcasting company Sky – who of course were his previous employers. BT Sport have taken on Gray after a stint in Doha where he and Keys were the face of the Premier League action in the UAE.

Speaking about the incidents, the two men both claimed there was an agenda to get them removed from Sky Sports and later, Keys claimed he had been bugged. Gray however, speaking much later, stated that he suffered a period of severe depression that led to him debating suicide. He has made it very clear that he has no issue with female referees and the comments were ‘private banter’ with him being unfairly exposed.

The exposure of females in sport has made headway in the recent years with the focus being not just on officials in the game but also sports. Cricket for one puts as much focus on the England Women as much as they do the men’s. There is no reason for this not to be the case, but with sport still being a predominantly male world, it can be tough for women to make it and so when they do come into the spotlight, it is hard for them not to receive a little extra attention.

Sky Sports have many female presenters now which can be seen both on Sky Sports News and reporting and commentating directly on games in their respective sports. To become a Sky customer, use the following link to contact their customer services department:

Premier League Sets Sky and BT Against Each Other

The Premier League may be planning to move the next auction, for the rights to broadcast the football, forward by 6 months. Participants will be Sky and BT. If this change does take place it means Sky and BT could take part in another fierce battle for supremacy, costing the winner potentially billions of pounds, within the next year. The Premier League has already hosted multiple meetings, where they have shared their new plans with the potential pay-TV broadcasters of the Premier League.

Unsurprisingly major firms such as BT and Sky are providing serious opposition against the plans as they are both already paying record fees for the rights, BT are also set to pay £900 million for the exclusive Champions League rights from the 2015 season onwards. Sources close to the parties involved in the discussions are saying that the Premier League is trying to utilise the current rivalry between Sky and BT, to gain huge profits.

Sky News Update

In 2012 the two major firms paid in excess of £3billion for their rights, with the way the rivalry is growing, analysts are saying the next time the bid the combined free will be considerably greater. When the bidding finally starts, which could be as early as December for BT and Sky instead of July 2015, the rights for the next three Premier League seasons starting from 2016-17, will be sold. The Premier League is claiming they are not trying to exploit the current rivalry, but merely returning to the set timetable which gives competitors 18 months between the start of the new deal and the auction.

The 2009 auction was held in February that year, however the latest 2012 auction happened later in the year; June 2012. Although this later auction was blamed on a dispute between the Premier league and a pub in Portsmouth who were streaming the Premier League by using a Greek satellite decoder instead of a standard Sky box. The 2012 auction set records on its own with the live rights being 70% higher than the previous 2009 price. This coming auction looks set for Sky and BT to break further records.

Analysts thought that the next auction could cost a combined £3.6billon, which is 20% higher than the 2012 auction. However since then BT secured the Champions League rights by being extremely aggressive with their bidding, this now leaves speculation over how high the bidding will go this time around. No matter how high the bidding goes Sky are set for a hard battle to maintain or improve upon the 146 games they currently show.

Visit either or call the Sky customer services team to discuss receiving Sky to your television set.

Sky Commission First Series For Pick TV Since 2011

Sky have announced their partnership with GroupM Entertainment to create a series of 10, 60 minutes programmes called Bodycam: Britain Caught On Camera.

Since their re-launch in 2011, Pick TV have worked on establishing themselves as a channel again and now that they have achieved this Sky have announced a partnership with production company GroupM Entertainment in order to bring viewers the latest in observational documentaries. Incidentally, this is also the first ever collaboration between GroupM Entertainment and Sky.

The series is set to be called Bodycam: Britain Caught On Camera and will be ten episodes long, each 60 minutes in length and co-produced by the same people who brought Britain’s Bravest Cops to our television screens. The whole series will be filmed with point of view body cameras to film those who deal with the public on a daily basis.

With the roster of people set to include emergency services, taxi and bus drivers, this show could prove to be a must-watch. It will hone in on professional working in these areas and follow their lives for a number of episodes as they interact with the public and are forced to deal with a variety of situations.

Until this partnership, GroupM Entertainment have been unable to move away from terrestrial television and have only ever made programmes with Channels 4 and 5 and ITV.

Stephen Ladlow is the director of Pick TV and has expressed his delight at this new show being produced as he promises that the show will be dramatic and engaging. It’s eye-opening, exciting style which taps into the British culture allows for those who are intrigued by sociological behaviour have a new outlet to quench their interest.

This is just the latest in a long line of documentaries that are designed to break down the barriers between firstly the public and those who work in public services and secondly those who create television programmes, and those who watch them. It appears that there is a large void between the last two and all of the shows that build a bridge between the two, that allows the public to identify with the characters, closes that gap.

Sky are dedicated to offering innovative new programmes and this series falls directly into this bracket as the camera angle is the first of its kind to be aired. If you are interested in receiving the Sky services, click here.

Sky News Update: Sky Reprimanded over Advert

Sky news update: Sky are being forced to deal with a large influx of complaints from viewers after a condom advert was screened immediately after Ice Age 4.

Ice Age is a children’s film series, the first of which was originally produced and shown in cinemas during 2002. The film follows an adventure of some very unlikely friends: Sid the Sloth, Manny the Mammoth and Diego the Sabre-tooth Tiger. The one-off film has turned into a full series of films with the latest edition being Ice Age: Continental Drift (the fourth in the series).

Sky have aired all of the movies over the years but this time, following the broadcast of this installment Sky are being forced to deal with hundreds of complaints. An advert they aired directly after Ice Age 4 was for the company Durex. The advert, screened directly after the film finished, included the saying “great sex” and this angered many viewers who felt it was extremely inappropriate to show when younger audiences were undoubtedly within the vicinity of the television.

Sky News Update

The condom advert which showed what appeared to be a couple having sex has caused Sky to receive a firm warning from governing powers. The advert showed several couples in a variety of positions – presumably sexual ones – including a woman who had chosen to mount a man. This prompted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to rule that this could have been interpreted as sexual activity and it is therefore inappropriate for the younger audience. To make matters worse for Sky the advert, which thousands watched, had a voice over encouraging members of the public to enjoy sex.

Sky have defended their actions by saying that they have kept to the guidelines which prevents the advert being shown until after 9pm, the advert was shown on Sky Movies Premier at 9:32pm. They have also stated that their ratings which have been studied and released post transmission showed that a 0% index of the children watching happened to be between the ages of four and nine. One viewer is adamant that the advert was completely inappropriate and has stated to the ASA, the film would likely appeal to those under the age of 16, therefore the advert should be considered improper for viewing after a children’s film.

The ASA have stated it was not inappropriate as no nudity or sexual activity was shown to audiences, although they did concede that the voiceover added a sensuous nature to the advert. They finally stated that the advert was inline with time restrictions however broadcasters should take more care when deciding on times to show adverts to avoid controversy. Sky has avoided any serious repercussions though it is thought they should take more care in future decisions.

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Sky News Update: BT Secure NBA Coverage Over Sky

Sky news update: Sky’s main rivals, BT, have recently secured the rights to broadcast NBA within the UK. This could have potential negative impacts on Sky.

BT has recently, 28th November 2013, added NBA, National Basketball Associations, to their growing collection of sports rights for their three sports channels. Over the course of last weekend, 30th November 2013-1st December 2013, the first live NBA games have been shown on the BT sport channels. The idea, behind securing the rights for international sports, is to bolster their metaphorical arsenal so that they can battle with Sky to attract as many sports fans as possible. This could cause problems for Sky as BT’s range is rapidly growing since its launch in August compared to Sky’s range of sports.

BT have been causing major ripples for Sky this year, initially they secured the rights to thirty eight Barclays Premier League games which forced Sky to increase their bidding price. Earlier in November they caused an even bigger stir, they secured all the Champions League rights for nine hundred million from the 2015/2016 season onwards for the next three seasons. This had a huge impact on Sky causing share prices to fall by 11% removing over £1billion of their market worth.

Sky News Update

The deal to show the top division of American basketball is set to last several years. The first game to be shown on BT sport was an enthralling game between Indiana Pacers and LA Clippers, a further one hundred ninety nine games, to take the total to two hundred, will be shown over the rest of the season. Sky already owns the rights to a major American sport.

They broadcast live NFL games to the UK and Ireland due to the increasing European following the sport has. Sport is becoming a key component in BT and Sky’s fight for British broadband market. BT acquiring the rights to NBA is a potential problem for Sky.

It creates more incentive for customers to either move to or join BT over Sky. Currently Sky needs the best support and best subscriber growth possible due to the recent fall is share prices caused by the loss of the Champions League rights. Ideally Sky desperately need to improve the range of sports they offer or create another incentive to join them over BT. Sky are currently the dominant power operating within the market however to maintain their supremacy they need to fend off the relentless efforts of BT which could prove to be extremely dangerous.

If you are interested in learning more about the exclusive rights that Sky have for broadcasting live sports, click here.

Sky News Update: James Murdoch Returns

Sky news update: James Murdoch son of Rupert Murdoch has recently, 22 November 2013, been reappointed as Sky’s director after some time off.

Every year around this point, November, Sky host and annual general meeting where current important matters are discussed. The main focus was thought to be on BT’s latest acquisition of the Champions League rights; however this had little mention throughout the whole gathering. However the reappointing of James Murdoch was a much larger matter and ended with ninety six percent of the shareholders supporting James Murdoch being given his old position as director of Sky. During the 2011 annual general meeting James Murdoch was subject to a shareholders boycott. This was in light of how he had handled the World phone-hacking crisis which had recently come to light. Unlike the 2011 meeting all but 4% of shareholders were willing to support him.

Due to this overwhelming support the meeting only lasted twenty minutes with only one question arising from the floor. Though this could have been caused by the location of the event; this year’s event was hosted in Edinburgh instead of the usual location of London, meaning there were a much smaller number of share holders than usual at the event. This could have been the reason for such little challenge and lack of questions. Precisely Murdoch was challenged by 3.9% of share holders; he was supported by 95.9% and 0.2% refused to cast their vote.

Sky News Update

Shareholders did however show their distaste over the sums of money being paid to employees. Nearly 25% of the shareholders showed concern over the amount of money being paid. Companies such as ISS and Pirc who work as advisory services spoke of issues revolving around Sky’s Remuneration report such as Jeremy Darroch’s £7 million salary. Darroch, Sky CEO who was present at the event, had carefully managed to avoid vigorous questioning over the loss of Champions League rights to BT. The loss has seen the firms share price fall by an incredible £1.6 billion. He was quizzed however on what the future held for Sky Sports though nothing about BT’s interference was mentioned.

In response Darroch highlighted the depth Sky Sports had compared to other TV channels. He spoke of the cricket, tennis, golf, rugby and formula one which can all only be found exclusively on Sky Sports. Overall the meeting went well for Sky with little disruption arising over key issues such as the loss of football rights and James Murdoch taking on role as director.

For more information on Sky and how you can start receiving their channels, use the Sky helpline to contact the customer services department.

Sky News Update: Flintoff Added to Sky Sports Commentary Quota

Sky news update: Ex-cricket star Andrew Flintoff is tipped to be the next retired sportsman to join the roster on Sky with a documentary on the Amazon.

The Sky Sports cricket commentary team is already jam-packed with old England captains and stars and Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff is tipped to be the next man to join the team. The first step has been taken and Flintoff will appear in a flagship documentary about him spending a month in the Amazon rainforest and endeavouring to save it and its inhabitants.

The month was spent as part of Sky’s dedication to preserving one of the world’s natural wonders and for which Flintoff received six-figure sum. Sky have a corporate social responsibility for embarking on projects such as this one and they have a host of figures that could have been selected for the role but it is proving to be his way in.

Alongside this documentary is Sky Sports’ refurbished T20 coverage and it is likely that Flintoff will be involved with that as his nickname, “Freddie” refers to Fred Flintstone and his ability to wield a bat and send balls crashing into the stands.

Sky News Update

However fleetingly, he was also an England cricket captain and his experience is as vast as any of the men already commentating – if not more due to his perpetually controversial behaviour. The new T20 coverage will surely play to Flintoff’s strengths with regards to the type of play that commences as well as format of commentating that they offer.

The commentary box at the cricket is getting somewhat crowded with Andrew Strauss the most recent addition and all of them with impressive accolades ranging from being “just” the England captain to winning the Ashes for the first time in Australia in nearly 25 years. They all have different levels of experience and strengths when they were out on the field and that comes through into the commentary.

The addition of Flintoff into the T20 commentary should assist with the rejuvenation as well and as the format moves into a more solid status now being ten years old, more and more “T20 experts” will be finding themselves moving beyond the ability to play, the chance to commentate will become more and more appealing.

Cricket’s shorter formats are also becoming ever more popular with the general public as they demand more fierce performances from the players and spectators are guaranteed a result. The draw of Flintoff will add to this too.

Sky News Update: Sky Receive Acclaimed Award

Sky news update: Digital entertainment company Sky have been named Corporate of the Year for their Sky Sports Living Sport scheme now ten years established.

The prestigious award has been granted to the company for their newly launched sports initiative Sky Sports Living Sport which aims to encourage children to become more involved in sport. As part of the nationwide campaign which has been rolled out to get children healthier, Sky have enlisted the assistance of some of the biggest names in sport to drive the children onwards.

Some of the ambassadors include David Beckham, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Darren Campbell and along with some key sports skills aims to help more than 30000 children every year. The group will travel around secondary schools with the Youth Sport Trust working with groups of young people to develop their sports and social skills.

The 10th Beyond Sport Awards was held in Philadelphia this year and saw sports organisations, major sporting companies and their leaders and political figures all of international recognition gathered together to acknowledge the work done by all of the corporations together.

Sky News Update

Sky received the award at the tenth annual ceremony which is designed to acknowledge those initiatives that use sports to make a difference to people’s lives. The difference in their level of self-confidence and attitudes is vastly improved and these life skills then transfer through to their learning skills and their all-round wellbeing also improves.

The responses to the award by the Bigger Picture at Sky have detailed the pleasure they have felt with regards to their initiative – they are thrilled to have their work acknowledged and are dedicated to continuing their work with young people. Bella Vuillermoz, Director of the Bigger Picture at Sky has passed on the recognition to the 78-strong athlete mentors, the Youth Sport Trust and of course the thousands of schools and teachers as their work in collaboration with Sky Sports Living for Sport is invaluable.

Nominations for the award came from a panel of influential figures including Dame Kelly Holmes, Lord Coe, Tony Blair, Michael Johnston, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Professor Michael Porter – a worthy list for choosing Corporate of the Year it must be agreed.

The initiative is now being offered to Irish schools as well as school across the UK. If you find you are interested in participating in the project, contact Sky directly on here: Or, read more about the project at first to make sure you are fully clued up on the requirements necessary to qualify for Sky Sports Living for Sport.

Sky News Update: Sky Advert Banned

Sky News Update: Television advert for Sky broadband starring Bruce Willis banned for detailing misleading information regarding the prices of the services.
Bruce Willis is a one of the biggest film stars in the world, making movies such as the Die Hard series, RED, The Sixth Sense and so on. But he’s hit a bump with one of his recent roles in a television advert for Sky broadband.
The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) have deemed that the advert does not contain enough information with regards to the service they are offering.
Willis plays himself in the advert complaining about his slow broadband. The character he complains to, suggests he change his broadband provider to Sky who offer an unlimited broadband service. A voice then speaks over the advert and says that this service costs £7.50 per month but the small print across the bottom of the page explains that this offer is only available to existing Sky TV customer. Hence ASA’s decision to ban the advert.
The ASA’s attention was drawn to this factor after one customer complained about the lack of detail regarding the commitment that is demanded by Sky for customers to receive the advertised £7.50 service. Sky Talk at £14.50 per month needs to be purchased – this provides calls and the line rental – before you can get Sky broadband and as for Sky TV, their lowest monthly payment is £21.50 per month.
It is not prerequisite that customers are a Sky TV customer in order to get Sky broadband but this deal in particular is only available for £7.50 to those who are. Those who are just Sky Talk customers are offered the unlimited broadband service at £10 per month.
Sky’s response to ASA’s claims that the advert was not designed for existing Sky customers and therefore charges considered to be ‘relevant’ to those interested in entering into the deal with Sky, is simply that they did make it clear what the charges were set to be. Companies use the idea of the ‘average customer’ to establish how informative their adverts are and Sky argue that the ‘average customer’ would understand the expected commitment.
The conclusion is that ASA will not allow the advert to be aired without these details being included.
If you are interested in any of the products and services offered by Sky, or if you would like to find out more information about the service that you currently receive, speak with a member of the Sky customer services department. All the contact information can be found here