Sky News Launches ‘In the Margins’

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Sky have always placed a certain amount of pride in the journalistic rigour and careful thought exhibited by their 24 hour rolling news channel Sky News. Since its launch in 1989 the channel has been at the forefront of televisual journalism, breaking stories and leading the world when it came to analysis and coverage. It’s for that reason that Sky News are so proud to launch their latest project In the Margins. In the Margins will begin on the 5th of January and will be a major project that will examine 150 key marginal constituencies up and down the country. Between these constituencies, Sky argues, the election will be won, and with such tight margins of victory up for grabs, Sky’s analysis of these areas could become crucial to understanding how the election was eventually won. Every day, another report will be broadcast bringing us right to election day on the 7th of May.

It’s not just TV that’s getting to join the In the Margins fun though, because the initiative is set to feature heavily across all Sky News platforms, especially their digital ones. Those who access the content via the news application or website, they’ll receive deeper analysis, profiles of constituencies and extensive background information about the voting patterns of those particular constituents. The information is set to prove vital in understanding what is sure to be one of the tightest votes in Britain’s long history. Sky will also be putting a heavy emphasis on young votes, featuring their Stand Up and Be Counted campaign which highlights the political voices of 16 to 25 year olds within the country. This content will appear on the TV as well as in blogs, on social media and across the digital platforms.

Sky News’ political editor Faisal Islam will be examining the challenges that each of the major parties face as the race becomes increasingly affected by the likes of the SNP, Green Party and UKIP, who are bringing new voters in, stealing votes and changing the way we vote to keep others out of power. Simultaneously, Joey Jones will be on a journey from London to Scotland, dropping by constituencies as he goes and seeking out the people who will ultimately decide who governs Britain over the next four years. In addition, over the 150 days you’ll see some of Sky News’ most recognisable faces appearing live across the country with the likes of Kay Burley, Jason Farrell, Niall Paterson, Eamonn Holmes and many others working hard to help you better understand the election.

John Ryley, Head of Sky News, had this to say of the new segment: “In the Margins will offer our customers the ultimate way to get under the skin of how this country is feeling about politics in the run up to May’s General Election. The rise of the smaller parties has sent a clear message to the government and opposition that the electorate are frustrated with what the traditional parties have to offer, making the outcome of the 2015 election one of the most exciting in recent history.”


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