Sky app released for the PS4

Sky app for Playstation Four

Sky has given Playstation 4 fans reason to rejoice today by releasing their official application for the PS4, just in time to get cosy with all those Christmas films. The move is a crucial one for Sky, whose business plan since the release of Sky Go and Now TV is to transition away from the dedicated satellite and box method of TV broadcast and open up their services to the maximum number of people possible. This, of course, means getting their applications on the highest number of devices possible, and that’s why we’re now seeing a PS4 version of the application. Confusingly though, this isn’t the same as the existing Now TV application for the Playstation 4.

At the moment, there’s a Now TV application for those who subscribe to the internet based service and a separate application for those who want to watch TV programmes from their existing subscription. Also of note is the fact that unlike Sky Go, the Sky application for the PS4 needs either a Sky Multiroom subscription or another £5 on your bill. Presumably this is to deter the high number of students who simply leave home and piggyback on their parents TV subscription by plugging a games console into the TV.

The download, which is around 60mb in size works just as you’d expect it to, though early reports claim that image quality maxes out at just 720p, not quite as much as we’d like from Sky, especially when you’re trying to get the most out of your expensive new PS4. Still, we’ll take what we can get and having Sky support those of us with Playtstation 4’s is icing on what was already a reasonably solid level of support from the British pay-TV giant.

The PS4 has been a runaway success since its release little over a year ago, having launched with a lower price than the Xbox One and slightly better graphics, the console stole the hearts of gamers up and down the country. Latest reports put PS4 sales at well over 10 million units sold around the planet, and following on from Black Friday and Cyber Monday (not to mention the forthcoming hectic Christmas season) we should see some pretty astronomical numbers being touted by Sony once the season is over and done with. That’s why it’s so crucial that Sky ensure that their services are made available on all the major consoles, because any device left untouched is a potential customer turned away.

When it comes to the Wii U or Xbox One, however, we’ve been left in the cold as to when (or if) the service will be arriving on them. Bringing the service to these devices is surely on Sky’s timetable but at present we’re unsure of when. We’ve reached out to Sky to confirm or deny their intentions, and will update this if we hear back from them. Until then though, PS4 owners have a lot to be happy about, just try to get some work done in between watching all those Christmas films. Download the application here.


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