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Sky's 2014 Customer Service in Review

There's nothing more annoying in life than having to wait for customer service, or rather, having to wait for bad customer service. When something isn't working as it should and you have to seek out some help, being misdirected or your issues undervalued can cause immense distress. Sky have come under fire for their customer service in the past, especially in their early years. They were once accused of ignoring customers in favour of profit, and whilst that might have once been true, Sky have consistently worked on their customer service skills and 2014 saw them make greater strides than ever in the quest for satisfied customers. So without further to do, let's dive into their efforts from 2014.

During 2014, Sky invested a total of £20 million into improving their customer service support. That number is split between expert training and and development of their customer service technology. That means faster phone answers and more understanding people on the other end of them too. Sky have also spent a lot of time in 2014 giving customers the opportunity to seek advice through alternative methods than the Sky customer service number. Today, you can also contact them through email and live chat online, which makes the entire thing just that little bit easier.

Ofcom recently published their annual customer satisfaction survey which goes some way to illustrating to show the level of improvement Sky made across the year. Not only in TV, but in broadband and home phone too Sky had customer satisfaction levels which exceeded the average for the industry. Landline and broadband in particular had customer satisfaction levels well above the average, marking a remarkable success for the company.

Sky was also the only company to improve its overall customer satisfaction rating over the last year. Whilst BT, Virgin Media and others either maintained or lost points on their customer satisfaction scores over the year, Sky rose 10 percentage points to reach 79%, which is an industry high. Pay TV alone for Sky has a satisfaction score 81%, up 15% over the last five years. It's not all great news for Sky though, as their broadband service has a customer satisfaction score of 75%, which puts it narrowly behind Virgin.

Looking outside of Ofcom, the NPS survey that Sky perform at the end of customer service calls has seen a bumper year, and has received more information than ever, most of which has gone to prove that Sky are doing better than ever before at customer service.

None of this is to say that Sky intend to rest on their laurels though, oh no, because 2015 promises to be an even bigger year for Sky's customer service teams. With the expansion into Germany and Italy it's going to take a whole new system to deal with those multi-lingual complaints as well as improving how English customer complaints are handled. Chris Stylianou, MD of Customer Service states that customer service is just as valuable to the business as new customers are, and with the way Sky are improving their service, we find that assesment hard to disagree with.

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