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Sky Sports Update: New Broadcasting Agreement

Sky Sports Update: The football league and Sky Sports recently signed a new agreement which extends their broadcasting agreement to five more years. The New Agreement Sky viewers will now have action from the football league until 2018. The agreement also allows sky bet to become the title sponsor of the football league and sky can now offer more live and exclusive matches than they have ever been able to before. The number has now risen by 37 live games a season. When the 2015/16 season kicks off their will be 148 live games being shown on Sky Sports from the Sky Bet Football League, Capital One Cup, and Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. The partnership now means football fans can enjoy matches of all 72 teams from the three lower divisions for the next 5 years. This new announcement on the eve of the new football season is good news for Sky Sports for customers who already have an unrivalled Sports service. It also provides more incentive to stay with Sky instead of swapping to BT’s service. If you would like more information on Sky's service's visit their website: http://www.sky.com/

Sports Update

From the 2015/16 season onwards Sky customers will be able to view 116 Barclays Premier league matches, 112 from across the SkyBet Football League, all three of the Football League play off finals, 15 matches from the Capital One Cup including both legs of the semi finals and the final itself, The Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final and at least two games in the build up to the final. Sky Sports will be also broadcasting highlights from their Sky Bet Football League and the other competitions it televises. This part of the agreement includes television, mobile services, internet and video-on-demand. SkyBet Football league coverage will be screened to all it is available to in HD, at home, on tablets or on mobile devices. This season sky have launched a new service known as FL72 a new service which will show some of the best matches from the football league. Games from the championship, league one and league two will be put in a regular slot at 12:15 on Saturdays on one of the sky sport channels. To celebrate Sky Sports new line up of football action Sky Sports will be free on the first day of the football season. Sky Sports one will replace the normal programs on sky Sports two and pick TV on August the 17th 2013. This take over means millions of home viewers can enjoy a live premier league match, a football league fixture plus a selection of other football shows at no cost what so ever. If you want more information on how to contact Sky click here

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