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Sky Sports Update: Froome Wins the Tour de France


Sky Sports Update

In 2010 Sir David Brailsford stated that he would have a British member of his team win the Tour de France within 5 years of the Sky team being founded in 2010. Many people laughed that him for his ambition as no Briton had ever won the Tour in the 97 years of it’s existence. However in 2012 two years after the Sky team had been created Brailsford had a winner. Bradley Wiggins was the first British man ever to win the Tour de France. Not only in 2012 did Brailsford have a winner but he also had a member of his team take second place; Chris Froome. Froome was born in Nairobi,Kenya, raised in South Africa where he attended boarding school, and he now races for Great Britain for the Sky Pro Cycling Team. And as of yesterday become the second British man ever and the second British man in a row to win the greatest sporting event in the world.  

Froome's Achievement

The Tour de France. Froome set off for the Champs-Elysee in Paris after more than 2,000 miles in the saddle and more than 80 hours of cycling, within 21 stages of cycling. This is equivalent to 21 days in the saddle with only two rest days which occur after every seventh day. Froome’s passion for cycling started when he was a boy in Africa. In Kenya, when Chris was a boy, his mother searched for a mentor for Chris to help develop his passion for cycling so he could become the best his abilities would allow. David Kinjah is the man she chose. While living in Kenya Chris would ride with David almost daily and would travel in excess of 70km when still a young boy. This encouragement and development helped to sculpt Chris into the athlete and champion of the Tour de France that we see today. The Sky rider still keeps in close contact with his old mentor and often sends him souvenirs from wherever he happens to be racing. The most common gift's are his shoes so his old mentor and friend can feel the weight of his races and still be a part of Froome’s life. Froome feels that due to his mother and mentor he is where he is now, and without them he wouldn’t now have his joy and passion of riding. This can be seen through the image of him and his teammates crossing the finish line with their arms around their backs in one single line, showing how much this team effort means not just to Froome but to the entire Sky team. For more information on the Sky Pro Cycling team visit their website: http://www.teamsky.com/

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