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Sky+HD 2TB or Sky Q?

Are you trying to choose between upgrading to a Sky+ HD 2TB box and a Sky Q set up? You're not the only one. For customers happy with the way Sky+ works and have run out of space in their existing Sky+ box, the temptation to buy an aftermarket or used Sky+ 2TB box is a strong one. However, upgrading with Sky means that you get one of their exciting new Sky Q boxes. They support a wider range of On Demand content and streaming online video from the likes of YouTube and Netflix, plus the ability to watch 4K broadcasts from Sky, record up to 6 programmes at the same time and stream your recordings or live TV to your tablet, smartphone or laptop. So, which do you choose? Well, Sky have recently retired new Sky+ boxes for existing customers, so you'll have to go aftermarket if you're interested in the 2TB + box. However, Sky Q also offer a 2TB box, for a little extra cash. We believe that's the best choice for most consumers as it means the latest and greatest technology, plus continued official support from Sky going forward. What follow is our original article covering the release of the Sky+HD 2TB box.

Sky Service Update

It seems every year Sky releases a new sky box for their existing customers to upgrade to, and for new potential customers to buy. This year is no different. Sky has recently released the Sky+HD 2TB Box. This new box promises to include all the features of previous boxes but improve their capabilities. The normal Sky+ box and Sky+HD box both offer the same features; they can record by touching once button, you can pause and rewind live TV, remotely record online or with a smart phone, they are both HD ready, ready for on demand, they’re both 3D ready for sky entertainment customers and they both have 185 hours worth of recording space. The main differences are that the Sky+HD box has up to 66 HD channels ready and waiting for use with the correct packages, the box also has 60 hours recording space for HD programs.  

The Service Update

The Sky+HD 2TB box offers all these features as well. The main difference is the recording space, it offer 1180 hours of standard TV recording space and 350 hours worth of HD recording space. This makes life so much easier; every sky customer dreads it when the remaining percentage of storage drops below 20%. TV series are racking up, nature documentaries, kids programs, programs you don’t remember recording, and for many people most importantly sporting events and/or sporting highlights such as match of the day. Now with all the added space life becomes so much easier, you will never have to worry about running out of space with your 2 terabits of data storage. This will ultimately make your life easier as with more space you have not reason to ever miss your favourite programs. The box is relatively cheap to upgrade to if you have the Sky+HD box. If you have the Sky+HD box to upgrade it will only cost £49 for the box itself. The set up can be done by you at home. However if it is your first Sky Box the setup will cost you an additional £60. Another catch to the box is that you are required to have it for a minimum of 12 months, though for many this will not be a problem. The Sky+HD 2TB box aside from the huge storage capacity is the same as any other digibox. It provides hundreds of entertaining channels; sport, movies, documentaries and more. Its extremely easy to for you to use, and the recording features make your TV time more enjoyable as you can fit it around your busy schedule. For more information the on the new sky box visit their website here: http://www.sky.com/products/kit/sky-plus-hd-2tb-box/

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