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Sky News Update: Upgrading of Set-Top Boxes To Ward Off BT

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Sky News Update: The company are set to upgrade and promote their set-top boxes, after BT offer free Premier League coverage to their broadband consumers. The broadcasting and broadband company are currently under a reasonable amount of pressure due to the tight competition with competitor British Telecom. The company are therefore having to think up new ways in which to entice new customers to subscribe to their service, as well as keep their current consumers. However, this is extremely difficult as BT are already offering an impressive deal to their broadband customers, who receive access to Premier League Football coverage for free. Sky have recently announced that they plan to make an investment of seventy million pounds into the business, that will go towards improving their broadband connectivity as well as their on-demand television service. In an attempt to ward off the competition, the broadcasting company are planning to firstly, upgrade their set-top boxes and then re-promote them. These boxes provide wifi within the consumer home, the ability to use the internet on their televisions, as well on their internet-based devices such as tablets and laptops when out and about. The upgrade will consist of improved and updating content as well as providing a better user experience such as faster and stronger connectivity.

Updates For Sky

Sky are therefore trying to provide cheaper ways for their consumers to access their premium and highest quality content, in an attempt to rival BT’s sports package offer. The company are staying strong and remaining positive throughout the reports that BT are now worth more that twice that of themselves or have signed up over five hundred thousand households before the service was even launched. This could be due to the mass of investment and future plans the company has up it’s sleeves. The broadband provider has invested hundreds of millions of pounds into projects that they believe will eventually make them the most dominant company in their market. These investments include partnerships and sponsorships. If you are a Sky customer and have an enquiry about your current tariff or would just like some more information then you can ring their contact number where a member of their customer services team will give you the relevant information, advice and support. Alternatively, if you would like to know the latest products and services they have to offer you can visit their official website by clicking here.

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  1. Missy - Reply    March 11 ,2015  

    People noamrlly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

  2. Miftahul - Reply    March 12 ,2015  

    Hello,(ANS) I would be extremely suprrised if broadband is any good because sky are definitely the new kid on the block as far as offering an ISP (Internet service provider) services.**Look broadband has now been around for around quite a few years now the larger and more well established companies offering broadband have a wealth of experience behind them where as this cannot be said of . With their main experience is in TV and broadcasting NOT telephony or internet access.**Put it this way for example:- I wouldn\'t buy my postal services from a company that offers car mechanic repairs as well? Its basically the same don\'t have a proven track record of internet services so I doubt it would be up to much?**If they are throwing web access for free in your package then may be? But if you want a high quality internet service go else where would be my advise.PS: Don\'t touch AOL with a barge pole.IvanVA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes) http://hepbnn.com [url=http://hnjesy.com]hnjesy[/url] [link=http://iceahjmay.com]iceahjmay[/link]

  3. Bharti - Reply    March 14 ,2015  

    the free version of the brnobdaad offer is only 2gb download a month which is very very low you cant even watch one online full film a month with that best to pay the extra a35 a month which works out at a31.25 a week extra and you get 40gb download a monthVA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

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