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Sky News Update: Sky Sports Apologises

Sky Sports Golf Coverage

Sky news update: Sky Sports have offered a sincere apology after Helen Alfredsson, commentator, made an offensive joke over the Glasgow incident.

Recently a horrific accident occurred in Scotland. A helicopter crashed into a pub which has killed a minimum of eight people and fourteen others are currently being treated in hospital for their injuries obtained during the crash. Sky Sports have recently issued a sincere apology regarding an alleged joke made about the terrible incident which occurred in Glasgow. The comment which was made by female golfing commentator Helen Alfredsson appalled and offended many viewers resulting in a string of extremely angry complaints. While on air she made a comment about a helicopter which was passing close over head.

The comment was related to the flying skills of the pilot and how she hoped that the pilot in question was better than the ones they have in Scotland. The well renown ex Swedish golfer regrets the comment she made while commenting on Sky Sports; the remark was made while commentating on the Dubai Ladies Masters. Her distasteful comment was quickly reported by viewers who thought it was out of order and upsetting. Alfredsson has now apologised for her comment and understands the disturbing nature of the comment and the pain that it could have caused many viewers.

It is reported that Helen Alfredsson has been described as a creep, and many have called for her sacking over the comment. Sky Sports quickly distanced themselves from the source of the comment and made an extremely fast apology, to customers who found the comment offensive, to show where they stand on the situation. They have deemed the comment unacceptable and are debating which action to take regarding Alfredsson.

Sky News Update

The event occurred while Sky was covering the Dubai Ladies Masters, which is a prestigious golf tournament. Sky offers many other sports of their channels such as bowling, football, male golfing, netball, American football, tennis and boxing. This wide variety gives them a big advantage over other competitors; it also provides incentive for customers to subscribe to their services. Being one of the biggest firms in the UK and Ireland means it is crucial for Sky to maintain and grow their subscriber base at every possible opportunity.

They’re range of products such as Sky Movies, Sky Sports, other television channels; broadband and telephony offer a variety of ways for sky to grow their subscriber base. However the latest controversy over Alfredsson’s comment may put people off joining Sky due to the potentially hurtful comments which could arise at any moment.

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