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Sky News Update: Sky Reprimanded over Advert

Sky news update: Sky are being forced to deal with a large influx of complaints from viewers after a condom advert was screened immediately after Ice Age 4.

Ice Age is a children’s film series, the first of which was originally produced and shown in cinemas during 2002. The film follows an adventure of some very unlikely friends: Sid the Sloth, Manny the Mammoth and Diego the Sabre-tooth Tiger. The one-off film has turned into a full series of films with the latest edition being Ice Age: Continental Drift (the fourth in the series).

Sky have aired all of the movies over the years but this time, following the broadcast of this installment Sky are being forced to deal with hundreds of complaints. An advert they aired directly after Ice Age 4 was for the company Durex. The advert, screened directly after the film finished, included the saying "great sex" and this angered many viewers who felt it was extremely inappropriate to show when younger audiences were undoubtedly within the vicinity of the television.

Sky News Update

The condom advert which showed what appeared to be a couple having sex has caused Sky to receive a firm warning from governing powers. The advert showed several couples in a variety of positions - presumably sexual ones - including a woman who had chosen to mount a man. This prompted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to rule that this could have been interpreted as sexual activity and it is therefore inappropriate for the younger audience. To make matters worse for Sky the advert, which thousands watched, had a voice over encouraging members of the public to enjoy sex.

Sky have defended their actions by saying that they have kept to the guidelines which prevents the advert being shown until after 9pm, the advert was shown on Sky Movies Premier at 9:32pm. They have also stated that their ratings which have been studied and released post transmission showed that a 0% index of the children watching happened to be between the ages of four and nine. One viewer is adamant that the advert was completely inappropriate and has stated to the ASA, the film would likely appeal to those under the age of 16, therefore the advert should be considered improper for viewing after a children’s film.

The ASA have stated it was not inappropriate as no nudity or sexual activity was shown to audiences, although they did concede that the voiceover added a sensuous nature to the advert. They finally stated that the advert was inline with time restrictions however broadcasters should take more care when deciding on times to show adverts to avoid controversy. Sky has avoided any serious repercussions though it is thought they should take more care in future decisions.

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