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Sky News Update: Sky Offers Broadband Deal to Rival BT's

Sports TV Broadband Package

Sky News Update: Sky have launched a broadband and tv deal to keep them in the running with rivals BT to offer the best broadband and sports TV coverage. In a direct retaliation to BT’s offer, Sky have initiated a scheme wherein customers receive free unlimited broadband when they sign up to Sky Sports. The television package which offers coverage of all the major sporting events is usually charged at £42.50 per month. New and existing customers will be offered free unlimited broadband with only the charge of the £14.50 line rental needing paying. This offers customers the chance to save £60 over the year. This is an inverted offer of BT’s which is aimed to promote their new sports channel which is free to customers already subscribed to BT broadband. Sky are also offering discounted broadband to customers if they are currently subscribed to Sky TV but not Sky Sports. This offer is the basic line rental plus just £3.75 per month. For customers who are not subscribed to any form of Sky TV there is a basic charge of £19.50 per month for the unlimited broadband package. This is advertised as £5 per month with the additional line rental of £14.50. The additional offer of Sky’s version of superfast broadband – Sky Fibre Unlimited – is offered for free for the first six months and then a flat rate of £20 per month afterwards, if they sign up to Sky Sports TV. Those who are not Sky TV customers can get Sky Fibre Unlimited for half price for the first six months with no obligation to sign up to any TV packages. All of the broadband offers are only available for a limited amount of time and are only available to customers looking to buy into the Sky Broadband service or existing customers who want to upgrade to a Sky Fibre Unlimited.

What Customer's Get When They Sign Up

BT Sport, the new sports channels from telecommunications company BT is being offered at £31 per month and includes the sports channels and the broadband service. Given the recent news that Sky have plans to increase their charges by a minimum 10%, it is rumoured that this service from BT may pose a serious threat to Sky’s reign over sports coverage. If you are an avid sports fan the best thing to do, as with anything, is to compare the packages offered by both providers. Although on average Sky charge more, some of their packages offer access to content that is not otherwise available. Also, Sky still deliver the most comprehensive sports package on the market and so it is important to look at what sports you are interested in watching. BT will be offering extensive coverage of the Premier League but Sky Sports cover The Ashes and the US Open (for example) and, other than highlights, these cannot be viewed on via other TV providers. If you are interested in taking out contracts with either BT or Sky, please contact them directly via the telephone numbers listed.

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