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What is the Sky News App?

Since the original publication of this article Sky have made a number of alterations to their applications, including the addition of live streaming news events from around the world and dedicated breaking news sections, where you can check in on a live feed of the most vital stories of the moment, which can then be sent to your Chromecast. It's just one of the many applications that Sky offer for customers on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

What follows is our original coverage of the Sky News app.

Sky news update: Sky has multiple apps available for download on the iOS and Android market place. Their most popular is their Sky news app.

The app itself is split into several different sections these are: News, Live TV, Bulletins and Your Report. Each one has a particular purpose and is easy to use. News: This section of the Sky News app includes the day’s breaking news; it is the most commonly viewed section of the app due to it including the top stories of the day so you can easily access the news as you progress through your day. You can also switch between UK and World news to stay informed about the current events whether it is about Politics, war or new laws of their nation; or people may watch local news to be informed about what is popular today or what is going on in their county or state.

Live TV: This section includes Live TV straight to your mobile. It is Sky News direct to you without having to be at home watching the television; it is also a very commonly viewed by users of the app as It includes the top stories, which can be read on the app, in much more detail accompanied by interviews, articles and audio commentary. The Live TV section is for when people are keeping themselves updated on current affairs

Sky News Update

Bulletins: This section on the Sky News app is a very simple yet effective concept. This zone on the app is perfect for people who have a tight schedule and wish to gain information quickly. There are three regions within this zone: Headlines, Showbiz and Weather. Each gives you a very fast overview of the latest news. These small videos can be accessed anywhere with internet connection and last roughly one to four minutes per video.

Your Report: Is exactly what it sounds like; you have the ability to send in your own report on the current affairs or a potentially major story happening near you. You can attach a photograph of the event and you will have to add a small caption explaining what is happening. Your story could potentially lead to a full scale story on Sky News.

You will also have to fill in your name, email, phone number and location in case Sky wish to contact you on the issue you have reported to you. There is another section on the app; Sky Apps. This simply tells you about Sky’s apps and explains how to access them. Overall the app is easy to use and provides the latest stories no matter where you are.

Contact Sky for more information on any of the products and services mentioned in this article.

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