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Sky Multiscreen or Sky Q Mini?

Every since the launch of Sky Q, many customers have been asking what will happen to Sky Multiscreen. Would it continue to be supported for Sky+ customers, or would it be phased out in favour of Sky Q? Well, the good news is that Sky Multiscreen will continue to be operated for Sky+ customers. However, the service is not available with Sky Q. Instead, Sky Q uses multiple smaller boxes called Sky Q Mini boxes to access all the functionality and recordings of your main Sky Q box within you home. The service also allows you to stream your recordings anywhere you go, directly to your smartphone or tablet. Best of all? This is not a paid service for Sky Q customers, but a built in feature available to everyone. What follows is our original article outlining the features of Sky Multiscreen. Sky news update: multiscreen is a service currently being offered by Sky to users. It gives users the ability to watch different shows in different rooms.

Have you ever been watching your favourite program in one room and somebody else has changed the channel in another and interrupted your viewing pleasure? Well Sky Multiscreen removes this problem. With multiscreen you receive several special services. You can access Sky TV in as many rooms as you wish with your special package. In each room you can watch a different television program's simultaneously.

You are granted Sky Go extra with this package for no extra cost; with this you will be able to download you favourite shows anywhere regardless of whether you are connected to wifi or not. With these features you will be able to enjoy top entertainment shows, sports and of course movies anywhere in or out of your home with no interruption from fellow family members. You will be able to download and watch shows on up to four separate devices without internet connection making your television shows even easier to watch, no matter where you are.

Sky News Update

To get access to this remarkable feature first you must have the Sky HD Multiscreen box. It is perfect to partner your Sky HD Box in another room. When you buy this box it comes HD ready and equipped with 45 different HD channels to choose from, when you have the Sky Entertainment Extra+ and the Sky HD pack. You will have the ability to watch movies, sports, documentaries and many more television shows which will all be available throughout your home. You can set reminders on the multiscreen box to make sure that you never miss any of your favourite shows, as you will never have to record another program as long as you are in the house.

This fantastic service also comes 3D ready if you have a compatible television, Sky Entertainment Extra and are a 3D TV customer. Sky offers this service for one main reason: customer satisfaction. They believe that the customer should always have the best satisfaction while using their products and therefore created this service. It benefits the whole family and creates an easier way to watch favourite programs. Sky hope this customer satisfaction will increase the amount of customers they have in the future and push for another million mark, such as when they reached over 1 million sports subscribers earlier this year.

Sky offer a range of products, more information on which can be found when you call the phone number for the Sky customer services department.

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