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Can you Search Sky Cinema by Decade?

Sky cinema decades

We all have our favourite decades for movies. Whether it's the romance of the fifties, the experimental work of the sixties, the hard hitting drama of the seventies, the explosion of teen cinema in the eighties or the movies of the nineties, aughts or the tens. Whatever your tastes demand, Sky Cinema have something for everybody.

The question many ask though is whether it's possible to search by decade? The answer, sadly, is no. Using their 'find a movie' tool, you can select by genre and certificate, but not by decade.

Sky do, however, offer various 'collections' which bring together various genres or films of a certain era. It's at this time that you're most likely to find films of a certain vintage. Their tools are excellent at finding out what's new on Sky Cinema though, so don't be afraid to use them.

What follows is our original article, discussing Sky's "decades" season.

Sky news update: Sky Movies are offering up a feast of decade specific movies for the month of September: a week per decade starting with the seventies.

Whatever your preference when it comes to movies, Sky have got the perfect package this September as they serve up four weeks of movies all dedicated to the best of each decade. This idea should beat some of the back-to-school, autumn blues that plague us all.

The progression of movies through the decades covers the thrillers of the seventies to the blockbuster movies of the noughties means there is a week for everyone as well as giving avid film fans the chance to sample films they might otherwise not choose to watch. There is even the additional bonus of being able to watch these movies On Demand so you get the full benefit of the best movies of each decade as well as watch them whenever it suits you. There are no scheduling restrictions.

This On Demand function even includes a selection from the sixties so viewers don’t miss out on the chance to watch Psycho, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Easy Rider.

Each week Sky Movies are showing the crème de la crème of movies and the first week of September will provide respite from the world in the form of a series of movies from the 1970s. When you think back to the cinematography of the decade, the movies that spring to mind include, but are not limited to: Kramer vs Kramer; The Night of the Jackal; The Exorcist; A Clockwork Orange; Taxi Driver and McCabe and Mrs Miller.

The eighties promises to rekindle some of those youthful memories with the likes of The Fly (1986); Back To The Future parts I and II; Batman; Pretty in Pink; The Abyss: Special Edition and of course Ghostbusters II. As if that wasn’t enough, the eighties week promises to reunite film lovers with Big; The Karate Kid; A View to a Kill and The Living Daylights – the fourteenth and fifteenth James Bond films.

The third week in September is dedicated to the 1990s and that decade that built the foundation for the massive blockbuster movies of the noughties that saw the film industry become one of the largest grossing in its history. Some of the films that will be aired that week include: Happy Gilmore; Speed; Jurassic Park; The Full Monty; The Mask; Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day and Notting Hill.

Finally, the week leading up to the 29th September will see the biggest films of the last decade: School of Rock; Finding Nemo; Bad Boys II; Seven; Kill Bill Vol. I; Pirates of the Caribbean; Spider-man 2 and a couple more Bond films: Casino Royale and The Day After Tomorrow.

The selections of movies available to watch On Demand can be found by following this link http://skymovies.sky.com/decades-on-sky-movies. All of the movies are available for a limited time and only to those who have a contract with Sky that includes the Movies package.

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