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Sky News Update: Sky Looking to Advertise on Trains

Sky news update: In an innovative new move, Sky are taking advantage of commuters’ exhaustion & will transmit adverts as they rest their heads on windows. Sky Deutschland have developed a system wherein commuters who are feeling the strain of the working week taking its toll on their bodies will experience the bizarre sensation of hearing adverts but not being able to identify their source. As commuters lean their heads against the windows of trains, they will ‘hear’ adverts that encourage them to download the SkyGo application. The idea will use the same technology as hearing aids and headphones – bone conduction technology. This uses vibrations in the skull to transmit sounds into the inner ear. The idea is for the tired commuters who opt to rest their heads on the windows to suddenly hear a voice encouraging them to download Sky’s SkyGo app. No one else can hear this message; it is personal to each commuter. SkyGo is an app which allows Sky customers to catch up on shows they’ve missed, stream live television, watch television programmes and films on demand and a whole host of other things. It is a brilliant app for those with busy lives or travel extensively but the bizarre transmission of the adverts means they are experiencing a form of almost subliminal advertising; a rather underhand tactic in the eyes of those in the business. What will actually happen is that there will be a transmitter fitted in the window, a Sky-branded one but made by company Audiva, and it will be triggered by the customer’s head resting on the window. It is the bone-conduction technology that ensures it just being the one commuter who hears the advert. It is unconfirmed when this new campaign will be launched but given that the advert is being promoted as not new advertising but new technology, Sky and Audiva are eager to get it launched as soon as possible. Additionally, because it is technology it is not specific to advertising – it can be used for music, transport updates, weather reports and anything else that may need to be conveyed to commuters! For more information on the products, services and advertising campaigns for Sky, contact them directly using the Sky customer service phone number. This website has information on their movements within the business world as well as the contact details for their customer services departments. If you are interested in becoming a Sky member, use these contact details and speak with a member of their customer services department.

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