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Sky News Update: Sky Enlist Glasgow Contractor

sky tv contractors Scotland and Ireland

Sky News Update: Sky have enlisted the help of Glasgow based contractor Campbell and Kennedy to assist with the TV supply to Scotland and Ireland. Television broadcaster Sky have chosen Glasgow based TV installation contractor Campbell and Kennedy as their main supplier for the Scotland and Northern Ireland regions. “The deal widens an existing contract with Sky, by giving the firm three new areas to cover, including Edinburgh and Galashiels. The deal is thought to be worth at least £3m a year to the firm. Campbell & Kennedy hopes to serve about 20,000 new customers a year on behalf of Sky. It also expects to install up to 20,000 communal TV infrastructure points a year to both privately-factored blocks and social housing in the next year. Campbell & Kennedy said the expansion of its network highlighted the company's performance in its long-standing partnership with Sky. Managing director Gerry Kennedy said: "We have been working with Sky for over 10 years now and are delighted that we are now an even bigger partner to Sky Homes. "We understand that the success of our business is the result of the team we have working for us." As well as providing Sky TV communal installations, Campbell & Kennedy has expanded into new areas. It now runs three other divisions, specialising in green energy installations, electrical contracting and fire safety equipment installations and training. The company, which turns 60 years old this year, works with property managers, local authorities and housing associations as well as providing services for commercial organisations throughout the UK.” Sky are currently being faced with competition from UK based telecommunications company BT as they launch a rival sports channel to deliver coverage of the Premier League. This channel is offered in collaboration with the telecommunication company’s internet service to entice customers to switch services but Sky are simply returning the offer along with additional services such as movies and on-demand services. All of the above may explain why Sky have launched such a big campaign to cover the Scottish and Irish regions; the more people they reach the more chance they have of beating out their adversaries at BT. This article was originally sourced from www.bbc.co.uk. For more information from Sky and any of the products and services they offer, contact them directly and speak to one of their friendly and helpful customer services assistants. Sky offer a range of services including television channels, landline and internet services and offer a vast number of deals where you can get more than one of these services for one, often discounted, price.

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