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Sky News Update: Sky Advert Banned

Sky News Update: Television advert for Sky broadband starring Bruce Willis banned for detailing misleading information regarding the prices of the services. Bruce Willis is a one of the biggest film stars in the world, making movies such as the Die Hard series, RED, The Sixth Sense and so on. But he’s hit a bump with one of his recent roles in a television advert for Sky broadband. The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) have deemed that the advert does not contain enough information with regards to the service they are offering. Willis plays himself in the advert complaining about his slow broadband. The character he complains to, suggests he change his broadband provider to Sky who offer an unlimited broadband service. A voice then speaks over the advert and says that this service costs £7.50 per month but the small print across the bottom of the page explains that this offer is only available to existing Sky TV customer. Hence ASA’s decision to ban the advert. The ASA’s attention was drawn to this factor after one customer complained about the lack of detail regarding the commitment that is demanded by Sky for customers to receive the advertised £7.50 service. Sky Talk at £14.50 per month needs to be purchased – this provides calls and the line rental – before you can get Sky broadband and as for Sky TV, their lowest monthly payment is £21.50 per month. It is not prerequisite that customers are a Sky TV customer in order to get Sky broadband but this deal in particular is only available for £7.50 to those who are. Those who are just Sky Talk customers are offered the unlimited broadband service at £10 per month. Sky’s response to ASA’s claims that the advert was not designed for existing Sky customers and therefore charges considered to be ‘relevant’ to those interested in entering into the deal with Sky, is simply that they did make it clear what the charges were set to be. Companies use the idea of the ‘average customer’ to establish how informative their adverts are and Sky argue that the ‘average customer’ would understand the expected commitment. The conclusion is that ASA will not allow the advert to be aired without these details being included. If you are interested in any of the products and services offered by Sky, or if you would like to find out more information about the service that you currently receive, speak with a member of the Sky customer services department. All the contact information can be found here

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