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Sky News Update: New Customers Get £100 Off New Bill

Sky news update: Over this weekend, Saturday 14th December and Sunday 15th December, Sky is offering a very festive deal of £100 back on your first bill.

Christmas is a time of giving and for that reason Sky are giving £100 off your first bill that you have to pay if you sign up within the two day window. If you manage to sign up before Monday 16th December users will be credited with £100 on their first bill, due to be paid in January.

Effectively this means there will be no charge for new Sky subscriptions agreed over that weekend in December during January as the average premium pay-TV subscription costs roughly £66 a month in Britain, as found by Ofcom. For the consumer, this is very beneficial Christmas can be an expensive time and therefore you may be longing for that first pay day after Christmas. To be eligible for this festive offer new customers must sign up for a Sky television package that meets a certain criteria - for instance it must cost between £21.50 and £62 a month.

Sky News Update

If you successfully manage to join Sky by Monday 16th December, the service should be fully installed and up and running by Christmas. This means you will be just in time to tune in to watch the Sky Movies Christmas channel which is showing back to back Christmas films such as Elf up until the end of the month. Users will also be able to see TV premiers of huge films such as Iron Man 3. You will likely receive very little trouble when you have Sky installed as it has recently be announced by Ofcom that Sky was found to have the least complaints of any pay-TV supplier.

However there maybe be less of a need to buy Sky and install a satellite disk to the side of your house. If you want to, it is possible to buy a NOW TV box which will transform your regular TV into an interactive Smart TV. NOW TV will allow you to buy Sky Movies at a fixed fee per month, you will also be able to buy a One Day Pass for Sky Sports as well. Customers can also access the Sky store in order to view Sky Movies and TV shows.

Another alternate option, if you purely want to see Champions League football, is to watch highlights of the Champions League on Twitter as Sky have recently launched a new incentive for both Champions League games and the Ashes where they publish links to their highlights on Twitter for anyone to view.

Although £100 may potentially be thought by some customers to not be the most generous offer ever, it is very generous just before Christmas and could open up your family entertainment for the festive season. If you are interested in receiving the services of Sky, contact the Sky customer service department directly. All the information can be found if you click here.

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