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Launch Of Sky's Now TV - UPDATED

Since the original publication of this article, Now TV has grown to become a huge part of the Sky business, helping hundreds of thousands of young people, students, renters and people in listed buildings get access to Sky TV. Along with that expansion has come new packages, including passes for kids, Sky Sports passes, Sky Cinema passes, and even bundles with home broadband too. Perhaps most importantly of all though, Now TV is now available on more than the box described below. Today, it's available on smartphones, tablets, Chromecast, TVs, games consoles and much, much more, making it incredibly easy to jump on the Sky wagon. Read on to discover our original coverage of the Now TV launch.

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: New box, Now TV, is launched so non-Sky subscribers can watch channels over the internet. Costing only £10, it doesn't require a contract. Sky have recently launched their new TV box, aimed at those who currently don’t have the most up to date television, in terms of internet access. The box is called Now TV and costs a mere ten pounds and promises to be smaller than a small notebook, something that is particularly important these days due to household’s lack of space and storage. The technology behind the product is that the box uses a High-Definition Multimedia Interface to connect to the user’s television where it then users their Wifi service to access the internet and stream channels.

More Sky Updates

Sky have also got future plans for the box and have said that they will be adding more applications, content and features to the service in the coming months. This obviously depends on if the box turns out to be a success or not. Some are saying that this release was in response to the current very competitive market the company are in, especially with rivals BT launching a similar service to their own Sky Sports. However, this could be the component that keeps Sky ahead of the game, as it has been experiencing a rise in subscriptions over the last year; an increase of twenty-eight million. This is a massive increase and is due to consumers adding different packages onto their original Sky subscription. However, although there are many positive figures, they have also experienced just below an eleven percent drop out rate for customers. Sky have said that they know that the next twelve months will be increasingly challenging but they are assured that with new plans for new products and services they will be able to stay ahead of the game and their rivals. For more information on Sky broadband and the products and services they have to offer, contact them through the Sky Telephone Number where you can talk to their customer services department, or alternatively you can visit their Official Website.

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