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Can you get Now TV on Chromecast?

Sky News Update

Since the launch of Now TV, Sky have made huge efforts to get their streaming alternative on as many devices as physically possible, leading to strong growth. As such, today you'll find that Now TV is a pre-installed application on TVs, and is also available for games consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers. In total, there are hundreds of compatible Now TV devices, but is the Chromecast one of them? The short answer is yes: If you download the Now TV application for Android or iOS and have a Chromecast set-up on your wireless network, you can send your favourite Sky programming to your TV. What follows is our original article, discussing Sky's ambition to launch an app for the Chromecast. Sky News Update: The broadcasting and broadband company say they are interested in launching an App for Google’s Chromecast device. The broadcasting company have only just released it’s Now TV box, a low cost box that allows consumers to stream programmes, watch on-demand television and catch up on programmes they may have missed, through their broadband connection. The benefit of this box is that it only costs ten pounds and there is no contract for the consumer; they do not need to be a subscribing customer. However, as knew as this may be, the company are already looking at the next step and how they can take the product further. Sky have therefore stated that they would be keen to create their own Chromecast App for the streaming device, owned by Google, when it is available within the United Kingdom. Chromecast is a streaming device that looks much like a USB stick, that streams content from an android device, such as a smartphone or tablet onto a television, so the consumer is able to watch it on a larger screen. It is an easy and simple to use product that performs well. However, there are currently very few Apps to watch channels from and therefore if Sky were to release an App for the product, it could be really profitable for the broadcasting company. Currently in the US, there is much excitement and anticipation for future App creators.

Updates for Sky

The company has big future plans for these services and wants them available on game consoles, that are also advancing dramatically at an incredibly past pace. There is already the ability to watch movies and access the internet on them, but the company also wants users to be able to live stream channels and catch of on missed programmes through their console. This would be done by a NowTV box being inbuilt within the console. The consumer would also not need to pay any extra to use the service as one does not need to have a subscription. If you are a Sky customer and would like to know more information on all their latest products and services on offer then you can visit their official website. On the other hand, if you would like to keep up with all the latest news and company updates, click here to access our news feed. For more Sky information, search our website at https://www.skytelephonenumber.com//

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