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Sky News Update: Flintoff Added to Sky Sports Commentary Quota

Andrew Flintoff T20 Commentary

Sky news update: Ex-cricket star Andrew Flintoff is tipped to be the next retired sportsman to join the roster on Sky with a documentary on the Amazon.

The Sky Sports cricket commentary team is already jam-packed with old England captains and stars and Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff is tipped to be the next man to join the team. The first step has been taken and Flintoff will appear in a flagship documentary about him spending a month in the Amazon rainforest and endeavouring to save it and its inhabitants.

The month was spent as part of Sky’s dedication to preserving one of the world’s natural wonders and for which Flintoff received six-figure sum. Sky have a corporate social responsibility for embarking on projects such as this one and they have a host of figures that could have been selected for the role but it is proving to be his way in.

Alongside this documentary is Sky Sports’ refurbished T20 coverage and it is likely that Flintoff will be involved with that as his nickname, “Freddie” refers to Fred Flintstone and his ability to wield a bat and send balls crashing into the stands.

Sky News Update

However fleetingly, he was also an England cricket captain and his experience is as vast as any of the men already commentating – if not more due to his perpetually controversial behaviour. The new T20 coverage will surely play to Flintoff’s strengths with regards to the type of play that commences as well as format of commentating that they offer.

The commentary box at the cricket is getting somewhat crowded with Andrew Strauss the most recent addition and all of them with impressive accolades ranging from being “just” the England captain to winning the Ashes for the first time in Australia in nearly 25 years. They all have different levels of experience and strengths when they were out on the field and that comes through into the commentary.

The addition of Flintoff into the T20 commentary should assist with the rejuvenation as well and as the format moves into a more solid status now being ten years old, more and more “T20 experts” will be finding themselves moving beyond the ability to play, the chance to commentate will become more and more appealing.

Cricket’s shorter formats are also becoming ever more popular with the general public as they demand more fierce performances from the players and spectators are guaranteed a result. The draw of Flintoff will add to this too.

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