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Coverage of the Ashes Down Under Confirmed

Sky news update: the infamous cricket competition between England and Australia will get underway in the last week of November, and Sky will be there. Coverage will be spread across Sky Sports channels, including the dedicated Sky Sports Ashes channel; Sky Sports applications and much more.

During the summer’s Ashes series, held in England, Sky Sports made sure every ball was covered and even changed the name of their flagship channel Sky Sports 2 to Sky Sports Ashes. This allowed for some very comprehensive coverage as there was not only live action from every Test match played in this most elite of series, but there was also the chance to watch the warm-up matches, some county games as well as all of the matches between the two that followed: the T20s and ODIs.

For this winter’s return competition held of course in Australia everything is a little different. To start with back-to-back Ashes is incredibly rare and due to this case the two teams are incredibly similar, there has been no natural selection as players retire or become injured. This of course means that all of the drama that encompassed the summer series is still fresh in the minds of the players.

The competition is hotter than ever – and Sky will be there for every ball

Sky News Update

Coverage of the series will not be quite as thorough as it was over the summer almost purely due to the time difference between the UK and Australia. When the match is just beginning at 11am at the respective grounds in Australia, those of us in England will be in dreamland. Therefore the focus is more on the highlights and making sure all of those who wish to keep up to date with the events are fully informed.

In reality this started on Sky Sports weeks if not months ago. With big tournaments like this one the idea is to build as much interest as possible – including reporting on the progress of the team through the airport and respective travel arrangements.

Former England captain Alastair Cook was quoted at the press conference held the day before the first Test in 2013 declaring that “we’re not intimidated and we’ve got nothing to fear” - something we hope still holds true. For the fans the hope lies solely with this being a good competition – Australia are looking to regain a title they have lost and are at risk of having more records stacked against them, whereas England are looking to concrete themselves as the superior team.

All of the action can be followed live on Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2 HD overnight in England as well as there being plenty of highlights available on the go throughout the day. Contact Sky to discuss receiving these channels.

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