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Sky News Update: BT Secure NBA Coverage Over Sky

Sky news update: Sky’s main rivals, BT, have recently secured the rights to broadcast NBA within the UK. This could have potential negative impacts on Sky.

BT has recently, 28th November 2013, added NBA, National Basketball Associations, to their growing collection of sports rights for their three sports channels. Over the course of last weekend, 30th November 2013-1st December 2013, the first live NBA games have been shown on the BT sport channels. The idea, behind securing the rights for international sports, is to bolster their metaphorical arsenal so that they can battle with Sky to attract as many sports fans as possible. This could cause problems for Sky as BT’s range is rapidly growing since its launch in August compared to Sky’s range of sports.

BT have been causing major ripples for Sky this year, initially they secured the rights to thirty eight Barclays Premier League games which forced Sky to increase their bidding price. Earlier in November they caused an even bigger stir, they secured all the Champions League rights for nine hundred million from the 2015/2016 season onwards for the next three seasons. This had a huge impact on Sky causing share prices to fall by 11% removing over £1billion of their market worth.

Sky News Update

The deal to show the top division of American basketball is set to last several years. The first game to be shown on BT sport was an enthralling game between Indiana Pacers and LA Clippers, a further one hundred ninety nine games, to take the total to two hundred, will be shown over the rest of the season. Sky already owns the rights to a major American sport.

They broadcast live NFL games to the UK and Ireland due to the increasing European following the sport has. Sport is becoming a key component in BT and Sky’s fight for British broadband market. BT acquiring the rights to NBA is a potential problem for Sky.

It creates more incentive for customers to either move to or join BT over Sky. Currently Sky needs the best support and best subscriber growth possible due to the recent fall is share prices caused by the loss of the Champions League rights. Ideally Sky desperately need to improve the range of sports they offer or create another incentive to join them over BT. Sky are currently the dominant power operating within the market however to maintain their supremacy they need to fend off the relentless efforts of BT which could prove to be extremely dangerous.

If you are interested in learning more about the exclusive rights that Sky have for broadcasting live sports, click here.

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