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Sky News Update: BT and Sky Movies Reach Deal

Sky news update: after three years of debates, Sky Movies have struck a deal with BT to offer the latter’s customers the chance to view more than 700 movies.

As the rivalry between the two companies rages on with regards to their sports coverage, BT and Sky have finally reached a deal to offer BT customers access to more than 700 movies both on demand and live. There will be a monthly subscription charge that is yet to be confirmed but since it’s been three years since the talks began, all involved are just pleased to have reached a deal.

The service will be available as of the 26th October. Customers will be able to buy into the Sky Movies service as far as they will have access to 11 Sky Movies channels for an additional fee to their monthly subscription fee.

BT are making their move into what has been called “quad-play” that many companies are already in. This is an umbrella term for companies that are expanding to offer the comprehensive package of entertainment and communication services which is popular now. Sky already offer broadband, home telephone and television services and very much dominate the market in terms of sports and movies so for BT to put in a bid for rivalling this dominance, it poses interesting questions with regards to how this deal was reached.

Earlier in the year, BT complained to Ofcom with regards to the dominance that Sky has over the market but the response came back detailing that although they did have the lion’s share, it was neither unfair nor a monopoly over all other providers. The way BT have worked up until this point is to offer their viewers the most up to date movies on a pay-per-view basis meaning that their customers have access to more than 200 movies. This deal will simply allow more choice and flexibility for customers.

Sky News Update

BT and Sky have been locked in a bitter feud over sports coverage for months now as BT launched their own channel dedicated to sports. This year BT have bought the rights to broadcast all the Premier League matches live, proving to be serious rivals to Sky who have the rights to most other significant sporting events. This has been promoted by BT in the form of being offered as a free service alongside customers’ broadband contracts; and it has forced Sky to offer something very similar and although they might have remained dominant, have had to take a hit on their profits.

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