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Sky News Update: Battle Won Against Microsoft

Sky Infringement Microsoft

<h2>Sky News Updates</h2> Sky News Update: Broadcasting company have won their battle against Microsoft to rename their online storage service after claiming copyright infringement. Sky have had successful news recently, concerning their complaint against Microsoft, who has initially named their cloud storage service, SkyDrive. The service was first release in 2007 and since then has gained over two hundred and fifty million users around the globe. The company claimed that the choice of name was a form of trademark infringement and therefore sued Microsoft. Initially, Microsoft were going to oppose the request for them to change the name of their service but then decided to agree with the appeal, due to being granted a grace period until a new name has been devised. Following this, Microsoft were very cooperative and helpful as well as apologetic towards the broadcasting company and agreed to change the name of their online storage service. Sky had initially only stated that the name SkyDrive could not be used within the European Union, but Microsoft said that they would change the name completely, resulting in a worldwide rebranding. The software corporation have said that they are very pleased to have settled the minor dispute and they will continue to provide the same high quality and standard that is in all of their products and services. The multi-million pound broadcasting firm have said that this incident shows how strong the company really is, and how they are willing to stand up for the company name as well as being committed to protected the company’s branding, name and trademark. They have said that they will continue to appeal against companies and other organisations they use their trademarks without permission or prior consent. It appears that the company really do take these issues seriously, as just last year they took a United States manufacturer to court due to naming one of their products ‘Sky Pen’. It resulted in the product being renamed and therefore rebranded and re-marketed so that it had no connection with the broadcasting and broadband company. If you are a Sky customer that would like to contact the company, then you can call their customer services helpline where you can discuss their products and services with a customer services assistant who will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can visit their official website for more information by clicking here.

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