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Sky News Update: Battle of the Dapper-Dressed Presenters

Sky vs BTS Premier League

Sky news update: As Sky and BT Sport begin their campaigns against each other for dominant coverage of the Premier League, their presenters dress to impress.

The Premier League got underway this week and with that came the launch of new channels from BT to rival Sky’s coverage of every live match. For BT there were multiple positives, in the week leading up to the launch they had more than one million viewers who were interested in taking the new channels and 1.8 million more from Virgin Media. There may have been a few teething problems with their BT Sport (BTS) app, but social media feeds made sure they knew there was a problem and allowed them to rectify it quickly.

Sky News Update

The presenters and guests were all dressed in the smart-casual mode that those avid Jake Humphrey fans have become accustomed to; his time on the F1 circuit was never graced by a suit or tie. Years ago it took an age to decide whether it was appropriate for presenters to wear anything other than a suit but now it’s a common occurrence.

For Sky however they went down the significantly more formal route. Anchor David Jones with experienced footballer Jamie Redknapp next to him both donned suits. Redknapp had a blue suit with waistcoat included and truly showed up the BTS crew, but then from a viewer’s perspective what matters more? Content or presenters’ appearance? Most likely the former.

Sky have also had exclusive coverage of The Ashes this summer – the infamous bi-annual cricketing battle between England and Australia. Their presenters, of which there are quite a lot, have differing levels of dapper. When they are analysing batsmen or bowlers and their actions and even giving a demonstration they don uniform polo shirts that have ‘The Ashes 2013’ logo detailed on their chests. However when they are commentating, discussing the day’s play or interviewing a player, the suits come out. It could be argued that it adds a level of professionalism to the shows. Like business men going to meetings and such, the presence of a suit connotes importance and elevates the occasion.

The two companies will continue through the Premier League season, battling it out for ‘best’ presentation. What the presenters wear will probably develop as the channels establish themselves but there seems to be little reason why both channels can’t have a presence in the market. There is room for two channels to present highlights of The Ashes, it will probably boil down to personal preference with regards to which style of presenting viewers’ choose.

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