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Sky News Update: Apology For Blocked Mad Men Premier

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: Company apologises to consumers who couldn’t view the Mad Men premier on their mobiles and iPads, after it’s availability was advertised. The Mad Men season six premier of the first show of the season was scheduled to be shown last Wednesday at 10pm. However, although widely advertising that users would be able to watch the new episode on their iPads and mobiles using the SkyGo service, it appeared that when 10pm came, users were not able to view the programme due to it being blocked. The message that viewers received was that restriction rights didn't allow them to access the programme and therefore it can’t be played. The company have said that this was due to a technical error and they are extremely sorry for letting their consumers down. They have said that the rest of the series, continuing next Wednesday, will be available on their online live service. When the programmed failed to play, many users vented their frustration through social networking sites. Negative comments such as these are potentially very damaging for the company’s reputation and therefore it was important for Sky to admit that they had made a mistake, apologise and then do all they can to make sure that it doesn’t happen for a following time. The broadcasting company have said that the message about restriction rights was in fact not true and is aloud to be shown within the United Kingdom.

Updates For Sky

Sky do not need to be experiencing errors at this moment in time, due to the extremely high competition they are experiencing with British Telecoms. The rival company have recently launched their own sports channels and it has become a battle over who can offer the best deals, the highest quality service, make the least errors and appeal to the most people. However, the broadcasting giant are trying not to break under the pressure and have got themselves a vast amount of partnerships and sponsorships that are thought to help the company grow further, gain consumer loyalty as well as other customers. If you are a Sky customer who wants to discuss your current tariff, have a complaint or just want some more information, then you can ring their contact number and speak to one of their customer services assistance who will be happy to help and give the advice and support you need. Alternatively, you can visit their official website.

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