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Problems With Your Sky Telephone Solved (Sky Talk)

There are countless reasons why you'd choose to sign up with Sky, from their incredible award winning TV service with Sky Q to their class leading broadband offerings. However, for many people, the reason why they chose Sky was their tremendous telephone offering. Sky Talk helps us keep in touch with those we love, so when it goes down it can be a huge problem. That's why we've put together this essential guide to getting your Sky Talk telephone back up and running. For Sky Broadband secure website issues, go here. Network problems There may be a known issue with the network. Check the Sky Service Status page to see if there are any reports of difficulties making or receiving calls in your area. If a problem is listed engineers will already be working on fixing it. If there is no problem listed you can check your phone and line before reporting the issue. Check the dial tone Lift the receiver to your ear and listen for a dial tone without calling any numbers. It should be a steady, buzzing sound. If there is no dial tone check that the phone is plugged in correctly and that the wires are not loose, damaged or crushed by furniture. Problems with the socket can also be responsible – damp can lead to rust or damage. Also check there is no damage to the phone itself. If you have another try that in the master socket; if you hear a dial tone the problem could be with the handset. Check the connections If the line is cut off during a call, sound is quiet or there is noise or interference on the line try to isolate the problem. If there is more than one phone connected to the line check that non have been left off the hook and that all cables are plugged in correctly. Check that batteries are charged in cordless phones and adjust the volume. Unplug Unplug all equipment that uses your phone line, including fax machines, computers, Sky boxes, routers and adaptors. Replace each item one by one to see if it is just one thing that is not working. Check building work Building work or maintenance can cause problems. If it was carried out before your Sky Talk service stopped working it could be the cause. Changing equipment, internal building or decorating work and external work may be causing problems. If you cannot find anything, such as wires that have been dislodged or gardening work that has disconnected wires, contact Sky Talk. Other issues If you encounter other problems such as crossed lines, wrong numbers or one-way transmission these are usually solved if you hang up and then redial. If the issue continues speak to the Sky Talk team. If you are having problems with nuisance or malicious calls get in touch for advice and assistance. For the Sky Telephone Contact Number visit the home page

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  1. K J Brooks - Reply    June 02 ,2014  

    We still have no phone line connection at 22.53. You did not phone back within the hour as promised this afternoon. Please ensure this line is reconnected ASAP.

  2. Lilian Randall - Reply    September 20 ,2014  

    My husband and I are both 85 and NEED OUR TELEPHONE TO WORK IN CASE WE NEED THE DOCTOS AS WE ARE BOTH WALKING WITH aids and if we are ill in the night or fall I can.t call for the doctor and am very nervious without having anyone I can\'t call even my family if we fall we have reported it before yesterday Please reply to my EMail l_randall@sky.com

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