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Sky Introduces Sky+HD Box Environment Factsheet - UPDATED

Sky+ box impact

Update: Since the launch of Sky Q and its replacement of Sky+ HD, Sky have failed to publish the environmental factsheet for the new system. Though customers have requested the environmental information for Sky Q on the Sky contact numbers, Sky are keeping quiet on the possibilities of such a thing being published.

Sky are something of a rarity when it comes to massive companies in the fact that they care about the environment. Whilst most companies will make some tokenistic effort to prove their green credentials, Sky have consistantly shown their dedication to the cause. Through initiatives like Sky Rainforest Rescue (in partnership with the WWF) they're working to save the rainforest and with 100% of their energy as a business purchased from renewable sources, they're doing working hard on their end to ensure the sustainability of their business. Indeed, it's moves like that which saw them named as one of the global 100 most sustainable corporations, coming in at #59.

Alas, as a business which sells electronic devices, all the work they do at their headquarters can easily be undone by shipping inefficient products to consumers. To that end, Sky have announced the introduction of the Sky+HD box Environment Factsheet, an interactive document which takes you through the seven stages of your Sky box's life cycle from product design to reuse and recycle. Along the way we see how integrated components lower energy usage in the box, how Sky work with manufacturers to improve their emissions, how Sky have improved fuel efficiency in their transport by 11% over the last 4 years and much, much more. Perhaps one of their largest innovations is extending the automatic low-energy eco mode setting duration by 50%, which automatically shuts down the box when no activity has been recorded.

Sky+ box impact

All in all, it works to reassure customers that Sky is committed to ensuring that every interaction they have with customers, be it speaking to them on the Sky customer services line or sending them a new Sky+HD box is governed by the same eco-friendly principles. Truly, it's something which no other pay-TV supplier offers in the UK, and it separates out Sky for special praise, though it's arguable that this kind of behaviour should be commonplace across all businesses in the UK.

All of this action is to ensure that Sky's products are in line with their 2020 environmental targets, which are to halve emissions relative to revenue, increase energy efficiency by 20% on all Sky owned businesses, Sky-owned sites to obtain 20% of their energy from self generated solar or wind, increase fleet fuel efficiency by 15% and achieve zero waste to landfill at their main offices. Those are lofty goals, but if any company is capable of meeting them, then it's Sky.

Sky's commitment is led by their Director of Customer Technology, Roger Lambert, who commented “At Sky, we continue to introduce innovative new products and services which deliver the best experience for customers, in the most sustainable way possible. This factsheet is a great way of communicating how environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our Sky+HD Box design”.

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