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Sky Introduce Revolutionary Advertising Platform

new advertising platform

Updated: Since the launch of Advance, Sky have rolled out the service to a number of advertising agencies to much applause. Indeed, such has been the response from advertisers on the contact number Sky, that the service was even a finalist as the Media Week Awards in 2016. A full market launch is due for early 2017, and may well prove to be a huge moment for Sky as they expand rapidly beyond television advertising.

If you're a company looking to advertise, there's no shortage of platforms and tools you can use. From the days of paper adverts through radio, TV and online, there has always been a way to ensure that adverts get noticed by those who might act on them. The trouble has always been though how to ensure that your advert is being seen by the people you want to see it. Over the years, TV analytics have given a rough guide as to what kind of person might be watching a certain TV programme, but it's never been accurate enough to tell whether an audience member has actually seen the advert. Until now.

Sky Media, the advertising sales division of Sky, have today announced the launch of Sky AdVance, a product which joins us the Internet and Television so that audiences see the right advert at the right time, on the right sequence and on the right screen. The new system directly connects TV and online audiences, and Sky are claiming it represents the biggest change in media buying since the emergence of the Internet itself. Needless to say, the Sky TV phone number is already buzzing.

The new system comes after Sky Media greatly improved their understanding of audience viewing behaviour, which has now expanded to gather data from 3 million households, and provides second by second viewing data for all channels . This gigantic scale not only covers programme viewing data, but also spot and sponsorship viewing as well as recency and frequency data. This huge data set across TV, online and mobile opens the door to some pretty exciting advertising opportunities.

This understanding of viewer behaviour means that advertisers can address the most relevant and interested audiences via whichever screens they’re using, without encroaching upon viewer privacy or harming the overall viewing experience. AdVance will allow advertisers to extend their TV adverts to people they know haven't seen it, via digital adverts broadcast during On Demand content and display. That's an incredibly powerful proposition, as it means that an advertiser can be confident that their advert has reached its intended audience.

This is the second advertising product that Sky Media have launched in recent years, following in the footsteps of Sky AdSmart. AdSmart leveraged Sky's strength in digital services to allow small businesses to bring highly targeted adverts to potential customers based on their age and specific geographical location. In short, it allowed your local garage to show an advert that will only appear in front of those within a five mile radius - opening the door for many local companies previously locked out of TV advertising and generating a lot of a excitement on the Sky TV phone number.

Sky AdVance will open to the market from January 2016 and is currently undergoing a period of beta testing with 20 different advertisers on board to test the potential of the idea.

Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director of Sky Media, said: “The scale of the data we now possess gives us the ability to interweave TV and digital advertising like never before. Sky AdVance will open up many exciting possibilities for advertisers, while ensuring viewers get to see more relevant advertising, in meaningful sequences. I am looking forward to welcoming brands on board and seeing Sky AdVance in action.”

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