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Sky Go Options Explained! - UPDATED

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Sky Go is one of the most fantastic tools available to those who subscribe to Sky. It allows us to take live TV with us wherever we go and download programmes to view later. Indeed, if you take a trip on a train you’ll undoubtedly see somebody enjoying the service as they make their way to where they need to be. It’s not a flawless service though, and the desktop application can be pretty confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this list of its options and what they mean, to save you from the dreaded Sky phone numbers.

 Option 1 – My Downloads:

This is the main Sky Go Desktop window, where you could find your download queue and all the programmes.

 Option 2 – Open Website:

It opens the Sky Go website into a new window, where you can select programmes to be downloaded into your computer.

 Option 3 – Help:

You can find the complete Summary of the main Sky Go Desktop controls here.

 Option 4 – Programme details:

It gives you the complete details of the programme currently selected, with complete synopsis, duration, file size and age certification.

 Option 5 – Sign in/Sign out:

Click to sign in with your Sky ID and password. When you’re signed in, your download queue will be checked in every 10 minutes for programmes you have chosen to download from the Sky Go website. If you are signed in, the link automatically gets altered to read Sign out.

 Option 6 – Programme image:

It provides you with a preview image of the programme that you have currently selected.

Option 7 – Play/Resume/Restart:

Once a programme is done with downloading, the Play button appears over the programme image. If you have already played part of the programme, you will see Resume and Restart buttons instead. It’s not necessary to be online to watch the programme, unless parental controls are turned on.

 Option 8 – List All:

Displays downloads currently in progress, as well as completed downloads that are ready to play.

 Option 9 – Downloading:

It Displays downloads in progress, or those recently completed.

 Option10 – Check Queue:

You can manually check for any new programmes you have queued to download. The queue is checked automatically every 10 minutes while you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

 Option 11 – Pause all downloads:

Pauses all active downloads.

Option 12 – Allow multiple downloads:

Check this box to allow up to four simultaneous downloads. Whereas normally only one programme is downloaded at a time

Option 13 – Expires:

This tells you time you have set for watching the programme before it expires. After this, you need to download the programme again, subject to availability. Rental programmes will be charged on the basis of number of times you download them.

Option 14 – Pause download:

It puts on hold the selected download. Once paused, the next inactive download in your queue will start automatically. The Pause all downloads button puts a hold on all downloads.

 Option 15 – Start download:

Will start, or restart, the selected download.

 Option 16 – Delete:

Removes the download from your queue and deletes the downloaded programme from your computer.

 Option 17 – Status:

Shows the current state of the download. If the status is shown as “Error” or “Corrupt” than you will have to delete the download from your queue and download it again from the Sky Go website.

 Option 18 – Download Progress:

The percentage of the download that has taken place could be seen here

 Option 19 – Queue last checked:

Shows when your queue was last checked for new downloads. The queue is checked automatically after every 10 minutes when you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

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