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Sky Announce 'Mills and Doom: The Marriage of Reason and Squalor'

Sky have named another ambitious programming effort for 2015, this time coming in the form of Jake Chapman's 'Mills and Doom: The Marriage of Reason and Squalor', due to air on Sky Arts during the summer. Joining the likes of Simon Donald's critically acclaimed 'Fortitude', Mills and Doom will become one of Sky's most heavily advertised and hyped programmes of the season.

Jake Chapman is best known as one half of the Turner Prize award winning duo the Chapman Brothers who have made a name for themselves by creating incredibly intricate miniature scenes, highlighting grotesque and macabre subject matter in comic and unusual ways. This work has earnt them attention from around the globe, but their solo work has often been ignored under the cultural attention placed on their work together. Jake's solo work has revolved around writing, and it's his romantic novel 'Mills and Doom: The Marriage of Reason and Doubt' that is due to be transformed into a four part TV series starring Rhys Ifans and Sophie Kennedy Clark.

In Mills and Doom, we meet Lydia (Kennedy Clark), who is given a desert island by her fiancee, a handsome surgeon named Algernon as part of her wedding present. Whilst visiting the island, she encounters a man named Helmut (Ifans). Helmut is reclusive and disheveled, but seems to exhibit a strange power over Lydia who finds herself questioning the purpose of the island and what secrets it might hold. Returning home she waits for her husband Algernon, desperately attempting to determine what is real and what is coming from her own mind. Twisting the conventions of the romantic novel, Mills and Doom takes a sideways look at the tradition of romantic storytelling whilst retaining the sheer joy of the romantic experience.

On turning his novel into a TV programme, Jake Chapman had this to say: "After dedicating most of my artistic life to examining the dark underbelly of human existence, I was utterly delighted when Sky Arts expressed interest in a lesser-known facet of my creative passion. With the blessing of Sky Arts, my romantic novel 'The Marriage of Reason and Squalor' is now being transformed into a four part TV drama - I can only thank them for going out on such a limb..."

Sky have been prepping more and more original TV at the request of fans via the Sky free number and Sky contact number free, and the announcement of another big name TV programme arriving on our boxes can do nothing but good for the company. On landing Jake Chapman, Phillip Edgar-Jones, director of Sky Arts said this: “We loved Jake’s idea from the outset and the real thing promises to bring this unique creation to life in full technicolour glory. We’re always on the look-out for drama ideas that will deliver artistic TV as well as compelling storytelling and this does both. It’s a gorgeously dark romantic tale with something really interesting to say at its heart.”

We can't wait to see Mills and Doom make its way on to our TV, and we're sure you can either. For all the latest Sky news and numbers, stay right here.

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