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Recording on Sky+ vs. Sky Q

Sky Q tuners TB

Since the original publication of this article, Sky have released their next generation TV box - Sky Q. The base Sky Q model comes with a 1TB hard drive and eight tuners, allowing it to record seven programmes or films whilst you watch an eighth. That's a great deal more than the three in the standard Sky+ box, and if you go up to Sky Q's premium box, you get 2TB of storage and a stunning twelve tuners. That's potentially overkill, but it does mean that the way you record on Sky can change dramatically - no more conflicts, no more awkward choices. Clearly then, Sky Q is far superior in capacity than Sky +, but you don't have to be worried about the way Sky records changings, because they've left that system unchanged. What follows is our original article discussing recording on Sky:

The Benefits of a Sky+ Box

When customers take out a standard Sky television subscription package it is now normal procedure for them to receive a Sky+ box, allowing them to record TV. The ability to record, pause and rewind live television is something that has become very popular, very fast. It essentially removes the need to watch live television altogether so that Sky customers are able to conduct their lives normally – not around their love of soap operas. The Sky+ box comes standard when customers take out a subscription, therefore all customers are able to experience this luxury, it is not something that customers are limited to for an extra fee each month. In addition to the simple recording function, there is also a function that allows the viewer to record a whole series of shows at the touch of a button. It is not necessary to go onto the Sky planner each week in order to select the shows that you wish to watch, an entire series can be recorded by setting the box to “series record”. This will mean that whenever the show is on that channel at that time, it will be recorded and stored until the viewer chooses to delete it.

Recording on Sky

There are many more functions that fall under the umbrella of recording on Sky, one of which is the “keep” function. If, for example, you record a film that you are not able to watch when it is first aired and so record it and then watch it, if you decide that it was brilliant and you’d like to watch it again you can select “keep” on the options of that specific programme. This will mean that while it can still be deleted, a warning message appears before it gets deleted. In addition to this, if you watch a film all the way through and stay on that same channel for the duration of the film and when the film has finished decide that you would like to record it for future viewing, you can do this by hitting the record button. It will then automatically back date the recording and gather the whole movie. Finally, one of the best perks that recording on Sky offers is the ability to remote record. There is nothing more frustrating than heading out for the day or the evening, or worst going on holiday, only to realise that you’ve forgotten to set up your favourite show to record. Well, Sky have a solution for this. When you need to set up a recording on Sky and have forgotten, you can visit the Sky website, login into your account and instruct the your Sky box at home to record a specific programme – or programmes if you’re really forgetful!

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