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How To: Set up your Sky Hub

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Moving house can be a pretty stressful affair. There's all the furniture, all the bills and all the boxes to unpack, and that's before you can even think about things like the Internet. Indeed, it's just another job on the road to getting comfortable and settled within your new abode, but it's often made much more complicated than it ever need to be. It's a common experience, but when it comes to getting your Internet set up, nothing ever seems to go quite right. In this 'How To' guide we'll be showing you how to correctly set up your new Sky hub so that you don't have to deal with the perpetual headaches that bad installation can lead to. In our previous guide we looked at how to use the Sky+ iPhone app, so join us as we once again get to the bottom of Sky related issues.

The first thing you'll need to do is take a look at the box your hub came in. It should have a date written on the top, this is the date your Sky broadband will be activated on. You can set up your Sky Hub on the activation date written on the box but not before.

The next thing to do is to check that everything that should be inside your box is. That would include a Sky Hub, a grey DSL Cable and Microfilter, a black power cable, an extra microfilter, a black ethernet cable and a set up guide and connect card. If you've got all these things, you can continue.

1) Find your master phone socket. This will look something like this, alternatively it might look something like this if your home is a new build or recently had Fibre installed, this is called a pre-filtered socket.

2) Unplug everything from your master phone socket and set it aside. You should now start installation.

3) Get your microfilter and plug the white end directly into your master phone socket. You can now plug in your phone into the socket marked 'phone' on your Microfilter. If you have a pre-filtered socket, simply plug the gray DSL cable directly into the smaller socket.

4) Grab the other end of your grey DSL cable and plug it into the back of your new Sky Hub at the top rear of the box.

5) Now plug your black power cable into your Sky Hub and switch it on at the mains

6) Use your other microfilter as a go between for your phone line and your Sky box or between your wall socket and your secondary phone.

From there it's just a matter connecting to your Internet connection through your phones, tablets and computers around the house.

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