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How To: Set Up Sky Wireless Booster

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It's no secret that wireless internet has changed the way we use computers around our homes. In days gone by you'd have your tower PC set up in the corner of the room and little else in the house, owing partly due to computer parts being large, but also because you simply couldn't get online without a cable running into the back of your machine. The miniaturization of PC parts and the birth of wireless Internet suddenly meant that we could have powerful laptops, tablets and even smartphones connected to the Internet. Truly, wifi (as it's come to be known) has changed the way we live in our own homes. The trouble is, there's always black spots in your home where, for whatever reason, you can't get on the Internet.

It can be pretty frustrating, which is why Sky also sell a Sky Wireless Booster, a small device designed to take your wireless signal and amplify it so blackspots in your house get covered. In this 'How To' guide, we'll look at how you setup the wireless booster, whilst in our last outing we looked at how you can turn on your TV and Sky box simultaneously, so join us as we fix your patchy wifi reception.

The Sky Wireless Booster is a small white box sold by Sky for around £20, designed so that it doesn't take up much space in your home and blends into the environment. To set it up, follow these steps

1) Unbox your booster, inside the box you should find the wireless booster, a black power cable, a black ethernet cable and a set up guide.

2) Bring these items to your Sky wireless router and plug in your Wireless Booster to the mains, the power light should go solid white.

3) Go to your router and press and hold the WPS button for at least two seconds, the wireless light will flash amber.

4) Go back to your Wireless Booster and within two minutes press and hold the WPS button for at least two seconds, the wireless light will flash amber.

5) Your wireless booster is now connected, and you can now unplug it from the wall and place it somewhere else in your house. You'll need to plug it in somewhere you usually get wireless connection, as it still needs to find the signal in order to boost it.

And there you have it, your Sky Wireless Booster is now set up and ready to fix those pesky black spots in your home's wireless coverage.

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