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How To: Set Up Additional Sky iDs

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For millions of households across the UK, managing the Internet use of those within our care can be pretty difficult. It's made even more difficult by the explosion of intensely personal computing, private laptops, tablets, phones and more which act as personal conduits to the Internet. Sky customers, though, have a few different options, as Sky comes with a whole host of ways for their customers to interact or control through their service. This is done through the use of Sky iDs, so lets discover how to set up additional Sky iDs for your family members. This is part of our ongoing 'How To' series, which previously found us looking at how to save money on Now TV.

Every Sky account has a Primary Sky iD, this iD is the first user to create an iD and link it to your household account. The Primary Account has the following privileges and should always be the bill payer of the household:

  • Access to the account and billing details
  • Access to all of the services which you subscribe to (Sky Go, Email, et cetera)
  • The ability to change your subscription or request a Home Move)
  • Manage other users on the account
  • Access Sky Broadband Shield, McAfee, Parental Controls and more

There are two further types of Sky iD:

  • Authorised Sky iD: Same level of access as the Primary Account but can't manage other users
  • Secondary Sky iD: This is for members of the household who don't need to see the billing information or change the subscription, as it gives them access to all your Sky services like Sky Go and much, much more.

Creating a new user on your account is very simple, either have them follow the Self Sign Up process (you will receive an email to let you know they've set up a new account) or you can set up an account for them. The latter method is as follows:

  • Click this link to go to the 'Manage additional users' page on My Sky.
  • Select 'Set up an additional user'
  • Insert the details of the user you wish to add to your account. These will include their email address, a unique Sky username and a password (they can change this later).

With this completed, you can go about adding more people to your Sky account. They allow up to nine additional accounts on your Sky subscription, but we would strongly recommend keeping these amongst your household, as sharing them amongst friends can lead to unforeseen consequences, and really, they're probably happier without access to your Sky information anyway.

Viewing and removing users is as easy as visiting the 'Manage additional users' page within My Sky.

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  1. Peter armitage - Reply    April 12 ,2016  

    I cannot add an additional user from the manage additional users page, despite what it says above

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