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How To: Save Money on Your Now TV Subscription - Updated

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It's an old adage, and perhaps one that's seen more than a little overuse in the last decade, but pennies to make pounds, especially in an austerity economy where the vast majority are not seeing their wages increase. That means that we all try to make savings where we can; be it shopping to Aldi rather than Asda, not taking that big holiday this year or simply looking at ways to reduce your TV bill. Hundreds of thousands of people have already jumped on board with Now TV, a streaming based service operated by Sky which offers a selection of Sky channels for a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any point.

Those packages are the 'Entertainment Pass', which includes Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, ITV Encore, FOX, Comedy Central, Discovery, MTV, Gold, Nickelodeon, ABC and Disney. This package (at the time of writing) costs £6.99 per month and comes with catch up TV services for each of the channels in the bundle. The 'Movies Pass' features, you guessed it, movies - and a lot of them. Alongside live streaming of each and every Sky Movies channel, you also get access to streaming for every film in Sky's back catalog. That's over 800 movies available to stream any time you want. This package costs a slightly more expensive £9.99 per month, but as with the Entertainment and Sports passes, you aren't locked in to a contract, so if you don't want them anymore, simply don't pay them. Finally, there's the Sports pass, which operates in a slightly different way to the other two. The 'Sports Pass' comes in two shapes, the first is a day pass, which gives you 24 hours access to all the Sky Sports channels for £6.99. The second is a weekly pass, which as the name implies nets you a full 7 days worth of Sky Sports action but costs a steeper £10.99.

Those prices are relatively reasonable, but if you're not sure you're getting your money's worth out of them you can try this quick and simple trick. Here's how it's done:

1) Log in to the Now TV website

2) Click on the 'My Account' tab at the top right hand side of the page (as of 5/5/2015)

3) Select a pass that you've been paying for and click cancel

4) You will then be shown a screen which might offer you a discounted rate in order to stay with Now TV. You can then accept this offer and be paying less.

It seems like a lottery whether Sky offer you the better rate, but since you can easily back out on the page, it's really a zero risk move. Also, because Now TV is Internet based, you don't need to spend any time on the Sky telephone number in negotiations with a human being. Should you get this better offer, you won't be saving a gigantic amount of money, but along with other cost saving methods, you'll be well on your way to financial comfort once again.

Update: There are now a few more ways of saving money on your Now TV subscription. The first is to sign up for their fibre broadband service, which comes bundled with TV passes and makes for an excellent saving. The second is to buy pre-paid 3 month subscriptions bundled in with Now TV boxes. These are regularly listed at a steep discount at major technology shops, and often offer a discount on 3 months worth of Entertainment or Movies. Alternatively, you can use the Sky customer service line to negotiate over the telephone.

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