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How To Fix Sky Phone Problems

Sky landline issues

The home phone is still an integral part of a home, even with the proliferation of mobile phones, and as such, losing it can feel like you’re missing out on a lot. If you’re experiencing Sky home phone issues then you’ll be familiar with the feeling. In this guide we’ll help you fix those issues.

  • Check Sky Status Service

Sky operate a service which informs customers which parts of their service are and aren’t working at any given time. It can be accessed through their website or through the Sky service application for your phone. If Sky Talk is listed as being down, then it’s a problem at Sky’s end and you’ll have to wait for them to fix it. Rest assured that they’ll be hard at work on the issue.

  • Check your dial tone

Ensure your phone is turned on and lift it to your ear, if you can’t hear a dial town then check the following:

  • Whether your phone line has been damaged (chewed, et cetera) or accidentally pulled off from the socket.
  • Whether the volume of your phone has been turned down.
  • Whether any of the other landline phones around your house are on or off the hook.

After going through all these checks, now try to plug any other corded phone into the master socket. You can easily search the master socket which is usually located where the telephone line enters your premises and quite often comes with a horizontal line running across it. Now, if you are able to hear a dial tone with that phone, then most probably the problem is likely to be with your handset.

  • Unplug everything from your phone line

Unplug each bit of equipment plugged in to your phone line, this might include computers, telephones, fax machines, Sky boxes, micro filters, routers, adapters, extension leads and more.

With that done, plug a working corded telephone in to your master slot and see if you’re getting a dial tone. If you are, start plugging back in the things you unplugged, checking the dial tone from time to time. If you discover a piece of equipment is faulty contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

  • Check the phone line

If all else has failed, then it’s likely that there’s an issue with the telephone line entering your premise. If you’ve had any maintenance work done around the house recently it might have damaged the telephone line and left you with a dead phone. Seek out the damaged cable and have a technician replace it, Sky will be able to provide this service. All you need to do is use the phone number for Sky and ring from your mobile, naturally.

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  1. Margaret Cummings - Reply    October 05 ,2015  

    Our phone line, 01529240128 is completely dead. It has been this way since Saturday. We now urgently bneed to uyse the pghone and tried all your recommended fixes, We just go around and around in circlees. We are unable to phone as the phone is dead ! WEe have sky broadband and sky tv, thety are working finne. We now urgently need help.

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