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How To: Fix Remote Record Issues with Sky

how to fix remote record

We've all had conversations with friends as they rattle on and on about some programme or film they've recently watched; "It's fantastic, you've got to watch it" they'll implore . Back in the olden days, you'd stick the name of the programme away in the back of your mind and remember to tape it once you got back, but thanks to Sky, all that has changed. With the advent of pocket computing and wireless connectivity, we can control our TV from almost anywhere with an Internet connection, so there's never a need to miss a programme again. All of which means that when your friend recommends that must see show, you'll have the tools at hand to ensure you catch it.

At least, that's the theory. In practice, so-called Remote Record issues are pretty common with Sky boxes and can prove to be an immense source of frustration. It gets even more annoying if you miss the run of a programme thinking it'd been recorded, only to find out it never scheduled properly. In this 'How To' guide, we'll be looking at how to fix issues with Remote Record. Last time we looked at how you can order an easy grip Sky remote for older people.

The first thing you should do is check that your Sky+ box is activated for Remote Record. Sign in to the 'Settings' section of My Sky using your Sky iD, then select 'Manage Remote Record'. If you've already set up Remote Record, you'll see a message which says "Remote Record is currently active". If you haven't set it up, do so by selecting 'Activate Remote Record'

With 'Remote Record' correctly configured, we can look at other issues. If your Sky+ box is still not receiving Remote Record requests, wait for 30 minutes after sending one. Sometimes Sky boxes take a little longer to add them to your planner, so patience is recommended. You'll also need to ensure your Sky box is constantly powered on, otherwise it won't be able to receive your requests.

You may well be sending your Remote Record requests to the wrong Sky box if you own more than one. In order to change which Sky+ box your Remote Record requests go to, sign in to the 'Settings' section of My Sky using your Sky iD and then select 'Manage Remote Record'. Then select the viewing card for the Sky+ box you'd like to record programmes with.

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