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How To: Fix Partially Recorded Programmes

fix partial recordings

The advent of digitally recorded TV programmes has completely changed the way we interact with the TV. Back in the day, watching a TV programme meant being there for its live broadcast or missing it forever. With the release of VHS recorders and the falling costs of tapes we saw how we could record programmes for later usage, despite how difficult it was to get the programme to record properly at all. That's why Sky+ was such a breath of fresh air. With little difficulty, you could record anything that was going to be shown on TV. The dream wasn't perfect though, as with any system, a mixture of wonky software and human error can sometimes conspire to throw things off a little. The result of that for many Sky customers is missing out the start or end of a recorded programme.

It's a problem reported by countless Sky users, but there is a way to fix it. In this 'How To' guide we'll be looking at how you can fix the issue for good and get back to enjoying your TV programmes. In our previous guide we looked at how you can send pictures from your smartphone to your TV via your Sky+ box, so join us as we solve another issue.

Option #1

The issue with Sky's planner is that by default, it automatically tries to work out when a programme is starting and finishing. Most of the time, it gets this bang on, but from time to time you might miss something out of the beginning or the end, and that's no good for anybody. There is a workaround for this though, with Sky offering a software feature which lets you set custom start and end times for recordings, adding a set number of minutes on to the beginning and end of your scheduled recording. This will mean that your recordings take up a little more space in your planner, but they'll also be complete.

To set up custom start and end times on new Sky+ and Sky+ HD boxes is as follows:

1) Press the 'Services' button on your Sky remote

2) Select 'Sky+ Setup' menu

3) Highlight 'Add to Start of Recording' and use the left & right arrows to change the amount of time

4) Repeat with 'Add to End of Recording' option

5) Press green button to save the settings and press 'Sky' to go home

If you're using one of the older, white Sky+, follow the same steps, but once you've changed the settings select the 'Save New Settings' options before pressing 'Sky' to go back home.

Option #2

Alternatively, you can make use of the fact that both Sky+ and Sky Q have a plethora of On Demand streaming services, available for the majority of TV channels and the programmes they offer. With Sky you can enjoy over 400 TV box sets too, and over a thousand films on demand.

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