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How To: Display Your Pictures On Your Sky Box

sky snapshots pictures to tv

These days, there are a million products and services which promise to help get the pictures from the tiny screen of your phone up to the big screen in your living room. From Roku to Apple via Google and Sony, there are more of these products than there are hours in the day, but they all cost extra money and don't help you if you want to get your pictures up on the screen right now. Thankfully, Sky have a little known feature in their Sky+ app for Android and iPhone which lets you push your pictures from your phone up to the screen, and it requires nothing more than a Sky+ box, an app and your phone.

In this guide, we'll be discovering how you can make use of this fantastic feature. Last time, we found out how to fix remote record issues within the Sky+ app, so join us as we detail this fantastic feature.

Rather confusingly, Sky have decided to call this feature 'Sky Snapshots', but before you can use it, you've got to make sure a few things are in place first. Before anything else, you have to make sure that you've got the Sky+ app installed on your smart device. If you're using an Apple device, your phone must be on iOS 5.0 or higher, and Android users must have Android 2.2 or higher.

With it installed, ensure you're on the same wifi network as your Sky+ HD box and launch the application. Inside the app, press the spanner icon and select 'Connect to a Sky+HD box', you will then see your box on the list.

Once connected, a camera icon will appear in your Sky+ app's navigation bar on the homepage. Tap the camera icon. If you're on an Apple device, you'll be asked if you want to give Sky+ permission to access your photo album. Once you've accepted that permission, your photos will be shown within the app, and all you need to do it select the album you want followed by the photo you'd like to see on the big screen and voilá, you're looking at your pictures on the TV.

If you want to see several pictures in a slideshow, tap the 'select' button in the top right hand corner and select which pictures you'd like to see, and then tap 'View on TV'.

And with that, you'll be wowing those around you with your superb holiday pictures. Keep in mind that if you close the app, navigate to another part or shut down your phone, the photo viewing will stop.

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