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Sky Telephone Number – 0844 324 0299

Whether you want to query a recent bill, get technical support, or make a complaint with Sky, you can call 0844 324 0299. This Sky telephone number will connect you with Sky customer service in the United Kingdom.

This Sky telephone number is operated 24/7 by Sky’s helpful and friendly UK based customer service staff, and it is suitable for new and existing customers with enquiries regarding Sky broadband, Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky TV apps.

Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company. With more than 12 million customers in the UK alone, you would be right in assuming that Sky has significant customer service infrastructure; they have a dozen call centres in the United Kingdom, and the same number of call centres abroad. Unfortunately for Sky customers, however, Sky do not actively publish phone numbers on their website; instead, customers have to navigate through a series of questions before they get an actual number to call. This is a waste of time. The good news? We are here to provide you with telephone numbers you can call right away, to save you time and get you through to the right department.

If you have been searching for a Sky contact number, then there’s a good chance you’ve had to navigate through a wave of troubleshooting content on Sky’s website without ever getting close to an actual phone number. Thankfully, we have gone to the trouble of sourcing Sky contact numbers for you, and we’ve included them all in one place below:

Sky Telephone Numbers

Sky Customer Service 0844 324 0299
Sky Technical 03300 412 558
Sky Cancellations 03300 412 548
Sky Complaints 0844 324 0299

The Sky contact numbers listed above are available between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm (UK time), 7 days a week. However, please note that this availability may change over the holidays.

How to make the most of your telephone call to Sky

When you call Sky, we strongly recommend that you have your Sky customer number to hand, so that the operator can pull up your details. You can find your customer number on any recent bill. In addition to this, please listen to the instructions given by your phone when you call, and select the options that are most relevant to you. If you select the wrong department, you may be transferred by the customer advisor you speak to, which will lengthen your call. Because of this, you should take your time when you call, and turn the volume up on your phone.

Sky’s call centres in the United Kingdom

Sky has call centres in Dublin (Ireland), Dunfermline, Glasgow (Scotland), Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Stockport and Uddingston. They also have broadcasting and servicing locations in Chilworth (broadcasting) and St Albans and Thomas More Square (Sky Network Services). Sky has come into a lot of criticism over the years for their use of overseas call centres, particularly those in India. However, the reality is that today, most customer calls are patched through to UK-based call centres and especially the Newcastle and Glasgow call centres.

How long will my call to Sky take to be processed?

This depends on the complexity and nature of your phone call. If your enquiry is particularly complex, such as if you have a technical enquiry or you are questioning a recent bill, then Sky may request that they can look into your issue and call you back with a solution. From experience, however, we can say that most phone calls to Sky customer service last between 5 and 10 minutes and generally speaking, most calls reach a satisfactory conclusion. If you are concerned about the length of time your phone call to Sky might take, we recommend that you request that the Sky customer service team get back to you. Most of the time they will be happy to call you back.

Additional Sky Contact Information and Help

Sky Telephone Number
The best way to contact Sky is by calling them on the provided Sky telephone numbers on this web page. However, there are several other ways to contact Sky.

One of the most popular ways to contact Sky is by Live Chat. Live Chat is available 8:30am to 8pm, 7 days a week, through the Sky website. However, this service is queued, so you may have to wait several minutes before a Sky customer service advisor can be with you. Another way to contact Sky is by email. You cand send your enquiry to This Sky email address is intended for accessibility customers, however anybody can use it to get a response. Email enquiries are usually dealt with within 24-hours.

Alternatively, you can write to Sky. You can write directly to Sky if you wish to make a formal complaint, or if you wish to submit a formal request for Sky subscription cancellation. Here’s the address you need:

Sky Plc,
Grant Way,
TW7 5QD,

Additional Sky help information can be found here:

More information about Sky

Once home to just a handful of channels, Sky has grown into one of the biggest media companies in the UK. They produce countless programmes, as well as ensure that the best of TV around the world lands on our screens. Of course, whilst their TV services are some of the best in the world thanks to innovations like Sky+, they’ve branched out considerably further than just the big screen in your living room.

Sky TV Telephone Number

Indeed, aside from your TV you can now view Sky TV programming wherever you go with Sky Go; making it easy for commuters to catch up on the programmes they can’t stand to miss. There’s also NOW TV, which operates as a contract-free pay monthly service, which can give customers access to Sky TV channels without having to sign up for a 12 month contract of have a satellite dish installed onto their home. It’s just one of the many services Sky provide to customers to ensure nobody misses out.

Sky’s customer service record

The last six years have seen Sky undergo a huge transformation in the state of their customer services. Once renowned for their poor performance in home phone, Sky have rocketed from a 67% satisfaction rating in 2009 to an impressive 79% in 2014. That 2014 number means that are head and shoulders above their competition, beating out BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media in the battle for home phone satisfaction ratings.

It’s the same story with pay TV, as Sky TV went from a 66% customer service rating in 2009 to an 81% rating in 2014, beating Virgin Media’s 78% rating rather comprehensively. Moreover, Sky TV remain incredibly committed to improving their customer service record, and continue to invest £20 million into training and research every year to improve your experience. How’s that for commitment?

About our Sky Telephone Number and Sky Contact Number

Calls to 0844 324 0299 are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Sky Customer Service 0844 324 0299
Sky Technical 03300 412 558
Sky Cancellations 03300 412 548
Sky Complaints 0844 324 0299


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